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I hope you find the below links as useful as I have found them to be.  I offer them only for your use and am not responsible for their content or any advertising they may or may not have on their pages.  Please report any broken links to

My Favorite Campground/RV Park: Ransom Park

Escapees Forums - RV Info and Tech Help

The RV Consumer Group - Buying An RV? Go Here First!

My favorite 5th Wheel Hitch design and company for great customer service.

iRV2 Forums - RV Info and Tech Help

The Wireless Web - WiFi provider for RV parks

RVrs Online - A Terrific Source of RV Information

HitchItch a good collection of resources and other travel journals like this one.

RV Related Info:

Powerhouse coach the ultimate rig


Flying J wifi access info


irv2 thread with the propane 101 and other articles in it


Winnebago ability equipped photo page, lots of ideas


Propane 101 thread on SKP forums


Plasma screens at altitude-Is it true?


LCD screens have no altitude limit.  Scroll down on this page to number 5, altitude.  The page also compares Plasma and LCD for advantages and disadvantages with the real technical and user considerations.



Rotten egg smell in plumbing and hot water heater, from the University of Nebraska


Onan Genset trouble shooting


Onan customer forum with answers or you can ask a new one, but read all of the old ones first.


Coleman A/C manuals online


Suburban website for water heaters furnaces etc.


Service info


All service manuals online!  A/C, Furnace/ reefers/Duotherm A/C service manuals online



Thermostat instructions


RV repair and maintenance book, you can order it from Camping World for $19.99, it costs ten to 15 dollars more if you get it locally. It is a must have. Go here:


Electric brakes-Description, function, synchronization, wiring the umbilical, with pics


Dicor for rubber roofs

Or call them toll free and ask for technical support here:

Toll Free (800) 837-2059


Dexter axles


Atwood water heater troubleshooting electronic ignition


Atwood water heater troubleshooting pilot lit heaters


Atwood wiring schematics


Atwood propane alarms


Atwood CO alarm


Atwood furnaces


RV Furnace pics showing heat exchanger


Reefer repairs and info


Reefer diagnostics page-click each link as you go through it


Replacing a reefer cooling unit


Cooling units story from Midwest


Rebuilt reefers with 18 mo. Warranty!


Canadian firearms entry rules site

Visitors to Canada specific rules


Main site with forms
The hunt for great bargains doesn't have to end in your
neighborhood. This directory helps you find flea markets
wherever you happen to be. Flea Market Guide covers the U.S.
and Canada, and the listings include addresses, hours, and
other information.  Click on the states you want and check out the listings by town:

RV architecture:


RV 7 pin umbilical connector diagram online!


Flair-it fittings- Great pix on this page.

Flair-it home page

Bypass valves


Authoritative expert testimony on not using chemicals in septic systems.  These are excerpts on this very question from universities all over the country:


No additives chemical or bacterial


Good article on RV specific septic additives and point out the damage to your RV from the most used chemicals to mask odors the aldehydes and their derivatives.  Good list of chemicals to avoid using, and why, at the bottom.  This article only addresses the chemicals not the enzyme/bacterial additives.  From the University of Arizona.


Great explanation of the RV systems and chemicals, why some folks get odors and others don't due to poor tank, or tank vent, installation etc.   Very in-depth.  They recommend using only bacterial additives, but again the evidence is anecdotal.


Mark Nemeth’s website-great source for info on electrical etc.


Parallax Power Components web pages:

PPC RV Converters page:


End user manuals and troubleshooting documents:


Technical diagrams and industry professionals documents for repair/troubleshooting:


Parallax Power Components RV Power Converter Technical Support Department:

Phone: (800) 443-4859

Fax: (219) 297-2306


Phred Tinseth’s Poop sheets



RV owner’s reviews of brands, manufacturers, and dealers!  A must see for prospective buyers.  Direct feedback from very unhappy and happy campers about their dealer, manufacturer, and warranty support!  You will know who to stay away from.  Lots of "expose" reviews and horror stories.  Not a replacement for membership in the RV Consumer’s group, but can tell ya how current owners have fared.  Nice search by brand or dealer using keywords


Tow ratings:  Most ignored and critical data a new or experienced RVr needs to know.  Match your vehicle and RV for your own safety on the road.  Dealers tend to fib some on these critical issues, some knowingly, others out of ignorance.  A few will lead ya right, but how do you know?  Seen many a short bed truck pulling a fiver and had to repair the rig then get a slider hitch.  Wouldn’t it be easier to have the full size bed ta start?

Best tow ratings


The most in-depth knowledge site for full or part time RVrs.  Go to the forums and surf the topics and learn from some of the most experienced RVrs in the world.


My favorite fiver hitch company

RBW Industries [Chino, CA]

5740 Schaefer Ave.
Chino, CA 91710

Phone: (800)451-7821 or (909)591-5359
Fax: (909)591-6730



Thetford Corporation
Customer Service Department


Dinosaur boards


Great RV classified sites:


Bus Conversion Classifieds


Circuit testers

Outlet tester


15 amp female to 30 amp male adapter $2.99 at camping world to use outlet tester with RV outlets,55&skunum=18306


30 Amp female to 50 amp male,55&skunum=19272


Voltage checker $19.99,55&skunum=4765


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