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From getting the truck and rig, to getting on the road.

Looking for what it's REALLY like on the road in an RV? Then you have come to the right place! We have newsletters as they happened; the trials AND the triumphs are included, as they happened to us. It was all an adventure to us.  Our approach required our wacky sense of humor to help get over the rough spots in our road (you'll see!) On the other pages of this site we also have a page or two of links to some of our favorite online resources for research and info on the lifestyle. We even have some photos in here, but really aren't pictures booooring? LOL!


Remember we originally bought the rig to find a good 40-50 foot sailboat, a ketch or yawl, to then liveaboard fulltime.  The RV was only supposed to be for a few months, a year at most.  One day we both looked at each other, and found each was afraid to tell the other we wanted to continue RVing, in lieu of our original dream.  No regrets!

These are our "Tales from the Road"; the trip journals of how I went from a straight laced military type, back to my 60's roots, and became a Full time RVr.  An RVr is really an "Influential Street Person", as "The Woodcarver" once told me. The only difference between the average RVr, and us is that we are about 20 years younger, and were in the first wave of "Boomers" on the road.


The newsletters cover from 1997 to current and contain our adventures as we lived them. From getting rid of most of our stuff, getting the Diesel dually, the 5th wheel, and what we found on the road, both good and bad. As I said, the newsletters started as a missive to our "friends" group, but have grown way beyond that. The real travel newsletters start with Newsletter 14, so if you want to skip the "family fare" emails, as we got the truck and rig in newsletters 1-13, feel free.  

Safe travels!



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Early Retirement Plus'/Minus'

Newsletters 1-7 - Getting the truck/Our Sailboat plans/Our 24th anniversary dinner/Yard sales/Sold stuff/Packing/Found our 5th Wheel trailer/Learning curve on new to us trailer

Newsletters 8-13 - Bogart adjusts/I adjust to retirement/Made it to LA./Mods/A/C Repair/Voice from the past/Recliners/Summary of prep/Rv Advice comments

Newsletter 14 - No Trailer brakes/Fire in the rig/Gold nuggets

Newsletter 15 - Long Hill Burnt Brakes/Dark Park/Bent Tailgate

Newsletter 16 - Truck Broke/No Power/Bent Simulators/Finally Fixed/Ladder Fall/Prawns/Window Broke/We Decide To Fulltime

Newsletter 17 - Washington/Bad Ribs/Seattle/Truck Goes Boom!/Wind and Duct Tape/The Fireside Inn/Branson/Halloween Spirits/Charles Kurault

Newsletter 18 - First Year of Fulltiming complete/Lessons learned/What we did right, and wrong

Newsletter 19 - Topics I have since written about and are now or soon to be here

Newsletter 20 - Mexico/Our estate sale experience/Cripple? NOT!/The dreamer

Newsletter 21 - Back on the road/Trailer skin bulges/Renaissance festival/Trailer sinks at home/Laptop frys/Slide leaks/Lynn gets into my business and is right!/Bogart and the bull/TORNADO! /Lynn and I are split up/Traveling alone

Newsletter 22 - Dad & Bogart alone/No navigator/Lost/Coyote takes lead/Jim & Linda/FIRE! /Fuses?/Stop Sign/Set-up

Newsletter 23 - Factory appointment/At the HitchHiker Factory/Lynn missing! /Bogart gets sick/Brave front/I SCREWED IT! /Carpets, Lynn, and Bogart, all at once/Rig, Lynn, Bogart, all make it, I am a wreck!/New carpet christened/Is Chanute KS. great or what?

Click on a newsletter below to read it. 

Newsletter 24 - Lynn and I reunite/Buses and stations/Chanute and Gene/People read my stuff??/The stray pup/Doc Larue/My project/Bogart the Wuss/Alaska here we come/Oklahoma City-The Storm

Newsletter 24.5 - STORM WARNING/We outrun the devastating 1999 Oklahoma City Tornadoes, by hours

Newsletter 25 - Alaska Trip Notes/Climate/Roads/Fuel/Prices/Reservations/Our Route/What we enjoyed

Newsletter 26 - You'd Think There Would Be Some Kind Of Warning!

Newsletter 27 - Gnats, lesions, The BIG "C"?

Newsletter 28 - California partners/Rear end clutches/Goodyear Marathons/Check your tires!/Boondocking at Benson SKP park/Cold and not cranking/Shocks/Dodge light switch second time/Bakersfield CA./Silly Con Valley, Con is right!

Newsletter 29 - Colon What???? A Public Service Piece To Let Other Good Ol'Boys Know That It Ain't That Bad! Just do it!

Newsletter 30 - Scooter breaks my rig?/Wimmins and accounting/The deal/The rig gets totaled/Insurance/Bummer!

Newsletter 31 - Insurance settlement/Looking for new rig/Checking with RV Consumer Group/Wimmin's accounting/My investment strategy/Guy plan B/Military Hops/Visiting a dealership to be sure/Good ol' boy rules/Got 'em!

Newsletter 32 - Air Force Hops/RVrs have batteries/Guy Body Clock/Power outage/Bogart develops a foamy mouth/Lynn and the dripolator/Flying backwards

Newsletter 33 - New rig!/Moving from one to the other/Good Sam CSP Extended Warranty/Injector pump/What goes around/Olympian Catalytic Heaters

Newsletter 34 - Swapping trailers/Bad plumbing/Bad floor/Testing scooter mount/Problems/Truck bearings/Getting home

Newsletter 35 - On the way home/More problems/Axles/More problems/Willow Branch rekindles our spirit/Home

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