How'd a nice couple like us end up Fulltime RVrs?
RV Roadie: RV Fulltiming, What is it really like
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How'd a nice couple like us end up Fulltime RVrs?
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RV Fulltimers are indeed a different breed, and a wonderful group! 

The people we've met on the road are indeed different! Rvrs are a unique group. They come from all walks of life and career backgrounds, but all have one thing in common. Our kids all think we've lost our minds!

Our newsletters also generate a lot of interest. I've found that it was next to impossible to keep up with them while on the road actually living it. So I took notes and caught up as I could.
I get a lot of email asking when the next batch will be posted! I'm gratified by the interest, and work as fast as I can to catch em up with all the adventures we encountered along the way. I hope they provide some laughs and tips on surviving as "influential street people!" They are posted here on the last site page, named Newsletters.  Took a long time to come up with that. <wink> 
They are not the usual travelogues, or scenic descriptions, but instead tell the trials, as well as triumphs, as we went from newbies to experienced RVrs.  And include some of my warped sense of humor.

So welcome to our world. If you'd like to see what it's really like to do this lifestyle, read the newsletters we wrote as it happened. They start just before I retired from the AF, and continue . . . . . . .


Me and My Significant Harassment Lynn
DJing New Year's Eve 2003/2004

Taking a break to work?
We DJ for fun, and to share our music collection with others who enjoy the Oldies.  As you can see it is a family affair.
Even when we were at our busiest we DJ to relax, and we get paid!

What a job!

Yes we still DJ and kept all of our gear - sound by Bose.  We love getting to go out for holidays, party hardy, and get paid for it, instead of paying for it!  We have been Pro DJs since 1983, 7 years in Europe.  We have one of the largest Oldies collections on CD in the US.

How We Started

We didn't set out to become fulltime RVrs!  We wanted to find a 50 foot Ketch Or Yawl (Sailboat) and cruise the Pacific, Australia, and all points of interest to us.  We are PADI Certified divers, and expert on the Ski Slopes among many other interests.  So we got a 1990 34 foot HitchHiker 5th wheel trailer, and a 1992 Dodge, 1 ton, Diesel, Dual rear wheel, pickup to tow it with in our travels.  These purchased cash in 1997.  The idea was that it would be easier, and cheaper, to travel the coasts and find both a boat, and the ideal home port, with the RV rather than hotels or short trips by car or air.  We moved into our first rig in December 1997 when I was relieved of duty for terminal leave from the Air Force.

About six months into it, we looked at each other one day, each afraid to broach the subject to the other, and found to our delight that both of us wanted to continue our travels on land!  In the last six years we have covered most of the US West of the Mississippi from Mexico to Alaska.
It is hard to tell someone who has never been a fulltime RVr just what it's like, how wonderful it is to just follow your nose, and meet friends for life, with just a day or two together.  Maybe something on this website will click for some, and they get a glimpse of the magic of the road, and the next horizon.  It is out there, just waiting.

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