by Spencer Johnson. HarperCollins Publishers, 1991

1) From confusion to clarity (p1-9)

2) A better system (p10-15)

3) The real need (p16-26)

4) Informed options (p27-37)

5) Better results (p38-48)

6) Halfway there (p49-58)

7) My integrity (p59-71)

8) My intuition (p72-82)

9) My insight (p83-92)

10) A review (p93-95)

11) The "MAP" --- to better decisions (p96)

    [1] My three practical questions:

      (1) Am I pursuing the REAL NEED?

      (2) Am I informed of MY OPTIONS?

      (3) Have I thought this through to a BETTER RESULT?

    [2] My three private questions:

      (1) Am I really TELLING MYSELF THE TRUTH?

      (2) Does this decision REALLY FEEL RIGHT to me?

      (3) Do my actions show I BELIEVE I DESERVE BETTER?

    [3] The decision making process:

      (1) If all six answers are "YES" I proceed.

      (2) If any answer is "NO" I rethink my decision!

      (3) I can ask myself ALL SIX QUESTIONS again and decide whether I would like to change my decision.

    [4] My eight assumptions about my decisions:

      (1) My BAD DECISIONS are based on ILLUSIONS I believe. My BETTER DECISIONS are based on REALITIES I recognize!

      (2) I can STOP A BAD DECISION in order to make a BETTER DECISION!

      (3) I can use my BRAIN to ask probing questions and my HEART to find better answers!

      (4) My decisions reveal my BELIEFS about my integrity, my intuition, and myself!

      (5) Once I see the TRUTH, I can make a BETTER DECISION!

      (6) My FEELINGS often forecast my RESULTS!

      (7) I get RESULTS I really BELIEVE I DESERVE!

      (8) We are EACH OUR OWN GUIDE to better decisions. And we can HELP OTHERS discover this FACT for themselves!

    12) In use (p97-99)

    13) The personal guide (p100-102)

    END NOTE (p103)

      We are each our own guide to better decisions. And we can help others discover this for themselves!

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