Interactive Exploration of the Proposal to Transform
the Obsolete Bureaucratic Annual Performance Evaluation
Management Policy of the County Library Department

Created January 1998/Updated January 2003

  1. BUT I DON'T HAVE CUSTOMERS --- This video is designed to help employees understand the importance of supporting "internal customers" (the employees or "customers" within the organization). It shows techniques for identifying internal customers, recognizing critical contact points with customers, and treating customers respectfully by asking questions, listening, and keeping commitments. This method contributes to a positive and productive working environment which will improve service to "external customers" as well. (25 minutes playing time)

  2. COMMUNICATING ACROSS CULTURES --- This video addresses the discomfort people feel when dealing with issues of race and gender. It presents specific practical ways of communicating more effectively with others in a multi-cultural work place. (30 minutes playing time)

  3. THE DILBERT PRINCIPLE --- A CUBICLE'S EYE VIEW OF BOSSES, MEETINGS, MANAGEMENT FADS, & OTHER WORKPLACE AFFLICTIONS --- A humorous and positive interpretation of common workplace situations and relationships in large organizations by Scott Adams. (one audio tape)

  4. DREADED APPRAISAL --- These lightly humorous videos illustrates the basic problems which come up during performance evaluation rating discussions and explains in role playing sessions how to correct the mistakes. (two video tapes)

  5. A FEARBUSTING WORKSHOP --- DYNAMIC TECHNIQUES FOR TURNING PAIN INTO POWER, INDECISION INTO ACTION, AND ANGER INTO LOVE --- Susan Jeffers presents highly effective techniques for overcoming fear in every aspect of your life. Jeffers is the author of the popular books "Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway" and "Opening Our Hearts to Men." Four audio tapes (5 hours playing time,1987)

  6. GETTING TO YES --- HOW TO NEGOTIATE AGREEMENT WITHOUT GIVING IN --- How to conduct win-win negotiations for best results, by Roger Fisher & William Ury. (six audio tapes)

  7. HOW TO WRITE AND CONDUCT EFFECTIVE PERFORMANCE APPRAISALS --- Even though performance appraisals are one of the toughest jobs in management, when they are done properly, they are an invaluable way to keep employees growing. This video gives a step-by-step system for researching, writing and delivering effective performance appraisals that will improve work performance all year long. CareerTrack Publications, Three video tapes by Jimmy Calano. (3 hours, 32 minutes playing time, 1991)

  8. THE HUMAN TOUCH PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL II --- This video tape is theupdated version of the award-winning video that shows the step-by-step elements of the ongoing process of performance monitoring and motivating that benefits everyone. (24 minutes playing time)

  9. LEARNED OPTIMISM --- THE SCIENCE OF PERSONAL CONTROL --- Learned optimism is "flexible optimism" as you interpret events happening to you! Optimism is good for you but you must learn how to manage it so you will not evade responsibility for your choices. Learned optimism is basically learning your "ABCs" or the techniques and skills of identifying and evaluating the connections among the concepts of "A = Adversity," "B = Beliefs," and "C = Consequences" related to your Explanatory Style, which is the way you explain your problems and setbacks to yourself and either choose a positive or negative way of solving them! In addition, by learning the skills of "D = Disputation" and "E = Energization," you can become effective with these essential "tools" for achieving unlimited benefits in your life. By understanding the connections among the five concepts, you can target unhealthy habits of pessimistic thinking and CONTROL your own ATTITUDE toward ALL ADVERSE EVENTS in your life by managing your "internal dialogue!" (one audio tape)

  10. MAKING THE ADA WORK FOR YOU --- This video addresses the attitudes which managers and performance managers must develop in order to work effectively with people with disabilities, as well as the legal implications of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Closed-captioned for the hearing impaired. (23 minutes playing time)

  11. MANAGER OF THE YEAR --- This video is about effective listening skills. It demonstrates useful techniques of what to do before you listen; what to do when you listen; and what to do after you listen. Also, it illustrates the power of using paraphrasing to confirm understanding as well as behavioral feedback techniques. (22 minutes playing time)

  12. MANAGING CONFLICTS --- This video shows how to make conflicts work by analyzing them in the context of five strategies for managing conflict effectively: [1] avoidance, [2] competition, [3] accommodation, [4] compromise, and [5] collaboration. (20 minutes playing time)

  13. MANAGING DIFFERENCES --- This powerful video illustrates how assumptions, real differences and organizational culture affect the performance of everyone in the multicultural workplace. (30 minutes playing time)

  14. THE NEUROPSYCHOLOGY OF SELF-DISCIPLINE --- THE MASTER KEY TO SUCCESS --- This popular set of leadership audio cassettes by SyberVision Systems, Inc. uses the latest insights into brain functioning and learning theory to help people organize and accomplish their personal goals and deal with change. (eight audio tapes)

    Anthony "Tony" Robbins introduces his "personal power" series of audio and video tapes and CD's. (Guthy-Renker, four audio tapes, 1996)

  16. THE POWER OF LISTENING --- This newly revised version of the classic management video proposes that "communication is a joint game between the talker and the listener against the forces of confusion," and presents proven techniques for sharpening listening skills. (22 minutes playing time)

  17. PRODUCTIVITY AND THE SELF-FULFILLING PROPHECY --- THE PYGMALION EFFECT --- This newly revised classic video shows how clear and positive expectations can be a powerful tool for influencing the performance of others. (30 minutes playing time)

  18. THE PSYCHOLOGY OF ACHIEVEMENT --- SIX KEYS TO PERSONAL POWER --- Brian Tracy explains how to build a positive self-concept by using the six ingredients of a winning attitude, which are based upon genuine achievements. Accepting responsibility and taking charge. Programming for success means improving . Why goals are important and obstacles to goals. Creative problem solving and decision making. Raising expectations can raise performance. The "supra-conscious" solution to developing superior human relations. Nightingale-Conant Corporation. (six audio tapes, 1984)

  19. SMART LEADERSHIP --- SIMPLE DAILY ACTIONS THAT LEAD YOU AND YOUR ORGANIZATION TO SUCCESS --- The simple daily actions that can lead to successful results in organizations of all sizes: [1] Hire the right people; [2] Build high levels of self esteem in each person on a work team; [3] Use individual motivators; [4] Get rid of bad apples who undermine the effectiveness of an organization; [5] Take control of meetings and make them more productive; [6] Delegate effectively to make sure the work gets done willingly, correctly and on time; and [7] Use effective management skills. (two audio tapes with pocket guide, 1996, 150 minutes)

  20. SO WHO'S PERFECT? --- HOW TO GIVE AND RECEIVE CRITICISM --- This video explores some of the common mistakes made when giving or receiving criticism and demonstrates step-by-step how to give and take criticism productively. (14 minutes playing time)

  21. UNLIMITED POWER --- THE WAY TO PEAK PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENT --- Tony Robbins (the early proponent of "firewalking") provides techniques for achieving personal goals confidently, consistently and consciously. (six audio tapes)

  22. THE UNORGANIZED MANAGER --- PARTS 1 & 2 --- This video uses a humorous approach to demonstrate skills for allocating time, establishing priorities, scheduling tasks and delegating. (49 minutes playing time)

  23. THE UNORGANIZED MANAGER --- PARTS 3 & 4 --- This video illustrates how to communicate job responsibilities, set standards of work performance and agree with individual employees on goals and targets over and above established standards. (53 minutes playing time)

  24. WHEN I SAY NO, I FEEL GUILTY --- This is the 1991 version of the leading video on assertiveness training and concentrates on developing effective verbal communication skills. (30 minutes playing time)

  25. WHERE DO I GO FROM HERE? --- This video explains why the responsibility for career development is a personal responsibility and provides self-development strategies that can help you reach your career objectives. (22 minutes playing time)

  26. WHERE THERE'S A WILL --- This leadership and motivation video shows practical ways of creating the right environment for staff to be self-motivated. It also shows how employees can be influenced to do the jobs that need to be done in an organization --- willingly and well. (29 minutes playing time)

  27. WINNING MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES FOR THE REAL WORLD Tom Peters and Robert Townsend. Nightingale-Conant Corporation. (six audio tapes, 1986)

  28. WORKTEAMS AND THE WIZARD OF OZ --- This video is narrated by the famous Ken Blanchard of The One Minute Manager book fame who presents a model for understanding the stages of team development and the special form of leadership needed to build and empower successful teams. (18 minutes of playing time)

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