PSYCHOLOGY ---TEACH YOURSELF by Nicky Hayes. Teach Yourself Books, 2002



    1) What is psychology? (p1-8)

      The "science of the mind" --- The word "psychology" comes from the Greek word "psyche," which means "the soul," or "the essence of life" and is sometimes portrayed as a female figure representing the human mind! (p2-3)

      Since the second part of the word psychology, "ology," also comes from the Greek language and means "knowledge" or "science," when the two parts are combined, they indicate the idea of psychology as being the "science of the mind."

      [1] What do psychologists do? (p3-5)

      [2] Areas of psychology (p6-7)

      [3] About this book (p8)

    2) Self and others (p9-25)

      [1] The first relationships (p9-14)

      [2] The "self-concept" (p14-19)

        (1) Social relationships (p14-15)

          (1) The "self-fulfilling" prophecy (p15)

          (2) Self-image and self-esteem (p16)

        (2) Personal relationships (p16-19)

          (1) "Conditional" positive regard (p17-18)

          (2) "Unconditional" positive regard (p18-19)

      [3] Cultural and social influences (p19-25)

        (1) Cultural contexts of self (p19-22)

          1. Self embedded in community (p20)

          2. Layers of self (p20-21)

          3. The private self (p21-22)

        (2) Social identification (p22-25)

          1. Categorization and self-esteem (p23-24)

          2. Changing the status of the group (p24-25)

    3) Understanding other people (p26-43)

    4) Emotions (p44-63)

    5) States of mind (p64-86)

    6) Motivation (p87-106)

    7) Cognition (p102-129)

    8) Genetics and evolution (p130-150)

    9) Learning and intelligence (p151-171)

    10) Childhood and adolescence (p172-186)

    11) Adulthood, retirement and ageing (p187-201)

    12) Working life (p202-217)

    13) Leisure (p218-241)

    14) Education and health (p242-261)

    15) Living in the world (p262-278)

    16) Developing psychological understanding (p279-291)


    You can find the academic references used in this book at:

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