PRACTICING SERVANT-LEADERSHIP --- UNDERSTANDING ITS MEANING AND PRACTICE IN ORGANIZATIONS edited by Larry C. Spears and Michele Lawrence, (from preliminary advance copy)


FORWARD by Warren Bennis, author of the book, On Becoming a Leader

INTRODUCTION --- the Art & Practice of Servant-Leadership Larry C. Spears, editor/contributing author, Focus on Leadership: Servant-Leadership for the 21st Century

PREFACE --- the Essentials of Servant-Leadership by Robert K. Greenleaf, author, Servant Leadership: A Journey Into the Nature of Legitimate Power and Greatness

    1) The Unique Double Servant-Leadership Role of the Board Chairperson by John Carver, author, Boards That Make a Difference

    2) Love and Work --- by James A. Autry, author, Love & Profit and The Servant Leader

    3) Servant-Leadership and Philanthropic Institutions by John C. Burkhardt, director, The Kellogg Forum and Larry C. Spears, President & CEO, The Greenleaf Center for Servant-Leadership

    4) On the Right Side of History by John C. Bogle, founder, The Vanguard Group and author, John Bogle on Investing

    5) Anatomy of a Collaboration: An Act of Servant-Leadership by Wendell J. Walls, former CEO, National Association for Community Leadership

    6) Servant-Leadership Characteristics in Organizational Life by Don DeGraaf, Calvin College; Colin Tilley, co-author, Leisure and Finance; and Larry Neal, University of Oregon

    7) Toward a Theology of Institutions by David Specht, director, Seeing Things Whole; with Dick Broholm, former executive director, The Center for the Ministry of the Laity

    8) Foresight as the Central Ethic of Leadership Daniel Kim, founder and publisher, The Systems Thinker

    9) Servant-Leadership, Forgiveness, and Social Justice by Shann Ferch, Gonzaga University

    10) The Servant-Leader: From Hero to Host by Margaret Wheatley, author, Leadership and the New Science







(Since the main ideas of "Servant-Leadership" apply to all 12 Leadership Categories below, none are linked yet to this pre-publication outline with the exception of the leadership ideas in Chapter 6 that are taken from a previously published monograph, entitled "Servant-Leadership Characteristics in Organizational Life" which are included in the Leadership and the Feelings categories)

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