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April 12, 1999



The new Performance Evaluation Management Policy County Library professional and paraprofessional staff is being distributed for your Administrative Manual and will take effect immediately.

The "EXCEL" philosophy of quality customer information service was developed to clarify the precise meaning of the County Library Department's commitment to public service. The official Mission Objective states that all library staff are expected to provide outstanding service to the public. It applies to all future Performance Evaluation and Appraisal of Promotability rating procedures in all five regions and in library headquarters offices.

This new Performance Evaluation Management Policy applies to all library staff, classified and management. The following policy requirements are based on the Civil Service Commission Rules and the new Department of Human Resources training manuals, which complement the historic requirements in the County's Performance Evaluation Rater's Handbook, which was last changed about 1970.

To ensure that all full-time library staff members fully understand the new policy and procedures, library administrators and supervisors are responsible for reviewing the complete policy with all subordinate staff in each of the five librarian Salary Classification levels.

A new policy statement form is attached for the review of all full-time library staff members, entitled Performance Evaluation Management Policy. Each staff member must verify that they have read and reviewed this new policy. The New Hire "Checklists" for permanent and temporary employees will be updated to include this requirement for all newly hired employees. (See the following Attachment)

After all your subordinate full-time employees have reviewed the policy and signed the form, please forward the completed forms to Human Resources Development, 7400 E. Imperial Hwy, Downey, by June 30, 1999.

If you have any questions, please call Priscilla Jubilado, Head, Human Resources Development, or Rosemary Palermo, Assistant Head, Human Resources Development, at 562/940-8431.


      Wendy Romano, Public Services
      Priscilla Jubilado, HRD
      Rosemary Palermo, HRD
      Regional Administrators
      Assistant Regional Administrators
      Community Library Managers (CLMs)
      Michael Henry, DHR

County of Los Angeles Public Library
7400 East Imperial Hwy., P.O. Box 7011, Downey CA 90241-7011
(310) 940-8461, TELEFAX (310) 803-3032



    The purpose of the new Performance Evaluation Management Policy is to clarify the responsibility of library administrators and supervisors regarding accountability for performing objective uniform professional rating procedures for all "annual" Performance Evaluations and all promotional examinations of full-time County Library department employees at all Salary Classification levels.


    All supervisors responsible for doing the annual Performance Evaluations of full-time librarians and library assistants shall be responsible and accountable for doing "timely and complete'' Performance Evaluations. They must be done by the official annual anniversary date established by the County Library Human Resources Development administrators.

      A. If they are not done in a "timely and complete" way, the supervisor will receive an automatic "Improvement Needed" rating and have one month to improve his or her rating process or be subject to suspension without pay.

      B. If the supervisor's rating behavior does not change after training by regional administrators and the County Library HRD (personnel) officers, the supervisor will be terminated immediately, with due respect for all applicable legal and professional rules and regulations.

      C. When termination is an issue, the leadership ability of the supervisor's immediate supervisor and regional administrator will be thoroughly investigated.


    The Civil Service Commission Code and the County Department of Human Resources training guidelines shall be the basis of all future interpretations of the official County Library rating process guidelines.

      A. Rating Standards:

        "Ratings of efficiency of performance shall be made for
        permanent employees at least once each year and for
        probationers by the end of the probationary period.
        A revised rating may be submitted by the appointing power
        at any time." (CSC Rule 20.02)

      B. Work Standards:

      Further, the Performance Evaluation Rater's Handbook, stipulates the absolute and precise requirement that a discernible "standard of efficiency" or rating criteria must be in place in the Library Department:

        "The performance of each employee in the
        classified service shall be evaluated by the
        appointing power in relation to standards
        of efficient performance of work." (CSC Rule 20.01)
        See also page three of the Performance
        Evaluation Rater's Handbook)

      Therefore, it is clear from the language in the Civil Service Code that discernible "objective standards" are required as an essential basis of comparison regarding the "annual" measurement of performance of each professional librarian and paraprofessional library assistant:

        "The word 'standards' refers to something
        established for use as a rule or basis of comparison
        in measuring or judging capacity, quantity,
        content, extent, value, quality, etc.. It is a level of excellence,
        attainment, etc, regarded as a measure of adequacy."
        (CSC Rule 20.01)

      Also, an "Efficiency Standard," or "Work Standard," is mandatory to "measure" the adequacy or attainment of a librarian's work product and overall work performance. The phrase "Work Standard" refers to the "criteria-based" rating standard used to establish a "basis of comparison" in the rating of the "efficiency" of the performance of the work of librarians --- and also their supervisors. The "Work Standard" (for "criteria-based" ratings) defines a level of "expected" competence (or the capacity, quantity, content, extent, value, or quality) of the work performance of full-time professional librarians. The lack of "competence" is, of course, "incompetence."

      Without a discernible objective and uniform"fixed" Work Standard for "criteria-based" ratings, no supervisor or administrator can determine what the "quality" of a librarian's work is --- except in an unlawful excessively "subjective" way.

      C. Documentation of Factual Work Patterns:

      It is essential to realize that "factual" information, which represents a "pattern" of work behavior, and which has been properly documented, must be used to support a supervisor's rating decision. And that rating decision must be based upon properly documented commentary concerning each separate "Rating Factor." The commentary must support the final overall rating score which represents the overall quality of the "annual" work performance of full-time professional librarians and paraprofessionals:

        "The judgment of a supervisor should be based on 'fact' rather than
        representing a 'pattern' of unsupported opinions. Therefore, each [library]
        supervisor needs to be able to identify and keep track of observed incidents
        of employee performance that clearly [indicate] whether an employee is
        performing above, on target or below the 'performance standards' previously
        described and agreed upon." (Performance Evaluation
        Rater's Handbook, page 12)

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