THEIR WORKFORCES by William F. Joyce. The Free Press, 1999

PREFACE --- This is a book about organizations and organizational change and "theory" for "practice." It is also eclectic and integrative, and reflects an organizational reality that is too often fragmented by conventional theory and practice.

What is needed is relevant theory that addresses the real problems of large-scale organizational change. It also shows what is faddish, misinformed and, ultimately, dangerous and unethical. (p1x-xi)

SEGMENT 1 --- Setting the stage (p3-52)

    1) The model (p3-26)

    2) The evolution of "adaptive" organizations (p27-52)

SEGMENT 2 --- MegaChange (p28-53)

    3) Empowering the workforce (p53-88)

    4) Engaging systems (p89-128)

    5) Reforming structures (p129-170)

    6) Remaking strategy (p171-206)

SEGMENT 3 --- Achieving MegaChange (p207-226)

    7) Achieving cultural change (p207-226)

NOTES (p227-232)

INDEX (p233-242)

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