by Rick Pitino with Bill Reynolds. Broadway Books, 2000.


INTRODUCTION --- Learning to be a leader (piii)

    What is the essence of great leadership?

    Why are some people able to get other people to follow them, while other people don't seem to have this ability?

    Why are some people able to get other people to not only achieve their potential, but even move beyond it?

    Why are some people able to get others to achieve great things, while others cannot do this? (pxi-xii)

    Successful organizations happen because of strong leadership, some vision that is able to be actualized! (pxiii)

1) Have a concrete vision! (p3-18)

    [1] Key chapter points: (p15)

      (1) Be direct

      (2) Get people excited

      (3) Jump in the boat with them

    [2] Steve Jobs leader profile one (p16-18)

2) Be your own messenger (p19-38)

    [1] Don't let others do your job (p21-26)

    [2] Communicate what you want (p26-31)

    [3] Know the dangers of assumptions (p31-34)

    [4] Key chapter points (p35)

    [5] Moses leader profile two (p36-38)

3) Build a team ego (p39-61)

    [1] Grounding your team in a "group culture" (p42-47)

      (1) Who are the people who put the group first? (p43)

      (2) Who will subordinate their own individual interests for the common good? (p43)

      (3) Who will sacrifice? (p44)

      (4) What is a person's "emotional intelligence?" (p44)

    [2] Vest people in the process (p48-54)

    [3] Create an unselfish team (p54-58)

    [4] Key chapter points (p58)

    [5] Bill Russell leader profile three (p59-61)

4) Act with integrity (p63-77)

5) Act decisively (p79-95)

6) Be adaptable (p97-112)

7) Be consistent (p121-144)

8) Maintain focus (p145-165)

9) Live for the future, not in the past! (p167-191)

10) Act selflessly (p193-214)

EPILOGUE (p215-218)

    [1] Leadership is always evolving, always changing! (p215)

    [2] And what do you do as a leader? You deflate behind closed doors!

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