LEADERSHIP THROUGH PEOPLE SKILLS by Robert E. Lefton and Victor R. Buzzotta. 2004


1) Leadership, people skills, and you (p1-8)

    [1] The Abilities of a "Productive Leader" --- defined by four related "sets of abilities" (p1-2)

      (1) Sizing-up skills --- objective diagnosis of problems (p1)

      (2) Communicaton skills --- interactive communication strategy (p1-2)

      (3) Motivational skills --- creating a supportive, compelling work environment (p2)

      (4) Adaptive skills --- relating to subordinate employees as unique individuals (p2)

    [2] 360-Degree leadership (p3-4)

      (1) Leading your direct "reports" (p3)

      (2) Collaborating with your peers (p3)

      (3) Working with your boss (p3-4)

    [3] What's in it for me? (p4-5)

      (1) Achievement of objectives (p4)

      (2) Tangible returns (p4)

      (3) Personal satisfaction (p5)

      (4) Personal productivity (6)

    [4] Concepts that are tested and proven (p5-6)

      The concepts and "people skills" incorporated in our leadership programs are based on the work of a broad spectrum of highly respected psychologists, communication specialists, management experts, and behavioral scientists. They collectively spent many years researching and applying these tested common-sense principles. A large body of emperical evidence proves that these principles actually work!

    [5] A common objection (p6-7)

    [7] It's up to you! (p7)

    [8] A final question (p7-8)

    [9] A look ahead (p8)

2) How you manage now (p9-14)

3) Leadership styles with direct reports (p15-30)

4) Leadership styles with peers and bosses (p31-44)

5) The behavior mix (p45-54)

6) What difference does it make? (p55-68)

7) Motivation (p69-88)

8) Creating receptivity to your ideas (p89-94)

9) Probing (p95-118)

10) Presentation skills (p119-132)

11) A format for Q4 interaction (133-138)

12) Coaching and developing direct reports (p139-152)

13) Q4 strategies for direct reports (p153-170)

14) Q4 strategies for peers and bosses (p171-194)

15) Teams and teamwork (p195-206)

16) Self-development (p207-214)

APPENDIX A --- Does the "Dimensional Model" fit the facts? (p215-220)

APPENDIX B --- Frequently asked questions about "Q4 Leadership" (p221-226)


INDEX (p231-233)

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