by Beverly Kaye and Sharon Jordan-Evans. Berrett-Koehler, 1999

PREFACE (pxi-xiii)


INTRODUCTION --- A.J.'s exit (pvi)

    1) ASK --- What keeps you? (p1-8)

      [1] Ask --- So you don't have to guess! --- Do you know what they want? (p1-2)

      [2] The dangers of guessing (p2-3)

      [3] How to ask (p3)

      [4] Another way to ask (p3-5)

      [5] Why most say they stay (p5-6)

      [6] Beyond "Why did you stay...?

      [7] Bottom line summary (p7-8)

    2) BUCK --- It stops here! --- Who's in charge of keeping them? (p9-14)

      [1] It's up to you (p10)

      [2] On the line (p10-11)

      (2) Calling all managers of managers (p11-12)

      [3] So they go (p13-14)

      [4] Bottom line summary (p14)

    3) CAREERS --- Support growth! --- Are you building their future or are you in the way? (p15-22)

    4) DIGNITY --- Show respect! --- Could your prejudices be affecting your employees? (p23-31)

    5) ENRICH --- Energize the job! --- Do your people have to leave to find growth and challenge? (p32-38)

    6) FAMILY --- Get friendly! --- Avoid making your employees choose between work and family life! (p39-46)

    7) GOALS --- Extend options --- There are five career paths other than up. (p47-55)

    8) HIRE --- Fit is it! --- Make a match or start from scratch (p56-68)

    9) INFORMATION --- Share it! --- Do you have it? Do you hoard it? (p69-76)

    10) JERK --- Don't be one! --- Are you one? (p77-84)

    11) KICKS --- Get some! --- Are we having fun yet? (p85-92)

    12) LINK --- Create connections! --- If you build them, they will stay. (p93-101)

    13) MENTOR --- Be one! --- Are they learning from you? (p102-110)

    14) NUMBERS --- Run them! --- Calculate the return on investment (p111-115)

    15) OPPORTUNITIES --- Mine them! --- Will they find them inside or outside? (p116-124)

    16) PASSION --- Encourage it! --- Help them find the work they love --- without leaving! (p125-132)

    17) QUESTION --- Reconsider the rules! --- Which will you keep --- the rules or the people? (p133-142)

    18) REWARD --- Provide recognition! --- Which matters more --- praise or pay? (p143-151)

    19) SPACE --- Give it! --- Are your people on a short leash? (p152-162)

    20) TRUTH --- Tell it! --- The truth hurts --- or does it? (p163-171)

    21) UNDERSTAND --- Listen deeper! When you tune out, you lose out --- and they move out! (p172-179)

    22) VALUES --- Define and align! --- What matters most? (p180-185)

    23) WELLNESS --- Sustain it! --- Are they sick or tired? (P186-195)

    24) X-ERS --- Handle with care! --- They are different. Can you keep them? (p196-203)

    25) YIELD --- Power down! --- Give it up to keep them. (p204-212)

    26) ZENITH --- Go for it! --- Test your "Retention Probability Index" (p213-218)

    NOTES (p219-223)

    INDEX (p224-234)


      [1] Beverly is Sharon's role model for "Build Build Build"

      [2] Sharon is Beverly's role model for "Balance Balance Balance"


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