by Jim Harris and Joan Brannick. American Management Association, 1999



PART 1 --- The power of focus (p1-20)

    1) The great challenge (p1-10)

    2) The culture connection (p11-20)

PART 2 --- The "four core cultures" (p21-95)

    3) A culture of "customer service" (p23-40)

    4) A culture of "innovation" (p41-60)

    5) A culture of "operational excellence" (p61-76)

    6) A culture of "spirit" (p77-96)

PART 3 --- Finding great employees (p97-151)

    7) Best practices in staffing (p99-112)

    8) Staffing best practices in action (p113-140)

    9) Aligning staffing to core culture (p141-152)

PART 4 --- Keeping great employees (p153-199)

    10) Retention --- best practices (p155-166)

    11) Retention --- best practices in action (p167-190)

    12) Aligning retention to core culture (p191-200)

PART 5 --- Getting started (p200-208)

    13) Leading the charge (p203-208)

      [1] Clearly embrace one core culture

      [2] Prioritize your alignment efforts

      [3] Obtain employee feedback on alignment

      [4] Create alignment initiatives

      [5] Implement alignment initiatives

      [6] Monitor and evaluate alignment initiatives

      Moving forward --- You must move forward! You face, on a daily basis, the great challenge of finding and keeping great employees.

      The longer you do nothing, the worse the "cycle of disconnection" within your organization becomes. Hiring simply for "job fit" is not sufficient to meet the challenge. There is only one option ---"ALLIGNMENT!"

      To gain long-term competitive advantage, organizations must provide deep, long-lasting, and purpose-driven focus so that applicants and employees can best connect to their company and their jobs.

      This book provides you with the "information tools"to move forward and create those powerful "connections" so that you can find and keep great employees!


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