Cynthia D. Scott and Dennis T. Jaffe. Crisp, 1991


1) The road to empowerment (p1-10)

    [1] From the outside --- to the inside! What is EMPOWERMENT? --- Empowerment is a fundamentally different way of working together! (p4)

      Empowerment is a PROCESS that happens in a RELATIONSHIP between people!

      Empowerment is NOT a "set of techniques." It is a SHIFT OF THINKING within the manager! (p6)

      Empowerment is a WAY OF CREATING AN INNER UNDERSTANDING of the relationship between yourself and the people you work with!

    [2] From the outside --- to the inside! Empowerment is understanding that to EMPOWER is NOT to LOSE CONTROL --- but to GAIN CONTROL!

      (1) Empowerment must take root in the behavior and the mind set of the whole organization, the manager, and the subordinate employees. It is a fundamentally different orientation toward working together!

      For example, in a traditional authoritarian hierarchy, subordinate employees look toward one person --- the BOSS --- for direction and authority. In an "empowered, collaborative workplace," all employees, INCLUDING SUBORDINATES, look toward everyone, and listen to themselves as well, before acting!

      (2) An empowered workplace is one where TEAMS OF EMPLOYEES WORK TOGETHER, collaborating on getting the job done. This is quite different from the traditional competitive workplace, where each individual employee was engaged in a race with the others to get things done. In an empowered workplace, people can count on each other, rather than just work on their own!

2) From the "pyramid of power" to the "circle of power" (p11-20)

3) Testing the climate for empowerment (p21-26)

4) Three paths to "empowerment" (p21-26)

5) Motivating through self-esteem (p39-50)

6) Develping "collaborative relationships" (p51-60)

7) Establishing "facilitative leadership" (p61-68)

8) Building "empowered teams" (p69-82)

9) Influencing "organizational change" (p83-91)

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