A New Solution

The newest solution, sending the waste to the center of the earth, is the one solution combining safety, economy and permanence to nuclear waste disposal. At first glance, this seems impossible. There has never been a hole drilled in the earth's crust, so how can one be drilled to the center of the earth? The answer? Let the earth itself do the work through known subduction faults.

What is a subduction fault? This is an earthquake fault at the edge of a continental crust that is in collision with the adjoining oceanic crust. Since the continental crust is lighter than the oceanic crust, the latter deflects below the former when the two plates are colliding.

Permanent RadWaste Solutions has developed a process that utilizes a subduction fault for sending the waste to the center of the earth. This has the benefits of being permanent, no maintenance, much less expensive than other proposals, terrorist-proof, and no threat to people, fish, crabs or the environment.

To do this requires burying a specially designed pressure-and-temperature-compensating submersible transport vehicle (STV). It is to be buried in the sediments at a subduction fault.

The following map shows the world locations for subduction faults:

The Solution
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