Where It Ends

A. The STV is buried in the sediments on the ocean floor at a subduction fault.

B. After 260,000 years, the danger from spent fuel is gone due to radioactive decay.

C. The STV reaches a depth where the temperature melts it at 1600 degrees Celsius, releasing the spent fuel.

D. The spent fuel, being heavier than the surrounding semi-plastic mantle, slowly descends toward the earth's center.

E. Once the outer core, made up of liquid iron, is reached, the heavier spent fuel will accelerate downward since the liquid iron flows like water.

F. Finally, the spent fuel will come to rest on the surface of the inner core, made up of solid iron under intense pressure.

Since this process seems so simple and appealing, some people may wonder: Has This Been Done Before?

Where It Ends
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