Why We Must Act Now

The facts supporting global warming are universally supported among scientists. This warming has actually been reduced because of energy being reflected back out into space by particulate pollution, including the contrails of jet airplanes. Dubbed the “global dimming” phenomenon, this has the effect of hiding the warming, and it explains the considerable temperature increases in polar areas where the air is cleaner and there are no jet contrails. The world is generating ever more carbon dioxide, and the effects are now being observed. The examination of ice cores taken from Antarctica has revealed that the “level of CO2 is higher now than at any time in the last 650,000 years. Since temperature records have been available, the ten hottest years have all been in the last fourteen years, and the hottest was 2005.”

There are other consequences from all this CO2. The glaciers in Glacier National Park will be gone in several years. Antarctica and Greenland contain 70% of the fresh water on earth, held there in the form of ice, but those glaciers are calving huge sections of ice at an alarming rate. At the same time, the oceans are starting to warm. As they do, the water will expand and raise sea levels even more. World wide, hundreds of millions of people living in low-lying areas close to the oceans would become refugees. This can happen within the lifetimes of many living today.

Even now, polar bears are drowning. The ice they go out on every year is breaking up before the polar bears can return to land. The ice forms later every fall and melts sooner every spring. If large areas of permafrost are allowed to thaw, that can release huge amounts of CO2 and Methane. (Methane is 21 times worse than CO2 for causing global warming.) This will cause global warming to accelerate with no way to stop it.

This planet is the only one we have. Big steps will have to taken in the near future to correct the mistakes we have made. They have to happen sooner, not later.

Burning coal, oil, and gas generates the vast bulk of the power generated in America. Millions of tons of carbon dioxide are added to the air every day, and that process continues unabated. Coal is the source of the acid rain in the northeast and the major reason for the mercury in fish. It also emits more radiation than any nuclear plant in America.

Even the founder of Greenpeace is now supporting the fact that nuclear power is the only way to provide the large amount of electrical energy that America demands. Many environmentalists agree but resist only because there has been no provision for what to do with the nuclear waste. Imagine a new generation of nuclear power plants to replace some of the worst polluting fossil-fuel burning power plants. Think of all the carbon not burned.

Permanent RadWaste Solutions provides the answers that will help save the world!

The generation of nuclear power in this country has never killed anyone. It produces almost no pollution of any kind in the air or water. Coal and oil-fired plants produce and release a significantly greater amount of radioactive contamination. So while thousands of Americans have died from the mining of coal, nuclear waste has the potential of danger. That is what we are addressing.

The nuclear waste issue will continue to grow as we find that wind and solar power can never hope to generate more than a small fraction of our needs. Hydropower depends on sufficient rain to fill reservoirs. The construction of dams has consequences to fish swimming upstream to spawn and the navigability of rivers for commerce.

The utilities operating the nuclear power plants have paid $24 billion to the Department Of Energy (DOE) to provide for the disposal or long-term storage of the existing nuclear waste by 2000. The lawsuits for that could greatly exceed the cost to taxpayers compared to the savings and loan scandals years ago. The DOE must provide specific performance and remove the nuclear waste as was agreed to. Yucca Mountain is a huge hole to throw money at that has cost over $3 billion, and it is likely that it will never be able to obtain NRC certification.

The Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI), a lobbying organization representing the nuclear power industry, has complimented us by saying our “proposal is intriguing.” But they then told us that Yucca Mountain is the “law of the land” because of the $24 billion already invested into the fund to build it, $3.3 billion of which has been spent thus far. That $24 billion will be only a small fraction of the cost of developing the Yucca Mountain project. The total is now predicted to be $66 to $80 billion, or possibly even higher. And that is only for the waste produced so far. It is clear that there will be an ongoing need to remove nuclear waste. Permanent RadWaste Solutions has the answer.

We are preparing a proposal to the DOE, but they cannot license our technology without an act of Congress signed by the president.

The innovative method of disposal from Permanent RadWaste Solutions is safer, more economical, and more secure than any other, and can benefit providers of nuclear energy around the globe.

It is more imperative than ever that this process be investigated.

Please contact your local and national representatives and request a review of Permanent RadWaste Solutions.

Act Now!
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