M a t h e m a t i c s
A smorgasbord of techniques

to mitigate the ills of megalithic hierarchies,
to navigate women's economic webs of inclusion,
to successfully quantify your way through life

The Syllabus: for staying alive and keeping it lively

Decision Analysis
    Multi-Attribute Utilities & intangibles
    Evaluating the Trees --->
    The value of perfect information & trusting your gut-feel
    Sensitivities & identifying critical variables


    Resource usage & sustainability
    Spreadsheet finances & lifestyle choices
    Budgets & cash flows
    Business plans & mathematical models --->
    Algebraic tricks for numeracy

Approximate Calculus
Using mathematical tables

Mathematics of Fairness

Project Management & other Charts --->

Game Theory
Operations Management

And more to come...

Many of these concepts are illustrated in Token Woman and others will be discussed on TW´s e-studygroup, DA_Net... always in context so you´ll see the forest before worrying about the trees...

In numeracy, as in literacy, learning comes from intrinsic self-motivation... the taste of cherries precedes the desire for an orchard, and knowing which fruit is edible & palatable to you is the key to wellbeing and satisfaction.

Freedom to learn exactly what applies to your situation and venture is just as valid a goal in mathematics as it literature and just as do-able. Trigonometry & Algebra do not define numeracy any more than Beowulf & Chaucer define literacy. Join us as TW begins the fun of exploring operations research with unschoolers, where real learning freedom is practiced. Look for dates/places announcements at DA_Net´s website and chatrooms.

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