In feel, Token Woman is the story of women pioneering the business-social changes of the 70s, innovating in the world of technology balancing hope of credit with decent devotion to supportive goals, with one foot still in their mother´s world of children´s needs in a way that we are unwittingly allowing to fade or transmute into motherhood-by-remote as described in the futurist book, The Futures of Women

Token Woman is written as an opportunity for techno-mentoring, discussing both the political games and the mathematics in context, but it also calls for changes in direction in the women´s movement, the TW Proposal.

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Like real life, our Token Woman is a complex creation and has many things to offer to its readers: BookSpine
Or if corporate games pique your interest, Token Woman shares classic case studies and raises key ethical issues in current management practice.

For our senior sisters in the corporate world, Token Woman does for them what Walking Out On The Boys does for women in medicine.

For our sisters in technology who enjoyed Close To The Machine because they savor the exciting mind games of things technical, Token Woman offers the beauty of operations research and decision support, but freed from the labor of its development, so the artistic or tech-averse can enjoy the sights as well... get the executive overview.

For the activist, Token Woman challenges the standard advice and unquestioned institutions with a controversial proposal, the TW proposal, for dramatic change based on strategic insights into our strengths as well as into the nature and weaknesses of the juggernaut.

For women who shunned the job-route and went independent, and for those attempting or considering their own micro-enterprises, Token Woman bolsters their resolve when they confront unsupportive voices. Because they'll know the foisted and unwanted suggested alternatives are futile when you reach the end of their day.