Last Straw Revolution

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The Cure

News to be grateful for,
for ourselves and our children,
possibilities as integrative medicine
& wishes for the interim.


The Unjustice

An inside look at the
breakdown of the social contract
between our justice system and
the citizens who need it most.
Concealing the action & implications,
behind the jury´s closed doors.
One glimmer of hope,
to escape the trap.


Allies with

Websites/listservs, friendly orgs,
& inspired personal projects.
Who´s doing what, and how you can
tap into genuine communities for our venture.

MASH & Recon

Incoming Wounded
Places To Be Avoided

Stories and discoveries from
comrades, about shady characters, bad deals,
especially unfriendly corporations,
places where the climate
--evironment, economic or social--
is becoming hostile,
news from the old front.


Our New World

Simply Gourmand,
HomeBased Business Stats,
Millenium Chic,
HomeBased Education & Self-direction Conjectures,
Historical Precedents,
Finances, Decision Support & Quantification,
Tactics, Alliances that worked &
News of our ´Better Homes´ Strategy

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Staying in Touch

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4263 Ferguson Dr Ste#2
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venture, an exchange between and among experimenters
in between web-zine publication dates.

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