First get or build your boxes or boardandbox.jpg (29669 bytes)

boards and find sutible fabric or

string to attach your plant with.

I use fishing line to tie ferns

to boards and plastic netting

to cover the boxes


                    Dscf0013.jpg (35840 bytes)Dscf0016.jpg (102691 bytes)







In a box you can put a some planting mix

something light with perilite and orchid

bark works well. Then use spagnum moss on top of the mix and make

a hole for your plant.

Dscf0015.jpg (23945 bytes)                    Dscf0016.jpg (102691 bytes)

Place you plant in the center or a little below center and add moss to hold

planting mix and plant in place.  Cut a hole in your netting material to fit

over the plant and nail or staple in place. Don't worry if your hole is a

little large use some fishing line back and forth to secure you plant.

Dscf0019.jpg (84952 bytes)  

On board mounts I use fishing line tied to

nails back and forth across the roots or

sheilds of the fern careful not to damage

the bud. This holds the fern and moss in place.