Seed germination

I start all my seeds small and large using the baggie method. I use ziplock baggies and a sterile starting mix, I prefer cocco peat ground up coconut husks but I have used peatmoss, milled and long fiber, pumice, vermiculite all have worked well for me.
I always soak my seed for at least 24 hr, longer for larger or older seed, in distilled water changing the water several times and the last 1/2 hr I mix in some fungicide and some rooting hormone
I sterilize my mix by cooking in a microwave 6 to 12 minutes until steaming through and through and I sterilize all the seeds by a rinse in 10% bleach solution 5% on tender seeds then rinse with distilled water.  Sometimes just the dip in fungicide is all they need
Put your starting mix and seeds in the baggie, they should be mixed in with the mix and not too much mix,you will want to be able to find the seeds every few days by shaking the mix around to see if they are germinating and to check moisture and make sure nothing is rotting.
I keep my mix just barely damp remember you just soaked the seeds.cliviaseed.jpg (172427 bytes)
I keep the baggies in a warm place 60 to 80f ( top of the fridge or floating in a fishtank).  I have used a Coleman ice chest with a 15 watt florescent light on the bottom and the baggies on a wire shoe rack 6 inches above the light, check the temps first and check every few days for germination or drying out. Once they start germinating I pot them up ( in sterile cooled regular planting mix) just barely covering the seeds in the same mix as they germinated in and put back in a baggie until they start sending up shoots. Don't move them out too fast open the baggie top for a week before moving out of the bag.  If I find a fungus growing on my seed after I have started to germinate them I resoak the seeds in daconil fungicide or spray on the seedlings.  I find I have much better results by trying to keep things sterile.

Remember some seeds have a dormant period, and they won't germinate right away, fresher the seed the better but some seed won't pop for a month to a year after they came from the plant.  Palms and  cycads are seldom sooner than a month but most can start in 3 months and some can take years. I still have seed of  Kentia palm coming up from a batch I put down in 1993 but some started 3 months after I put them out to germinate.

If you have any questions about your seed drop me a note I will try to respond timely

good luck
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