Platycerium Culture
Your staghorn ferns like bright light to full sun on the coast more shade in inland and dry areas. If they are kept too dark they will stretch out for light and have weak and limp fronds and may slowly decline and pup less. Different cultivars and specie grow in differnt conditions but in general the more white fuzz the plant has the more sun it can take and the wider the fronds the more shade they like.  Staghorns for the most part are not to picky about what they are mounted on.  In nature they grow on rocks to trees and I grow most of mine on slabs of redwood or driftwood.  I have them mounted on palms and trees also.  I have had them become attached to the stucco on my house if left too long.  They are best mounted with 1 to 2 inches of sphagnum moss or similar moss under the shield fronds and spreading out a few inches or more beyond the shields to hold moisture and nutrients until the ferns build up enough old sheilds to do the job.  I make a hole in the moss just big enough for the new plant to set flush with the moss.  I tie mine to the mounts with fishing line by driving a few nails around the mount and wrapping the line over the ferns shield fronds to hold it secure until it grows its new roots.  Don't worry about the shield fronds being damaged new ones will grow over the fishingline and old fronds soon.  You should keep the growth bud pointing to the top the oldest fronds hanging to the bottom.  As it  can be hard to tell which way is up with small superbums and with them sometimes it is a guess but the bud should be just below center with a little more shield frond above than below, sometimes its hard to tell.  You must be very careful not to damage or wrap the small growth bud above the fronds in the center of the fern  with anything as this will most likely kill the plant.  They like to dry out between watering and need much less water than most people think.  They like to be wetter in warm weather and dryer in cool weather.
As with all types of plants some of the rarer Platyceriums have different culture requirements and are tougher to grow well.
I suggest the Platycerium Hobbyist Handbook by Roy Vail
I feel it is a must have book.
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