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 Meredyth Smith, writer/producer, Rome, HBO, and Angel, The WB


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Script Consultant Services

Writing a TV script or screenplay? Ready to contact an agent or producer? Contact TheScriptsmith Script Consultant and submit your best effort the first time. Discover your script's strengths and weaknesses. Approach your rewrite with purpose and excitement, armed with the tools you need to give your script the inside edge!

Choose the type of script analysis that suits your needs. The Basic Script Analysis will point your script or screenplay in the right direction. It offers more useful information than "studio coverage" at a competitive price. The Full Script Analysis offers the general evaluation of the Basic analysis, plus complete development notes on the entire script and a followup package of emails for further discussion during your rewrite.

Basic Script Analysis
Includes an evaluation of the bones of your script: theme, genre and tone, structure, pacing, character and dialogue, with strengths and weaknesses in each critical area and suggestions for improvement.


Full Script Analysis with Development Notes
Includes the script evaluation above, plus scene by scene notes on the entire script with explanations, examples and suggestions for rewriting and editing. Also includes your choice of 10 or 20 follow-up sessions via email, plus a second draft review at no additional charge.


Outline Evaluation
An outline is an essential first step to writing your screenplay. Ensure that your story has a sound dramatic framework that will engage the audience before you begin writing your script. In order to encourage screenwriters to take this important step, evaluation of your 1-2 page outline is offered at a nominal fee of $30.00.

NOTE: For script consulting on a screenplay synopsis, treatment, query letter, or other custom screenwriting services, please see TheScriptsmith Script Consulting Contact Info to request a quote.


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