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Script Consulting and Screenplay Analysis Rates

Script consulting rates for either Basic or Full Analysis are based on the length of the script: 30-minute sitcom, 60-minute teleplay or feature length screenplay. Additionally, Full Analysis of your script offers two choices for follow-up consulting during rewrite.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In an effort to provide flexible, affordable options, the consulting fee for the Basic Analysis of your script may be applied to a Full Analysis with Development Notes at a later time. For example, if you submit a 60-minute teleplay for Basic Analysis ($85.00) and then decide you would like to receive the development notes/10 followup sessions provided in the Full Analysis, the consulting fee would be only an additional $85.00. You pay only the difference between the Basic and Full Analysis.

Basic Analysis
Includes an evaluation of the bones of your script: theme, genre and tone, structure, pacing, characters and dialogue, with strengths and weaknesses in each critical area and advice for improvement. Additional pages over the standard lengths stated below are an additional $2 per page.

30-minute sitcom (30/44 pages film/tape format) $55.00
60-minute teleplay (60 pages) $85.00
Feature length screenplay (120 pages) $150.00

Full Analysis with Development Notes
Includes the script evaluation above, plus scene by scene notes on the entire script with explanations, examples and advice for rewriting and editing. Also includes your choice of 10 or 20 follow-up consulting sessions via email, plus a second draft review at no additional charge.

30-minute sitcom analysis and notes plus:
10 follow-up emails $110.00
20 follow-up emails $160.00

60-minute teleplay analysis and notes plus:
10 follow-up emails $170.00
20 follow-up emails $250.00

Feature length screenplay analysis and notes plus:
10 follow-up emails $225.00
20 follow-up emails $295.00

Outline Evaluation
Includes review and suggestions on your 1-2 page outline (not treatment) for a screenplay, sitcom or teleplay.

All formats $30.00.

NOTE: For consulting on a screenplay synopsis, treatment, query letter, or other custom screenwriting services, please see TheScriptsmith Script Consulting Contact Info to request a quote.


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