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"She has improved the quality of my screenwriting immeasurably.
Her process continues to teach me good habits for the crafting of future scripts."


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"Her style is fantastically effective, forcing you to own your story and really know what it is you want to say. "

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Why choose TheScriptSmith?
Why choose The ScriptSmith over other script consultants? I am an award winning writer/director with over twenty years of experience in theater, television and film. In my script consultant practice, I've worked with both established and aspiring screenwriters on television scripts and movie screenplays. Several of my clients have obtained agency representation after consulting with me and one client is now a TV staff writer. Let me put my experience to work for you.

As a script consultant, I believe an essential part of my job is to re-kindle your excitement about your script. And to understand exactly what you need this script to do for you at this stage in your screenwriting career.

Before we get started, I'll ask some brief questions about you and your goals as a screenwriter. After reading your script, I'll ask clarifying questions to help you focus in on critical elements of theme and character. This exploration provides context for the script analysis and development notes to come.

My method of script consulting is exciting and involving. Screenwriters naturally tend to be enthusiastic about a script when it's a shiny new toy. That's what makes rewriting so difficult. You've been there, you've done that. With The ScriptSmith Script Consulting, you'll re-discover the magic.

Ready to get started?
Great! Click to contact me for submission information. (IF THE CONTACT FORM FAILS TO OPEN PLEASE CLICK ON THIS LINK INSTEAD). Please indicate the length of your script. I'll need a hard copy of your script and a self-addressed, stamped envelope for return. I will provide you with mailing and payment information. Turnaround is generally two weeks or less.

Have a question?
For advice on screenplay format, getting an agent, writing for television/film, networking and more, check out Screenwriting Tips. And make sure to see Screenwriting Links for screenwriting software and books, screenplay agent/agency listings, screenplay contests, screenwriting schools, free movie scripts and other goodies.

Do you have a burning issue I didn't address? Need screenwriting help not listed on the Script Consultant Services page? Click to contact me (IF THE CONTACT FORM FAILS TO OPEN PLEASE CLICK ON THIS LINK INSTEAD). with questions or concerns. I look forward to hearing from you!


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Looking for an answer about the business or techniques of screenwriting? See Q & A to read the response to the latest question or ask one of your own. If I answer your query on the Q & A page, you'll receive a 10% discount on the service of your choice!
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