Appreciative Americans should present the letter to Vietnam Veterans.
(This free letter can be copied for non-financial use.)

There are a number of Vietnam Veterans, who would appreciate getting it,
or something like it.
Any open appreciation might even bring a few overdue tears of joy and pride.
Jack Cunningham
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"Welcome Home"
Vietnam Veterans
Eric Horner & Eric's
Special Guest Star
When The Good Lord Was
Vietnam Veterans
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"American Heroes"
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LIFE Magazine - August 25, 1967 "To Keep A Village Free"
Press for Charlton Heston's Tribute
to Vietnam Veterans
Picture Tour of a Vietnamese Village.
Fellow Veteran
At The Dedication
Of The Wall
Read Some
"Thank You"s To Veterans
Read Some
"Thank You"s To Veterans
Other Great Vietnam Veteran Links
For Veterans
Information On PTSD
Guest Book
District 21
Memorial Of Honor
The Massacre of the Duc Duc Resettlement Village
America's First
Vietnam Veteran Memorial
Dedicated on Memorial Day 1968
Good Veterans Administration (VA) Links
Help With VA PTSD Claims
Veterans"> More Help With VA PTSD Claims
** International War Veterans Poetry Web Site **
** Dear Vietnam Veteran Letter **
The Message Of 9-11

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