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You can not see what's in my heart for it is mine to know. My mind is what I'll share with you, but that's as far as I'll go. My dreams are mine, I paid the price to carry them with me. The rest is there and I will share everything you can see.

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Womens Drum

Two Cherokee Stories

Hi, Tom and Deanna here. Welcome to our site we hope you enjoy your visit. My husband, Tom, and I live on a mini farm in the Midwest. Check out the picture album for some seasonal pictures. For the most part I'm a domestic engineer. I tend my fur kids  Wahya Oganali, Sage Smoke Walker, and Bubba and our Mustangs :  Fancy, Commachero, Kiowa, and our midget mini, Splash. I like to garden, quilt, add hostas to the area, read, and try to keep up with this web site. We have four children, Shantele (deceased 11/6/04), Chris, Meagan, and Josh. We have three grandsons, Drew, Beau, and Lee and two grand daughters, Deanna Joy and Aurora Marie. Tom is interested in building furniture and making Native American crafts. He is very interested in his Cherokee heritage and is constantly questing for more information about it. Check out his Cherokee pages where there is an English to Cherokee name page.  There is also a page with Cherokee stories and a link to the photo album. We've added a Cherokee dictionary, a master dictionary and pictures of some of the pipes and flutes he has made. This site also has pages about animals and their meanings,  "simples", herbals . and trees. Make yourself comfortable and meet the clan. Check out some of our other pages listed further down on this page. Visit some sites via some of my links and feel free to e-mail suggestions or comments to me about this site.

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   I am a supporter of Wolf Creek Habitat. To visit Wolf Creek Habitat from the web just click on the picture of Seminole below. This facility was started in October of 2000. They do rescues of high content wolf/hybrids. The facility is open to the public on weekends, but you must call ahead. There is no charge to tour the habitat. List of items always needed. are as follows: Cash donations, high protien dog food, straw, cypress mulch or cedar shavings, any medical equipment, chain link fence(new or used), stock tanks, (new or used), paper supplies for business cards and thank you notes.

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Thanks to my Dad, Tom's Dad, Jerry, Tom, Rod, Todd & thousands more throughout the years. Freedom is not just another word, it is a gift thousands have paid for with their lives.

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