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Hank and Dean,
Tennessee Ernie Ford Show Regulars

Hank Jones and Dean Kay (Hank and Dean) balanced their time between
Tennesse Ernie Ford's 5 day a week national daytime TV show, writing songs,
recording for RCA Victor, making personal appearances across the nation and
attending college during their tenure on the show...and lived to tell the story.

Hank Jones, Dean Kay, Tennessee Ernie Ford 1Hank Jones, Dean Kay, Tennessee Ernie Ford 2

The network show was shot at ABC's KGO-TV in San Francisco.
1500 auditioned for the open "regular" spot.  Hank and Dean got the gig.
Guests from the first Russian cosmonaut, Yuir Gagarin, to Cousin Minnie Pearl made
the show great fun and an adventure every day. One day Bob Hope dropped by (upper right).
The cast is pictured at the lower right.  Back row: Jim Lange (before The Dating Game),
Anita Gorden, Jack Fascinato and Dean.  Front row: Dick Noel, Ernie and Hank.

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When the Tennessee Ernie Ford Show ended its run, ABC, needing the space,
destroyed the masters ... Ever the collector, Hank swooped in and ‘pardoned' a few clips
from the show which have pretty much been confined to a box in his garage since the early 60's.
Recently some clips escaped and found their way to YouTube.

The day Robert F. Kennedy visited the Ford Show - (See outro.)

Hank and Dean - IF I HAD MY DRUTHERS


Ernie Ford always closed his shows with a hymn.
This one, recorded in San Francisco in 1962, features Ernie and cast regulars,
Dick Noel, Hank Jones, Anita Gordon and Dean Kay.


[Another clip from the Hank Jones Collection]

I Love To Tell The Story
Just before the Beatles hit, Ernie Ford 's Gospel albums
out sold the albums of all other artists on Capitol Records.
Hank and Dean, Anita Gordon and Dick Noel were featured
on this 1962 album cut in San Francisco.