Larry Rogers


Larry Rogers appears, along with Sam Phillips, Chips Moman, Jack Clement, Knox Phillips, Scotty Moore, Alan Reynolds and Issac Hayes on the "Honor Roll Of Memphis Music" in the Memphis Music Hall Of Fame as one of the legendary producers that made rock, soul and country music history during Memphis, Tennessee's musical heyday.

He produced hit after hit for Billy Swan, Rick Nelson, Shylo, Freddie Weller, Bill Black's Combo, Brother Jack McDuff, Mel McDaniel and Charley McLain at his world renowned Memphis recording studio, Lyn-Lou - a legend unto itself.  He also founded Partner and Partnership Music, two highly successful music publishing companies recently acquired from Rogers and partner, Pat Brewer, by PolyGram.

In the early eighties, ‘The Blade', as Rogers was affectionately nicknamed for his deftness with a razor blade in making seamless, crafty edits in audio recording tape thereby enhancing the careers of many a recording artist, moved to Nashville.  He worked with Jerry Kennedy at Mercury Recording Studios, Jim Malloy at Mega Records and was part of one of the most extraordinary country music A&R teams of all time at CBS Records during Billy Sherrill's tenure.

Rogers opened his first studio in Nashville - Studio 19 - in 1984.  Studio 19's almost instantaneous success led to the opening of his second Nashville studio - Studio 20 which, again, became one of Nashville's most popular recording studios.  Studio 20's success begot yet a third studio, this one, unnamed, with an unlisted telephone number and hidden in what appears to be a garage in the middle of one of Nashville's prominent residential neighborhoods, has become a popular recording destination for many of country music's biggest stars who prefer great sound quality mixed with the ultimate in privacy.

But Larry Rogers, who has a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Mississippi, is much more than a legendary record producer and successful studio owner.   He's also a mentor and business advisor to a legion of artists and countless songwriters who he has set on their paths to successful recording and writing careers.  He prides himself in his ability to recognize talented people at a very early stage in their career and direct the development of their talent to the fullest realization of every aspect of its potential.