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Tuesday 8/4/2015
Tech companies and criminals have made billions supporting the illegal exploitation of our cultural past
while ruthlessly pursuing the dismantling of incentives creators need to fashion our cultural future

Music Artists Take On the Business, Calling for Change
By Ben Sisario -- “None of these (tech) companies that are supposedly in the music business are actually in the music business,” Melvin Gibbs, a jazz bassist in New York who is the president of the Content Creators Coalition said. “They are in the data-aggregation business. They’re in the ad-selling business. The value of music means nothing to them.”

Open the Music Industry’s Black Box
By David Byrne -- Before musicians and their advocates can move to enact a fairer system of pay, we need to know exactly what’s going on. We need information from both labels and streaming services on how they share the wealth generated by music. … Perhaps the biggest problem artists face today is that lack of transparency.

YouTube Games Copyright Law To Avoid License Fees, IFPI Says
By Andy --  While services such as Spotify obtain licenses from the record labels for the use of their content, IFPI chief executive Frances Moore says that sites including YouTube are in effect gaming copyright law when they monetize content uploaded by their users without first obtaining the appropriate licenses. … “There should be clarification of the application of ‘safe harbors’ to make it explicit that services that distribute and monetize music do not benefit from them.”

Google Asked to Remove 18 ‘Pirate Links’ Every Second
By Ernesto -- Copyright holders continue to increase the number of copyright takedown requests they send to Google. As a result the company is currently asked to remove a record breaking 18 links to "pirate" pages from its search results every second, a number that is still increasing at a rapid pace. … the number of URLs submitted by copyright holders over the past month …roughly 47 million.

Power Transition, Lawfare and the Spotify/Google Interlocking Directorate
By Chris Castle -- Long read but worth it for insight into the Google/Spotify alliance against Apple! - The Trichordist

RIAA Blasts CBS And CNET For Promoting YouTube Music Download Apps And Sites
By James Geddes -- A music group coalition has written a letter to CBS complaining that its CNET website is promoting music downloading software it claims is illegal. The software allows music to be ripped from YouTube and other websites and converted to digital music files.

Consumers Need A New Legal Right To Control Personal Data
By James B. Rule -- If you're not paying, you're the product. [Thanks to Michelle Kay for the link.]

The Market’s Ignoring Google’s Many New FCC Common Carrier Liabilities
By Scott Cleland -- The market appears to be ignoring that Google’s legal status as a corporation changed in 2Q15 to an FCC Title II regulated common carrier that is subject to very strict and preemptive behavioral non-discrimination requirements to mitigate potential abuse of market power on Google’s network -- per the FCC’s new Open Internet Order which reclassified Internet infrastructure as Title II common carriage regulated to enforce strict net neutrality. This analysis of Google’s many new common carrier liabilities has four parts…

Weekly Copyright Issues Wrap Up - July 31, 2015  
Copyright Alliance -- Weekly copyright related summary of issues, congressional developments, judicial updates, administration updates, international updates and industry updates, provided courtesy of American Continental Group (ACG).

5 Rules To Avoid The No.1 Scam In America
By Kim Komando

Social Media Endorsements and Disclosure
By Jennifer Schultz -- Lately it seems my Instagram feed is filled with more than photographs and witty comments. Giveaways, endorsements, and “follow and like” to win contests sponsored by my favorite fashion bloggers and style-influencers are on repeat. But few of those sponsoring contests and endorsing products are consistently following Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulations or guidelines.

How To See If Your Emails Are Being Tracked In Gmail Before Opening Them
By Steven Tweedie

It All Starts With A Song: 10 Different Kinds Of Singles That Can Help You Reach More Fans
By Chris Robley -- We’ve talked a lot about singles before on this blog, from the reasons why artists should be releasing new music more often, to building an effective promotional campaign around the launch of your single. What we haven’t talked about much are all different kinds of singles you could be recording and releasing in order to build your music career. So here’s a list…  [If you didn’t write the song and/or own the rights, you need a license.]

9 Things Every Musician Loves to Hear
By Sam Friedman

Buddy Guy: 'I Worry About The Future Of Blues Music'
NPR Music -- Buddy Guy is the blues, and he's our connection to a genre that's embedded in the history of America. But it's a sound the guitarist fears is fading.  Born and raised in Louisiana without running water or electricity, Guy tells NPR's David Greene, "They got some mosquitoes in Louisiana that can almost lift you out of your bed," which made his parents a little upset when he started tearing the metal wire off the screen door. He was trying to build a guitar.

In case you aren’t among the 17 million who have viewed this …
Learn to Fly - Foo Fighters Rockin1000 Official Video
Directed by Anita Rivaroli and Alberto Viavattene -- 1000 musicians play Learn to Fly by Foo Fighters to ask Dave Grohl to come and play in Cesena, Italy

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