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Monday 06/27/2016

Tech companies and criminals have made billions
supporting the illegal exploitation of our cultural past
while ruthlessly pursuing the dismantling of incentives creators need
to fashion our cultural future

Turow: "The Protection of Copyright Is Deeply Related to the Protection of Creativity"
By Scott Turow -- About three and a half years ago, my wife, Adriane and I, travelled to Russia at the invitation of the U.S. State Department. I spoke at universities, visited bookstores--which in Russia are open twenty-four hours a day--and because I was then President of the U.S. Authors Guild was invited to meet with the leadership of Russian PEN, the international author’s rights organization. … This was the moment for me to get the answer to a question that had preoccupied me: why was it that I was visiting the nation of Chekhov, Turgenev, Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy, Bulgakov, Solzhenitsyn, a nation with one of the longest and most noble literary heritages and could not name a contemporary Russian novelist of note. [Thanks to Terry Hart for the link.]

It all Started with a Story
By Rebecca Cusey -- It takes decades of training, not to mention significant financial investment, to become a filmmaker, a photographer, a songwriter, a screenwriter, a graphic artist, a creator. I have come to deeply respect those who make art and/or entertainment. It’s not easy. … I think this is why copyright matters to me. There is an integrity to it. An honesty to owning your own work, your own art, your own story, against all the world.

Fixing the Legacy DMCA by Contract
By Chris Castle – “Labels made deals with YouTube out of desperation.  It’s pennies & whack-a-mole. How can labels renew YT deals with so much artist pressure?”— Irving Azoff. … Azoff asks the right question of the labels that are in renegotiations with YouTube over extending their licenses–given the global unity against Google’s business practices, how can labels close a license that does not address Google’s outdated notice and shakedown business model.  Don’t these artists deserve a modern contract with the most valuable company on the planet?

Advertiser Pledge Sets Example of Accountability in the Fight Against Piracy
By Kevin Madigan -- Despite … alarming trends in the facilitation of pirate websites, there have been some recent initiatives to deter companies from doing business with illicit websites. One notable initiative is the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG). A joint effort by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA), the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s), and the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), TAG was formed “to create transparency in the business relationships and transactions that undergird the digital ad industry, while continuing to enable innovation.”

Quick Take: Brexit And The UK Media And Tech Sectors
By Mark Mulligan -- The UK referendum on membership of the European Union has resulted in a vote to leave. There could be countless implications for the UK media and sectors but smaller companies such as independent labels, independent production companies and tech start ups look set to be hardest hit.

China Shifts to Digital
By Jacob Carlson -- China has also quietly been working through a massive digital transformation, creating the largest digital content consumption economy in the world.

90+% Of Netflix Users Would Rather Pay Than See Ads
By Charlotte Hassan

Millennials Are Doomed To Face an Existential Crisis That Will Define The Rest Of Their Lives
By John Mauldin -- Psychologists from Sigmund Freud forward have generally agreed: our core attitudes about life are largely locked in by age five or so. … It’s not only early childhood, however, that forms us. …The challenges we face as we become independent adults determine our approach to life.

Video Slideshow App Flipagram Now Has 200 Million Creators, 4 Billion Daily Video Views
By Saqib Shah -- Last year, Flipagram secured a series of music licensing deals with major record labels that allow its users to soundtrack their visuals with real tracks. The app provides iTunes Store download links for the music it carries, so users can purchase the songs related to their favorite clips.

A Prime Misunderstanding: Explaining Amazon Prime's Success
By Richie Siegel -- Amazon Prime is the greatest and most misunderstood loyalty program ever created.

Ditching the iPhone Headphone Jack Is Annoying for Everyone Except Apple
By Hayley Tsukayama -- the furor continues over reports that Apple is doing away with its standard 3.5mm headphone jack, a piece of technology that has existed in a recognizable version of its current form since the late 19th century. 

[Fascinating.  Informative.]
VIDEO: Bohemian Rhapsody at 40: Inside The Rhapsody - Full Documentary
'Inside The Rhapsody': This documentary features Roger Taylor, Brian May and Queen studio engineer Justin Shirley Smith discussing the making and history of hit single Bohemian Rhapsody.

RIP Ralph Stanley. Life is Hard, So There’s No Reason Songs Should All Be Easy.
By David Hinckley -- You wouldn’t always call Ralph Stanley’s voice “pretty.” You might be safer with “haunting.” But it was a voice that kept an important song tradition in the American air for 70 years, before Stanley died Thursday from complications of skin cancer. He was 89 and he was one of those musicians who seemingly had always been around.

Video: How The Rock Face Swapped with Vine Star Sione in 'Central Intelligence'
Mike Seymour goes behind the visual effects in Central Intelligence used to de-age The Rock and Kevin Hart into high school, teenaged versions of themselves. Weta digital puts the The Rock’s face onto Vine star Sione’s body for an amazing locker room shower dance scene you won’t want to miss.

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