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Tuesday 06/30/2015
Tech companies and criminals have made billions supporting the illegal exploitation of our cultural past
while ruthlessly pursuing the dismantling of incentives creators need to fashion our cultural future

Generation Youtube: Today's Fastest-Rising Stars Aren't Coming Out Of Hollywood
By Joan E. Solsman -- Thanks to the popularity of online media sites like YouTube, mainstream entertainment soon may look more like that kid clowning around in front of a laptop camera.  … today's fastest-rising stars aren't coming out of Hollywood. They're teens hamming it up or breaking it down in front of a computer to create a new kind of entertainment.  [To get a handle on what’s going on, I, again, suggest reading: “Culture Crash: The Killing of the Creative Class” by Scott Timberg.]

'Generation Free': How Teens Have No Concept Of Paying For Content Online
By Laura Demasi  -- "We just search and search for ways to get stuff, everyone knows there's a way of getting around it [paying]"…  What about music, I ask? "Oh, we just go on YouTube and convert the videos to MP3s, and then we can store it on our phones. You can play the songs whenever you want. You don't need Wi-Fi."

Of Every Dollar Spent on Music, Just 3% Goes to Streaming…
By Paul Resnikoff -- Presented recently by Nielsen at EDMbiz Conference & Expo in Las Vegas.

Music Subscription Uptake Is Low but Losing Paying Users Is The Real Time Bomb
By Eamonn Forde

Taylor Swift Deserves The Leadership Praise She’s Getting
By Jena McGregor – … what truly makes Swift a leader in the industry is her interest in using her position to speak out on behalf of other artists. [Thanks to Michelle Kay for the link.]

Weekly Copyright Issues Wrap Up - June 26, 2015
Copyright Alliance -- Weekly copyright related summary of issues, congressional developments, judicial updates, administration updates, international updates and industry updates, provided courtesy of American Continental Group (ACG).

Google's New Free Music Service Is Classic Google: Take Someone's Idea and Slap Ads On It
By Iain Thomson

Fines Alone Don’t Deter Google
By Scott Cleland -- EU officials, who believe normally-big-fines by themselves will be enough to deter Google’s illegal antitrust and privacy abuses, are making a profound miscalculation about what actually motivates and deters Google.

Life Of Gannett Newspapers, Separate From Broadcast And Digital Brands, Begins Today
By D.B. Hebbard -- The spinoff may be the most cynical of all the print spinoffs so far, as the decision to have and go with broadcast is illogical and clearly designed to benefit broadcast over print (Gannett is now saddled with supporting these digital properties while the new broadcast company gets most of the profits.)

Why Can't Streaming Services Get Classical Music Right?
By Anastasia Tsioulcas -- Why is classical music so hard to enjoy on streaming services? In one word, it's metadata.

How to Perfect Your Band's Social Media Strategy: The 70-20-10 Rule
By Sonicbids

Hacked Instruments Help Measure Musicians’ Brain Activity
By Danielle Venton -- Playing music combines complex brain work with feats of coordination. Scientists would love to know how musicians pull it off …

Dalai Lama Joins Patti Smith On Glastonbury Festival Stage
(AP) -- [I believe he was the cat with the Strat.]

[Run out of ideas for new songs?]
The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows

“Composing [De]Composition.”
Composing Music With Compost
By Deanna Gomez -- For the past year, J. no.e Parker has found a way to make music out of compost from her backyard through a process called data sonification.

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