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Monday, January 22, 2018

Tech companies and criminals have made billions
supporting the illegal exploitation of our cultural past
while ruthlessly pursuing the dismantling of incentives creators need
to fashion our cultural future

From Blurred Lines To New Rules: How Sex In Pop Has Changed For Ever
By Laura Snapes -- The charts were once dominated by pornified raunch, but in an era of identity politics and empowered women, a new kind of sexuality is emerging in pop – and warming cyberspace.

What's Driving The Music Business? VR, AI, Blockchain, Smart Speakers, More
As we move forward in 2018, Bas Grasmayer takes moment to reflect on the leaps and bounds forward which music industry tech has made, and how these advances will shape major industry trends in the coming year

Music Labels Sue Fit Radio for "Massive Scale" Copyright Infringement
By Ashley Cullins -- The labels say the fitness app is an unlicensed interactive streaming service. … "Defendants tout their service as the '#1 Workout Music App,' and boast that they have millions of users," writes attorney James Lamberth in a complaint filed Thursday in Georgia federal court. "Fit Radio has achieved this success because it infringes and facilitates the infringement of Plaintiffs’ copyrighted sound recordings on a massive scale."

[Will this poor little rag-tag startup ever catch a break?]
Not Your Grandad’s Facebook? Targeted Social Media Ads Spur Age Discrimination Lawsuit
By Virginia Broughton Reeves -- Can you target advertisements to a group based on age? The Communications Workers of America (CWA) and several individuals think not and filed suit against T-Mobile, Amazon, Cox Communications, and Cox Media Group. The complaint alleges that these companies ran afoul of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) by sending ads targeting Facebook users in specified age bands (based on their Facebook profiles).

New Guidelines For Monetizing Fan-Uploaded Videos On YouTube
Quarterlab -- As part of YouTube’s updates to their YouTube Partner Program and Google Preferred programs this month, there is also an important change to how YouTube will treat user-uploaded videos that use your copyrighted content. Please read on for more details. 

BREAK UP GOOGLE: There Is a Solid Conservative Antitrust Case Against Alphabet-Google
By Scott Cleland -- In a nutshell, the solid conservative antitrust case against Google is: information is power; power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. It’s hard to imagine a more harmful monopoly in a free market democracy than one with bottleneck control over the supply and demand for accessing the world’s digital information. That’s because the free flow of information and the competition of ideas are the lifeblood of both constitutional democracy and free market competition.

Amazon Is Rising After Hiking the Price Of A Monthly Prime Membership (AMZN)
By Kimberly Chin -- The company said it will raise the fees on its monthly Amazon Prime membership in the US to $12.99, an 18% increase from $10.99, according to Recode. Under the new pricing plan, customers will pay roughly $156 a year. Amazon Prime's annual membership fee of $99 will not change.

How Producers Became the New Artists
By Shawn Setaro -- Over and over again, producers—in addition to their composing talents—have served as talent scouts and coaches, discovering talent and helping rappers to find a sound and voice. When it comes to having label partnerships, using a hot producer’s nose for talent to bring artists into the label system is a winning situation for all involved. … This raises the question, why? Why is now a good time for producers to step out from behind the boards to become artists themselves?

VIDEO: What Every Producer Should Know About Getting Paid
By Jacques Morel -- Who pays for what in music's complex streaming era?

Coldplay & Guns N' Roses Join Top 10 of Billboard's Highest-Grossing Tours of All Time
By Bob Allen

[From our vaulted Fashion Corner.]
How To Make Your Stage Presence Memorable With Fantastic Fashion
By Rachelle Wilber – (Assuming you have talent and great songs) If you’re a musician who wants to captivate audiences at upcoming shows, your style can contribute to your overall stage presence. Eye-catching fashion and strong stage presence often go hand in hand for musicians.

10 of the Most Interesting Field Recordists Working Across Aesthetic Boundaries
By Patrick McGuire -- Learn how these 10 field recordists travel the globe to capture incredible soundscapes used in film, TV, art exhibits, and beyond.

The Time the Oxford English Dictionary Forgot a Word
BY Lucas Reilly -- When the complete edition of what would become the Oxford English Dictionary debuted in 1928, it was lauded as a comprehensive collection of the English language, .... In total, the project took seven decades to catalogue everything from A to Z, defining a total of 414,825 words. But in the eyes of its editor James Murray, the very first volume of the dictionary was something of an embarrassment: It was missing a word.

‘The Polka King’: The Surreal True Story of a Fame-Hungry Ponzi Schemer
By Karen Han -- Jan ‘Lewan’ Lewandowski came to America to be a star. Somewhere along the way, he robbed millions of dollars from hundreds of people—and became famous enough for a Netflix biopic.

Happy Birthday to my daughter, Lisa … I love you.

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