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Friday 11/17/2017

Tech companies and criminals have made billions
supporting the illegal exploitation of our cultural past
while ruthlessly pursuing the dismantling of incentives creators need
to fashion our cultural future

 Stop Treating Songwriters as Enemies

Copyright Small Claims: A Solution for Many Creators
By David Newhoff -- In my experience, the number-one complaint about contemporary copyright is that it is unenforceable in the digital age. Independent creators take one look at the scope of infringement relative to the cost of a single litigation and give up on the idea that they have any control.  … H.R. 3945, the Copyright Alternative in Small-Claims Enforcement Act (CASE) won’t solve every problem, but it should make a tangible difference for a significant population of creators who currently do not avail themselves of any enforcement procedure, but would if the barriers were lower.

Ireland: Music Rights Body IMRO Calls for National Industry Strategy
By Laura Slattery -- More needs to be done to foster the ‘business of music’ amid copyright challenges

Google Says Broader Right To Be Forgotten Is 'Serious Assault' On Freedom--
By Simon Sharwood – [Well, now that you put it that way …. Huh?]

Something Is Wrong On The Internet
I’m James Bridle. I’m a writer and artist concerned with technology and culture. I usually write on my own blog, but frankly I don’t want what I’m talking about here anywhere near my own site. Please be advised: this essay describes disturbing things and links to disturbing graphic and video content. You don’t have to read it, and are advised to take caution exploring further.

Special Report: Twice Burned - How Mt. Gox's Bitcoin Customers Could Lose Again
By Alexandra Harney, Steve Stecklow -- When Mt. Gox, the world’s largest bitcoin trading exchange, collapsed in early 2014, more than 24,000 customers around the world lost access to hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of cryptocurrency and cash. More than three years later, with the price of bitcoin skyrocketing to more than $7,000, not a single customer has recouped a single cent, crypto or otherwise. It’s not clear when they will.

Meet the People Who Listen to Podcasts at Super-Fast Speeds
By Doree Shafrir -- Meet the podfasters, a subset of podcast obsessives who listen to upward of 50 episodes a week listening extremely fast.

Amazon Japan Veteran Defies Digital With Cassette Tape Store
By Yosuke Kurabe -- Taro Tsunoda's cassette tape store in Tokyo is taking the road less traveled in our digital age. The former employee of the Japan unit of e-commerce giant is succeeding at what many regard as a reckless pursuit of "analog-ness."… Brick-and-mortar operation provides model for struggling music industry

The 6 Primary Types Of Spotify Playlists That Can Feature Your Song
By Chris Robley

How One Indie Band Got Kicked Off Spotify Forever 
By Bruce Houghton

When Music You Wrote Becomes a Hate Speech Soundtrack
By Pippa Biddle -- Royalty-free composers don’t have any control over what happens to their work--even if it ends up scoring a racist diatribe.

Save the Night
By Lauren Levy -- Quasi-legal nightclubs were on the verge of extinction — until New York City realized how crucial it is to have an underground.

The Album That Changed My Life
By Alex Gardner -- Music legends like Quincy Jones and Damian Marley and new stars like Bryson Tiller and Jorja Smith tell us about the album that changed their life.

[Great slide show titled “Along the Tennessee music highway” included in this article.]
The Soundtrack Of Tennessee: It's The Music That Makes Us
By Juli Thanki -- During the last days of summer, writer Juli Thanki and photographer Shelley Mays crisscrossed the state to find out where Tennessee music has been and where it’s going. They found every inch of the Volunteer State bursting with music — and music history. The echoes of Bessie Smith, Big Star, Sun Records and Studio A reverberate today.

I’m not a big political animal but when politics condemns big animals, them’s fightin’ words.
Trump Admin. To Reverse Ban On Elephant Trophies From Africa
By Stephanie Ebbs

11 Beloved Movies That Were Box Office Flops
By Rudie Obias

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