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Friday - 11/21/2014
Tech companies and criminals have made billions supporting the illegal exploitation of our cultural past
while ruthlessly pursuing the dismantling of incentives creators need to fashion our cultural future

Critic Cote on Digital-Age Behavior in Theaters
By David Newhoff -- I had to share this article by New York theater critic David Cote because it really is an indictment of digital-age jitteriness screwing up culture and literacy instead of broadening same as was promised.

[Apple plans to push Beats to every iPhone and iPad]
Spotify, Apple, YouTube And The Streaming Pincer Movement
By Mark Mulligan -- The Financial Times reported that Apple is planning on integrating Beats Music into an iOS update as early as the first quarter of 2015. Which means the entire base of Apple’s 500 odd million iOS devices suddenly become Apple’s acquisition funnel … a reach like no other subscriptions service on the planet. .. Add this to YouTube’s recently announced Music Key subscription service … and a picture emerges of Spotify squeezed in the middle of a streaming pincer movement…

Billboard (Charts) Will Soon Include Music Streams And Digital Downloads
By John Kell --- Meanwhile, a Wall Street Journal report from earlier this week signaled that Nielsen will next month begin to measure viewership of TV on subscription online video service for the first time .. The Journal reported that because streaming sites won’t share how much a show is viewed … independent data can be compiled by analyzing the audio components of the program to identify which shows are being streamed…

The GoogleNet Playbook & Zero Pricing – A Special Report
By Scott Cleland -- Why the GoogleNet Playbook matters competitively is that it is Google’s new disruptive strategy to disintermediate and commoditize physical-world industries’ direct relationship with their customers…

Pandora Explains Music Licensing Strategy In A Public Conference Call
By Brad Hill -- In a brisk 51-minute conference call with investors yesterday, Pandora described its strategy in the Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) proceeding, explained why it thinks music licensing costs (to labels) should be lower. [During the call a deal with indie label distributor Merlin Network was revealed.  Smells an awful lot like payola to me.]

Music Fan Survey Preliminary Results
By Chris Castle -- As some of you may have noticed, we are conducting a casual survey of music fans.  While we are still collecting data, here’s an interim look at a couple of the results. I have to say that I’m not surprised by any of these results, but it is worth noting that some are wildly opposite to what some companies would have you believe (Pandora, Google, Sirius, Spotify).

Music Fan Survey Preliminary Results: What is Bit Torrent?
By Chris Castle -- Here’s another preliminary snapshot from the Music Fan Survey, this time about Bit Torrent.

New York Second Court to Recognize Public Performance Right in Pre-72 Sound Recordings
By Terry Hart – What next?

How Facebook's Changes In Paid Advertising Will Affect Your Marketing Efforts
By Laura Schneider 

Where Paul McCartney, Virtual Reality and a 3D Camera Collide
By Tracey Lien -- Sir Paul McCartney is sitting less than five feet from me at a grand piano, singing his 1973 hit "Live and Let Die." When I turn my head to the right, his drummer is about six feet away. If I swivel 90 degrees, I can see the production crew hoisting cameras and running power cords behind the stage. I’m on stage with McCartney and his band as he performs at San Francisco’s Candlestick Park. Except … I’ve never been to Candlestick Park.

Cellphone Tracking’s Newest Frontier
By Craig Timberg -- Devices will soon be possible to determine not only what building you and your phone are in but also whether you are on the first or 15th floor.

Infiniti’s Beautiful 550-HP Concept Has a Nifty Holder for Your Wine
By Alex Davies – [I dunno, adding booze to all those high tech apps in automobiles seems so counter intuitive. What next roach clips?]

Algorithms Are Great and All, But They Can Also Ruin Lives
By Luke Dormehl  

[If you find yourself in the ‘wrong camp’ consider changing your first name temporarily.]
The Politics of Names
By Mark -- It turns out that Democrats prefer certain first names, and Republicans prefer others.

VIDEO: Musicians' Brains Really Do Work Differently — In A Good Way
By Anastasia Tsioulcas

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