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Tuesday 12/12/2017

Tech companies and criminals have made billions
supporting the illegal exploitation of our cultural past
while ruthlessly pursuing the dismantling of incentives creators need
to fashion our cultural future

 Stop Treating Songwriters as Enemies

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Apple to Buy Music App Shazam for $400M – Report
By Iain Morris

Shazam Is To Apple As The Echo Nest Is To Spotify
By Mark Mulligan

How Apple Music Can Reach 300 Million Paying Subscribers — In One Year
By Paul Resnikoff -- Apple Music is in third place with 30 million paying subscribers.  But maybe there’s a way to dramatically change that.

Apple Responds To Latest Report Claiming the iTunes Music Store is Closing
By Chance Miller

Amazon, the Music Prodigy
By Shira Ovide -- Retail giant's streaming service is off to a super start,  but the big question is Amazon's ultimate aim.

Spotify’s bid to remodel an industry 
The Problem with Muzak
By Liz Pelly -- Spotify’s obsession with mood and activity-based playlists has contributed to all music becoming more like Muzak. In the 1930s, Muzak prioritized workplace soundtracks that were meant to heighten productivity, using research to evaluate what listeners responded to most.

How Will Soundtrap Acquisition Change Spotify? The Industry?
By Tyler Lyon -- Here we look at the implications of Spotify's recent purchase of Swedish cloud-based collaborative creative space Soundtrap as the streaming giant looks to increase the breadth of its offerings by providing consumers with more than just streaming in advance of it's anticipated IPO.

Facebook Guarantees Your Music Video Won’t Get Ripped Down
By Daniel Sanchez

What Is SoundScan and How Is It Used?
By Ta'Rikah Jones -- SoundScan, a tracking platform owned and operated by Nielsen, allows artists to get a close and detailed look at how their music's sales are performing on a week by week basis in both retail and non-traditional marketplace

How To Boost Engagement With Promo Videos
By ReverbNation -- With so much content out there, it’s getting harder and harder to keep your audience’s interest. Text and images just don’t cut it, particularly when it comes to music. You need to give your fans a reason to engage and a reason to stay.

5 Ways to Set Yourself Up for Success in 201
By Angela Mastrogiacomo -- The end-of-year slowdown. If you’ve been in the music industry for a while, you recognize late October through the end of the year as a slow time for all things industry-related. … It’s also a great time to plan your next steps and start off the following year stronger than ever. So how do you do that? Start with these five ways.

Now You Know Everything About Recording Deals
By Steve Gordon

[I’ve relayed stories about Poppy before and am compelled to do so again because there is something so disturbingly creepy about the marketing of this whatever it is. Have I been sucked into the mind warp?]
Poppy is a Disturbing Internet Meme Seen by Millions. Can She Become A Pop Sensation?
By Elle Hunt -- The character played by 22-year-old Moriah Pereira is a childlike, robotic-sounding woman with friends who include a basil plant. Now she’s trying to become the first pop megastar to be born on YouTube

Amazon Wants A Key To Your House. I Did It, And I Regret It
By Geoffrey A. Fowler

How Bad Guys Get Malware Inside Your Smartphone
By Brooke Crothers

Watch: The Story Behind “Strange Fruit,” The Most Haunting Song About Race In America
Timeline -- Billie Holiday made it famous, but Abel Meeropol wrote it,  Abel Meeropol is a fascinating character in his own right, whose deep sensitivity to injustice and human suffering enabled him to write the song about race in America that TIME magazine called “the song of the century.”

Piano Keys Christmas Lights
The Piano Guys share with us a cool video where they have rigged a piano to control over 500,000 Christmas Lights!

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