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Monday - 03/23/2015
Tech companies and criminals have made billions supporting the illegal exploitation of our cultural past
while ruthlessly pursuing the dismantling of incentives creators need to fashion our cultural future

VIDEO: Remapping A Broken Internet
Ted talk by Chris Ruen -- Ideals like “openness” and “free information” arose from the seminal days of the Internet, a government-funded project for scientific collaboration. But how do these ideals really translate for the Internet before us today, a mainstream commercial space replete with access fees and advertising? Author Chris Ruen explores how old ideas about the Internet are blinding us from its true potential and what can be done about it.

[Absolutely my next to last link to this story until the verdict is overturned.]
How The Jury In The ‘Blurred Lines’ Case Was Misled
By Wendy Gordon -- 

[And, here’s the last link. -- Not so sure this was a wise move for Marvin’s children to make. In legal matters related to copyright, never lead with your heart.]
Gaye Children Pen Open Letter to 'Set the Record Straight' on 'Blurred Lines' Verdict
By Colin Stutz

33 Songwriting Tips from World Class UK Musicians
By Jimmy -- Songwriting isn’t always roses and rainbows. The task can be quite neck breaking especially at times when your creative juice isn’t flowing. It’s during these times when it takes you hours upon hours just to write a single lines worth of lyrics, for a song you’ve been wanting to compose.

Songwriter/ASCAP President Paul Williams Talks Muppets and Songwriting Rights
By Jason Keil

DMCA Abuse and the Meaning of "Good Faith"
By Leo Lichtman -- The DMCA notice and takedown process is instrumental to creators. At the same time, the safe harbors it provides are critical for fostering a diverse marketplace of online services. … While the DMCA largely results in valid takedowns by creators asserting their legal rights, there are occasionally bad actors that give all creators a bad name by abusing the DMCA for inappropriate purposes.

Weekly Copyright Issues Wrap Up - March 20, 2015
Weekly copyright related summary of issues, congressional developments, judicial updates, administration updates, international updates and industry updates, provided courtesy of American Continental Group (ACG).

FTC-Googlegate Scandal Repercussions in EU & U.S.
By Scott Cleland -- Previously unknown facts about the FTC staff’s 2011 Google search bias investigation have the makings of a potential scandal and cover-up with broad repercussions for Google with the European Commission, other countries, the FTC, State AGs and Congress.  

Don’t Wait ’Til The Day After To Get Music Instrument Insurance
By Disc Makers -- Echoes’ Andre Calilhanna chatted with Sasha Brown, guitarist and general go-to guy for Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds, about a recent experience with a break-in, theft, and almost having music instrument insurance in time. [NOTE: "Instrument insurance is a must have for any music professional. As an ASCAP Board member, I may not be particularly objective, but check out MusicPro, co-owned by ASCAP. Quality coverage, very convenient and affordable." DK]

Beastie Boys' Iconic 'Licensed To Ill' Achieves Diamond Status
By James Grebey -- The Beastie Boys’ 1986 debut album has sold more than ten million copies making it one of a very select group of hip-hop albums to achieve Diamond Status from the RIAA.

The Contract from Hell That You Should Never Sign (And How to Make It Fair)
By Steve Gordon

Do Bands Need PR? An Alternative Strategy For Bands and The Importance Of PR
By David Reeves -- How many times have you read about a cool new band who are about to change the face of music forever

Pretty Yende: An Opera Star Whose Rise Began With A Fall
NPR Staff -- When Pretty Yende took the stage as Adèle in Rossini's Le Comte Ory, her debut at the Metropolitan Opera, her performance didn't go quite as planned. She tripped and fell, to the great astonishment of the audience. Still, it was a night she could never have imagined when she was growing up in rural South Africa.

The Dubious, Brand-Led Surge of Fake National Holidays
By Julia Rubin -- Today is National Biodiesel Day. Yesterday was National Corned Beef and Cabbage Day. Tomorrow is National Poultry Day, Let's Laugh Day, and Certified Nurses Day. Last Saturday, you could have celebrated Pi Day, not to be confused with Pie Day, which occurs on January 23. Next Saturday is National Fragrance Day, as well as National Single Parents Day, National French Bread Day, and National Common Courtesy Day.

A Poem Composed Entirely of SXSW Panel Titles
By Jason O. Gilbert

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