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Wednesday - 01/28/2015
Tech companies and criminals have made billions supporting the illegal exploitation of our cultural past
while ruthlessly pursuing the dismantling of incentives creators need to fashion our cultural future

Norway Has Figured Out How To Solve The Problem Of Music Piracy
By James Cook -- New data from Norway reveals that music piracy has completely collapsed in the country. Music Business Worldwide is reporting that the country has hit upon a way to rely on streaming to encourage residents to enjoy music legally.

Assessing Piracy Harm Is Like Climate Science.
By David Newhoff

Benefits Of Digital Age Come At Expense Of Nostalgia
By John Seven -- in a culture that defines itself by nostalgia that is carried through eras by items purchased and passed on, the idea of an item-less society has an impact on our identity as a group through generations.

Radio Nostalgia
By Brad Hill -- Radio Nostalgia, features way-back oldies converted from 78 RPM records. (It) is a Netherland station seemingly infatuated with super-oldies from America and Europe (1900-1958). You don’t need electronica and its trendy faux-scratchy sounds — these scratches are the real deal.

The Act of Buying Music Isn't Dead
By Glenn Peoples -- Whether or not music purchases are dead depends on your definition of dead. But just know that music purchases aren't dead.

Sam Smith Adds Tom Petty to Songwriting Credits on Hit 'Stay With Me'
By Andrew Flanagan -- Unlike some other recent cases of supposed compositional purloining, this one ended quite... peacefully.

We're Being Stigmatized By 'Big Data' Scores We Don't Even Know About
By Frank Pasquale -- "Big data" creates problems that go well beyond traditional privacy concerns. …it's time for policymakers to aim higher.

Production Platform Splice Moves Towards Leveling the Music Creation Playing Field
By William Gruger

9 Things You Must Know Before Choosing A Music Venue
By Ari Herstand

Exposure Is Mostly BS...Mostly
By Kyle Williams -- From the days of playing guitar for various bands to seeking out more listeners for Seeds of Music, exposure has always been a term on the tip of my frontal cortex. I need more exposure to get X, Y, and Z. (But) Getting exposure and building a fanbase are not the same thing. Exposure is just the potential beginning of the process of creating a fan. And I do mean “potential”. 

Who's to Blame When a Digital Campaign Goes Wrong?
By Ephraim Bander -- At the end of a digital ad campaign, clients and agencies review how it performed, and if it performed worse than expected, that's when the trouble begins. Not always -- but often enough -- disappointing performance becomes a matter of finger-pointing.

How to Remove Harmful YouTube Videos Including Infringing and Defamatory Content
By Whitney C. Gibson and Jordan S. Cohen

Why Apps For Messaging Are Trending
By Mike Isaac And Michael J. De La Merced -- People are spending more time on messaging apps, which many say allow for multimedia exchanges and commerce in a more intimate setting than older social media sites. 

When Pop Broke Up With Jazz
NPR -- Writer Ben Yagoda has set out to explain a shift in American popular culture, one that happened in the early 1950s. Before then, songwriters like Irving Berlin, George and Ira Gershwin and Jerome Kern wrote popular songs that achieved a notable artistry, both in lyrics and music. That body of work, at least the best of it, came to be known as the American Songbook.  By the early 1950s the popular hit song had evolved into a work of less artistic ambition. Novelty and simplicity ruled — and sold. What happened?

[Creators get billions of lines of data but none of these]
Zeroes After Zeroes: The World's Highest Currencies
By Thomas Harper -- Throughout the history of paper money, there have been instances of bills printed that go into the millions, billions, trillions, and even the quintillions. Some are historical relics worth much mainly to collectors, while others are still in use today.

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