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Tuesday 10/06/2015
Tech companies and criminals have made billions supporting the illegal exploitation of our cultural past
while ruthlessly pursuing the dismantling of incentives creators need to fashion our cultural future

Castle Calls Out Congress On Safe Harbor
By David Newhoff -- Attorney and blogger Chris Castle writes in The Huffington Post that it is the government’s responsibility to define the intent of safe harbor provisions in the 1998 Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Arguing common-sensically that these safe harbors could not have been designed to shield massive and repeated infringements, like the volume that exists on YouTube, Castle says that it is time for the government either to close this gaping loophole or to state that, yes, the intent of safe harbors in the DMCA was indeed expected to foster the 350 million notice and takedown requests Google receives in a single year.

Spinrilla, DatPiff, My Mixtapez Apps Offer Illegal Access To Music, And Record Labels Won't Touch Them
By Max Willens -- … mixtape apps … have generated more than $1 million in annual advertising revenue. But they are also an intrinsic part of hip-hop's musical culture dating back decades, and they occupy a complicated place in record labels' worlds. Those labels and publishers -- which have found a way to monetize most of the music we can find online in one way or another -- don’t see a cent.

UK Social Music Start-Up Crowdmix Secures Coup In Hiring Universal Music Veteran Rob Wells
By James Titcomb -- London-founded social network hires UMG's former digital chief ahead of a planned launch in 2016 … Crowdmix, a music-focused social network that is attracting tens of millions in funding despite not having launched

No Joke: Taylor Swift’s Music Could Soon Be Worth Less Than Paris Hilton’s
By Tim Ingham

[New York Times: Special Section: TV Transformed]
Social Media Takes Television Back in Time
By Farhad Manjoo -- Platforms like Twitter and Vine are helping make TV more communal, increasing the likelihood that programs are watched when they are broadcast.

Weekly Copyright Issues Wrap Up - October 2, 2015  
Copyright Alliance -- Weekly copyright related summary of issues, congressional developments, judicial updates, administration updates, international updates and industry updates, provided courtesy of American Continental Group (ACG).

Did the Joker Write the Ninth Circuit’s Batmobile Decision?
By Marc D. Ostrow -- In DC Comics v. Towle, the Ninth Circuit recently upheld the district court’s summary judgment determination that the Batmobile, as it appeared in at least two very different iterations created more than twenty years apart, constitutes a single copyrighted “character.” No joke.

Bitcoin Flounders In Australia As Regulatory Worries Bite
By Byron Kaye and Swati Pandey -- Australian businesses are turning their backs on bitcoin, as signs grow that the cryptocurrency's mainstream appeal is fading.  Concerns about bitcoin's potential crime links mean many businesses have stopped accepting it

How to Free Up Space on Your Phone
By Michael Gowan -- "Storage almost full." Most of us have seen that dreaded message pop up on our phone when we try to install a new app or take a video. Phones have limited built-in storage—whether 16, 32, or 64 GB—and it never seems to be enough to hold all the photos, music, and apps we want at a tap. When space gets tight, here's what to do. 

Have you heard that filthy new catstep track? What are your views on cutting-edge crustpunk? Are you a deep discofox fan, a lowercase aficionado, or a skwee enthusiast? (Music Ally)
50 Genres With The Strangest Names On Spotify
By Eliot Van Buskirk -- When you build a system for classifying music that reacts to cultural and acoustic information, some fairly strange-sounding clusters of music appear. These genres emerge based on how it sounds, how people describe music, and how they listen to it. Let’s explore the most strangely-named music genres on Spotify. These are the secret rain forest dwellers and deep undersea creatures of the genre world.

Now You Know Everything About Licensing Music In Films
Via Digital Music News -- This is the sixth installment of an 11-part series on music industry agreements by attorney and legal author Steve Gordon … In this installment, we will discuss two different forms of agreement: composer deals for the creation of music to be used throughout a movie, and an agreement for the recording and licensing of a previously written but unreleased single song for a film.

As Digital Music Programming Grows, So Does Lack Of Originality
By Jordan Diaz – “There’s no mojo. There’s no testifying.” – Joe Walsh

Technology Updates Pipe Organs, But Not Without Controversy
By Malcolm Gay -- The passionate and proudly obscure world of organ building is torn over a revolutionary digital organ created by a Needham company

5 More Music Documentaries You Should Watch on YouTube This Weekend
By Jhoni Jackson

[And you thought you were breaking new ground,]
Main Street a la Cart
Shorpy Inc. -- April 3, 1929: Farrar Burn – “Sings and Sells His Own Songs”

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