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Friday 09/15/2017

Tech companies and criminals have made billions
supporting the illegal exploitation of our cultural past
while ruthlessly pursuing the dismantling of incentives creators need
to fashion our cultural future

Off to Smashville. Back to continue this harangue 9/25.

Tech Is Public Enemy #1. So Now What?

By John Battelle -- The tech backlash is here, and it’s pissed off, it’s complex, and it’s dug in for a long, ugly fight.

Conservatives, Liberals Unite Against Silicon Valley
By Nancy Scola -- The fading of the tech industry’s bipartisan glow in Washington puts it at risk for tighter regulations.

[Cost of housing in Silicon Valley.]
The Sunnyvale House That Sold For $782K Over Asking? There’s More Where That Came From
By Richard Scheinin

[Heads up, L.A.]
Jonathan Taplin to be Interviewed at the AIMP Luncheon in Los Angeles, Sept 28th.
DK Comment -- Jonathan Taplin is one of the most knowledgeable and outspoken voices with respect to creator's rights - and plights - on the scene today.  If you haven’t read his book:  Move Fast and Break Things: How Facebook, Google, and Amazon Cornered Culture and Undermined Democracy - Whatsamatter  U!  Hope to see you at the luncheon … It’s going to be informative, thought provoking and thoroughly entertaining. [This is not a paid advertisement.]

New Spotify Songwriter Lawsuits, Legal Filings Threaten Streaming Driven Music Industry Recovery
By Bruce Houghton -- The recorded music industry is in the midst of a renaissance thanks to revenue from a single source - streaming. But a growing string of lawsuits filed by songwriters and publishers, and an aggressive new legal tactic by Spotify, threatens the company's pending IPO and could derail the industry's delicate recovery.

Transformative or Derivative? KinderGuides Case Draws a Clear Line
By Terrica Carrington -- Early this year, Penguin Random House filed a lawsuit against the publishers of KinderGuides—a series of children’s books presenting “a condensed, simplified version” of classic American novels including Breakfast at Tiffany’s, The Old Man and the Sea, On the Road, and 2001: A Space Odyssey. The estates of Ernest Hemingway, Jack Kerouac, Truman Capote, and other renowned authors and publishers were also plaintiffs in the suit. … an opinion published last week, …stands to be a significant victory for authors, publishers and the copyright community as a whole …

Kids These Days: It’s Time to Stereotype Generation Z
By Henri Gendreau -- Millennials are, like, so 2000. Marketers now hope to sell stuff to kids born after 1995—so-called Generation Z. … After rigorous review of marketing reports and press coverage, here’s a portrait of your new sales target: the screen-swapping, painstakingly curated, social-good-performing Gen Zer (as imagined by Gen Xers).

How a Hit Happens Now
By Craig Mark -- … users are opening their Spotify or Apple Music apps and streaming hip-hop and R&B tracks at nearly twice the rate as the next most popular genre (rock), according to the research company Nielsen. In fact, Nielsen announced in June that R&B/hip-hop has become the most popular genre in music for the first time since it started compiling such data. … The most influential playlist in music is Spotify’s RapCaviar, which turns mixtape rappers into megastars. And it’s all curated by one man.

How To Find Time For Music When You Have A Day Job
By Bree Noble

How Many Songs Do You Throw Away? (Why Failure Is Necessary In Songwriting)
By Chris Robley -- Take heart, songwriters. Even Josh Ritter writes crappy songs. As he says in this clip from a recent Berklee Online session, “The default setting for writing is failure to get what you want.”

Labor and Creativity
By Adam Leipzig -- We’re in the post-Labor Day sprint to the end of the year, and I have been reflecting on how much labor, and labor unions in particular, are responsible for the creative culture we enjoy. They are essential to the creativity that shapes our lives, that entertains and enlightens us. [Thanks to Terry Hart for the link.]

Streaming Business Is Making Music Companies Rethink Sales Job Titles
By Roy Trakin -- In an entertainment content world rapidly transitioning from physical product and downloading to streaming, it raises the issue of whether “sales” is even an appropriate moniker at music companies anymore.

Never Gonna Give You Up: A Look at Barry White’s Banger in Film
By Cooper Peltz -- Taking a look at every time a director has used Barry White’s ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ in film history.

The Transitions in this New York City Hyperlapse are Mesmerizing

xkcd’s Phone 6 -- … not to be outdone by the new iPhones, xkcd’s Phone 6 “burns clean coal,” “can survive up to 30 minutes out of water,” “never needs sharpening” … and more.

11 Band Names That Don't Mean What You Think They Do
By James Harbeck

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