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Friday 10/21/2016

Tech companies and criminals have made billions
supporting the illegal exploitation of our cultural past
while ruthlessly pursuing the dismantling of incentives creators need
to fashion our cultural futur

Projecting Trends: Accelerating the Future of Music
By Bas Grasmayer -- As young artists are increasingly approaching their craft as entrepreneurs, special programs to help them develop their business are appearing around the world. Let's take a look at the types of programs that exist for startups and artists, the underlying trend, and where it’s all leading.

6 Questions I Wish Music Startup Founders Asked More Often
By Bas Grasmayer -- Keeping a close eye on the music space, I encounter a lot of startups and fledgling products. Unfortunately, a lot of them are misguided, for a variety of reasons, most of which can be prevented. … Here are the questions I wish music startup founders would ask themselves early on.

Are We Ruining Facebook with Politics?
By David Newhoff   the information revolution is generally a flop owing to the multitude of ways in which the electorate can now reinforce ignorance, racism, sexism, or xenophobia by fostering online communities predicated on exactly these sensibilities.  The so-called information age is one reason I believe fringe lunacy has gone mainstream. … is it more accurate to say that politics is ruining Facebook or that Facebook is ruining politics?  

[Get a room.]
Whoever Wins the White House, This Year’s Big Loser Is Email
By Farhad Manjoo -- This column is not about the real or imagined scandals exposed by caches of Mrs. Clinton’s and her campaign staff’s messages, which, thanks to the State Department, Russian hackers, Judicial Watch and WikiLeaks now regularly spill into public view.  Instead, let’s examine a more basic mystery buried in the emails: Why were all these people discussing so much over email in the first place? Haven’t they heard of phone calls? Face-to-face meetings in dimly lit Washington parking garage? Anyplace else where their conversations weren’t constantly being recorded, archived and rendered searchable for decades to come?

Why Doesn’t Anyone Want To Buy Twitter?
By Hayley Tsukayama -- Why doesn’t anyone want to buy Twitter? After all, the social network has over 300 million active users, has been a key platform in the 2016 election and is the go-to online megaphone for essentially anyone who has to say anything online.

The Rise of Magic Realism In TV Reflects Society’s Increased Frustration With Reality
By Tom Hawking – It’s been said that looking at a TV is like looking at a mirror; what we see on TV reflects what is happening outside our living rooms in the world at large. But in 2016, that mirror is now straight out of a funhouse. The underworlds of the 2000s were naturalistic, albeit frightening versions of everyday reality that we wouldn’t want to wind up stuck in, but the places that characters have been ending up in of late are … well, strange.

Audio Formats - What the FLAC?
By Cameron -- When selling your music digitally, you can sell it in a variety of formats. This post will demystify that process and explain the different formats and their uses.

Why Film has not Been Disrupted (Yet), Part 5
Part 1:  Making a movie is still an all-or-nothing proposition.  Part 2:  Film technologists are focusing on all the wrong areas. Part 3:  Filmmaking is (computationally) expensive.  Part 4:  We are a deeply traditional, conservative, and sentimental lot.

11 Artists You Still Can't Find on Any Major Streaming Service
By Andrew Unterberger

10 Things You Can Do To Maximize The Sales and Streams of Your Latest Release
By Randy Chertkow & Jason Feehan -- With all of the methods that music is being discovered, listened to, shared, and bought today, here are 10 techniques you can use to maximize revenue and sales.

4 Signs You're ‘That Musician
By Dan Reifsnyder -- You know the type I'm talking about: beyond negative, beyond jaded, an undiscovered genius who cynically thinks everyone else is terrible. I've heard them referred to as “black holes,” which is an incredibly apt description. They suck the energy out of everything in their orbit, and everyone tries their best to avoid them. Here are some of the hallmarks of "that musician."

[You always hear about Leonard … you rarely hear about Phil.]
Phil Chess, Pioneering Blues and Rock Exec, Dead at 95
By Daniel Kreps -- Prolific record producer and Chess Records co-founder helped introduced Chuck Berry, Muddy Waters, Bo Diddley, Etta James to world.

[Speaking of Chuck Berry … Again…]
On His 90th Birthday, Chuck Berry Announces His Final Album
By Daniel Adrian Sanchez – … his first album in 34 years.

This Famous Pianist Performed While Floating In The Arctic, and It’s Haunting
Ludovico Einaudi performed one of his own compositions on a floating platform in the middle of the Ocean, against the backdrop of the Wahlenbergbreen glacier (in Svalbard, Norway).

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