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Tech companies and criminals have made billions supporting the illegal exploitation of our cultural past
while ruthlessly pursuing the dismantling of incentives creators need to fashion our cultural future

Rosanne Cash on Our Culture’s Big Lie
By Scott Timberg  -- Lately the country-steeped singer-songwriter has become vocal and eloquent on issues of artists’s rights, including an appearance before lawmakers in Washington, DC; she’s also on the executive board of the Content Creators Coalition. The freshest thing about the arguments made by this daughter of St. Johnny is that she looks not only at technological and economic but the cultural causes of our current culture crash. In other words, what is it about our thinking, and our assumptions about the arts that have kept us from fixing this mess?

Creation Is Not Its Own Reward
“I am not owed a living by the world—I may screw up, I may get unlucky, I may simply fail—and no human institution is perfect, but the copyright regime gives me hope of building my career and accumulating income streams that make this kind of work viable.” - Pulitzer Prize winner T.J. Stiles. [Thanks to the Copyright Alliance for the link.]

Stop Working For Free
By Scott Timberg -- By now, the movement urging artists, writers, musicians and other creatives to stop donating their labor has made some noise in the culture: It’s one of the key issue for today’s exploited creative class. But I’ve not seen the subject framed as well as this new Daily Beast story, with its subhead: “Remember when people volunteered to help the poor? Nowadays the poor volunteer to help the wealthy.”

The Sky is Rising: Data Shows Wealth of Opportunities for Digital Content
By Ali Sternburg -- Perennial concerns about piracy might suggest that ‘the sky is falling,’ but the latest economic data from the “Sky is Rising” series reaffirms that an unprecedented amount of creative content is reaching consumers, through a growing number of authorized means. [Now, if we can just figure out how to get royalties to reach creators.] 

You’ll Never Guess How Much This Producer Thinks He Should Be Paid
By Ari Herstand -- The thing you start to learn the longer you’re in this business is no one really knows anything. They think they do. They pretend they have all the answers. But no one really knows …. There have been standards and ‘ways of doing business’ proclaimed as fact by those who came before. But nothing is set in stone. Donald Passman states …

California Law Protects Public Performance Rights of Pre-1972 Sound Recordings
By Terry Hart – [While we’ve offered stories on the Flo & Eddie decision in previous editions of The Dean’s List … this analysis by Terry Hart is, as with all Terry writes, worth the read. DK]

Microsoft Killing off Free Xbox Music Streaming In December
By Mark Langshaw -- Microsoft has announced that it is scrapping the free version of Xbox Music. The ad-supported version of the Spotify rival, which was only available on Windows 8 and 8.1 devices, will no longer be available from December 1.

Digital Technology and Music Education - What Makes a Successful Project?
By Sarah Derbyshire -- Nowadays, technology offers so many different options - apps, websites, iPlayer - but it doesn't always seem to be straightforward. We're dependent on broadband speed, technological confidence, the right platform or hardware. Arts organizations are falling over themselves to create the most imaginative software or app which will reach out to many, fulfilling their education brief at the same time as providing a successful marketing tool. Making the right choice for your group of children is far from easy.

One-Third of Top Websites Restrict Customers’ Right to Sue
By Jeremy B. Merrill

How To Get $542m From Google: Dress As A SPACEMAN With Dayglo Dancers
By Iain Thomson -- Virtual insanity reality

iTunes 12 Design, New Features & Update Rumors
By Ashleigh Allsopp -- Apple has released iTunes 12, but it's not the overhaul we were expecting. Here's everything you need to know…

Get to Know 10 ASCAP Members Who Broke Through in 2014
By Etan Rosenbloom, Alison Toczylowski and Jesse Fried -- As an ASCAP Board member you might think I’m offering this story to hype ASCAP … Not true.  I’m offering this to highlight 10 creators who busted their asses to make it happen for themselves.  Everyone’s path to success may be different but hard work and dedication are always among the most important stepping stones along the way …

Grumpy People Get the Details Right
By Todd Kashdan and Robert Biswas-Diener -- You may think that aggressive, hostile, or downright mean people are generally jerks and you don't want to run with that crowd. The good news is that a whole range of negativity — beneficial negativity, mind you — has nothing to do with being a jerk. 

The Paradox Of Music-Evoked Sadness
By Taruffi L, Koelsch S.--This study explores listeners' experience of music-evoked sadness. Sadness is typically assumed to be undesirable and is therefore usually avoided in everyday life. Yet the question remains: Why do people seek and appreciate sadness in music?

Your Playlist Of Creepy Music For Halloween
By Jerry Wofford -- It's amazing what a minor chord can do to turn up the creep factor.

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