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From a Creator's Perspective
Friday 10/20/2017

Tech companies and criminals have made billions
supporting the illegal exploitation of our cultural past
while ruthlessly pursuing the dismantling of incentives creators need
to fashion our cultural future

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How To Find Your Talent In Life
Tom Bilyeu, Co-Founder of Quest Nutrition and Co-Founder & CEO of Impact Theory, reveals how this shift in mindset helped him find his passion.

Recording Academy's District Advocate Day Rallies Over 1,000 Creators in All 50 States
By Cherie Hu -- On Wednesday (Oct 18) music performers, songwriters, producers and engineers in nearly 300 districts across all 50 U.S. states (met) with their congressional offices to discuss legislative issues affecting the music industry, as part of the Recording Academy's fourth annual District Advocate Day. Key issues will include fixing outdated laws around performance royalties, modernizing copyright law to account for music producers and advocating for future generations.

Google Has Removed 3,004,747,844 Piracy Links from Search Results
By Daniel Sanchez -- So who sends in the most requests? …  And, how effective is any of this?

The Flaw Behind Zuckerberg’s Universal Basic Income Scam
By Chris Castle -- I’m from Facebook and I’m here to help…. Mark Zuckerberg supports universal basic income.  Royalty deadbeat Mark Zuckerberg has a new scam that goes way, way beyond “Russian” propaganda.  As he told the assembled elites at…where, else…Harvard:

LeBron James is a Bad Music Consumer. Don’t Be Like LeBron James
By Kyle Coroneos -- Pony up you cheapskate.

How to Download Free Music: A Totally Legal & Comprehensive Guide
By Kat Bein -- Whether you're looking for a cleared catalog of music for commercial purposes free of charge or just want some hits to jam to while you're out and about, these are the best sites we've found for free, legal music downloads.                                                                                                                                                    

When the Cost of Free is Too High
By Jonathan Bailey -- Sometimes you can't even sell something for free...

How Post Malone Stuck It to YouTube, Got a #1 Hit, and Cashed a Big Fat Check
By Paul Resnikoff -- Everyone’s complaining about how little YouTube pays artists.  Post Malone, 21 Savage, and Republic Records did something about it.

Celebrating Henry VIII’s Love Affair With the Humble Recorder
By Eric Grundhauser -- When people think of King Henry VIII, they (quite rightfully) tend to focus on his long and violent series of marriages. But he was also a musician and composer, and one of his favorite instruments was the recorder. [Thanks to Ger Hatton for the link.]

When Feminism Meets Music: Great Songs That Sample Radical Speech
By Pitchfork

Top 10 Home Studio Mistakes and How To Fix Them
By Emma Becker Includes Infographic. 

Big Muff
By Paula Mejia -- Red Bull Music Academy’s series on important music-making devices continues with the effect pedal that changed rock & roll forever. The Big Muff.

Mick Jagger on The Rolling Stones’ Infamous Nellcôte Sessions
By Bill Prince -- Outcasts, addicts and in the red; in 1971 The Rolling Stones hit personal lows but creative highs recording the now-classic double album “Exile On Main St.” GQ looks back at the album that didn’t just mark the return of their greatest album, but also the moment its iconic front man, Mick Jagger, came of age.

Where To Find The Good Life
How happy, healthy, and secure are Americans? Gallup asked half a million adults across the United States to rate their well-being from one to 100 across five factors: daily life, physical health, location, finances, and companionship. Combined, these measurements determined the states and cities with the highest and lowest well-being.

Dancing Granny Is The Best Thing On The Net Right Now
By Karen Van Rooyen

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