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 Music, Copyright and New Technology in the News
From a Creator's Perspective
Tech companies and criminals have made billions supporting the illegal exploitation of our cultural past
while ruthlessly pursuing the dismantling of incentives creators need to fashion our cultural future

The Significance of Copyright Registration
By Nutter's Intellectual Property practice

CANADA: YouTube, Facebook, Netflix Liable To Pay For Music In Canada Rules Copyright Board
By Barry Sookman -- On Friday, the Copyright Board released a decision and certified two SOCAN tariffs, Tariffs 22.D.1 (Internet – Online Audiovisual Services) and 22.D.2 (Internet – User-Generated Content). … The decision of the Board is important. Its significance extends to both the issues its reasons expressly addressed as well as to those issues which its reasons are implicitly based on. Some of the important findings are summarized (in this article.)

Pandora’s Chris Harrison Songwriter Enemy Number #1?
Informal Trichordist poll calls Chris Harrison Songwriter Enemy #1.  Here are some reasons songwriters feel this way about Pandora’s litigator in chief.

iTunes Is Irrelevant. Now What?
By John Brownlee -- The beta release of iTunes 12 is as much of a mess as ever, but Apple doesn't think it's worth rebuilding.

Did Google Try To Buy Spotify? Does It Matter?
By Anna Washenko

SHOUTcast Re-Launches With Radionomy Integration And Improvements For Station Owners
By Brad Hill -- SHOUTcast

Honda's Peyton: TV Won't 'Get The Job Done,' Turns To Music
While TV is “still relevant” and continues to represent an important reach medium for national marketers, it is no longer sufficient for influencing consumers, especially the kind o 20- and 30-somethings American Honda Motor Co. is looking to reach … In its place Honda is turning to music -- both live events and a multitude of digital distribution channels (even its own cars) -- to pick up the slack.

Vulfpeck's 'Silent Album' Half-Joke Made Some Substantial Cash
By Paul Bonanos -- the inaudible ten-track recording has delivered the band a very real payout from Spotify of nearly $20,000, and the band is proceeding with plans to book a U.S. tour.

Megaupload Wants to Freeze MPAA and RIAA Lawsuits Until 2015
By Ernesto -- Well over two years have passed since Megaupload was shutdown, but there is still little progress in the criminal proceedings against its founders.  Megaupload's legal team has asked the federal court of Virginia to place the cases filed by the music and movie companies on hold till April next year. The request comes after the extradition hearings of Kim Dotcom and his colleagues were postponed in New Zealand.

The Quest to Make a Studio-Quality Star Trek Movie on a Kickstarter Budget
By Alan Devenish -- Paramount, which owns the Star Trek franchise, has traditionally allowed fan-made projects to move forward, as long as they agree not to sell anything—including tickets, merchandise, or copies of the finished film or series.

The One Device You Need for High-Resolution Audio
By Michael Gowan

The Joys of Record Collecting
By Scott Timberg

[As everyone knows HGTV is the only network worth watching … but, it’s not worth this.]
Samsung Is Now Selling A $120,000 Television
By Hayley Tsukayama -- Samsung just announced the list price for its new 105-inch UHD television: $120,000.  Well, technically, $119,999.99. 

Hacker Musician Turns E-Waste Into an Awesome Instrument
By Margaret Rhodes 

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