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Friday, February 23, 2018

Goodlatte To Unveil Sweeping Music Copyright Reform Package Next Month
By Nate Rau --  U.S. Rep. Bob Goodlatte, chairman of the powerful House Judiciary Committee, plans to introduce an umbrella music licensing bill in March, a clear indication that long-sought federal copyright reform could be enacted in 2018. Goodlatte's staff briefed other Congressional staffers and key music industry stakeholders last week, multiple sources told The Tennessean.

The Great Big Spotify Scam: Did A Bulgarian Playlister Swindle Their Way To A Fortune On Streaming Service?
By Tim Ingham -- A Bulgarian playlist-maker scammed the Spotify payout system for months last year – and could well have made themselves a millionaire off Daniel Ek’s platform. … Music Business Worldwide can today reveal details of the alleged shakedown, which reached its height at the end of last summer.

Lyor Cohen: ‘The Music Industry Will Recognise Us As a Huge Value Contributor’
MusicAlly -- [DK Comment: Come on Lyor … What value does YouTube add when it makes billions and songwriters starve? I’ve just finished paying royalties to the songwriters I represent and hundreds of thousands of YouTube uses adds less than chump change to their bottom lines!]

[Don’t know how you can be in the music business without subscribing to at least one of these services. Now if they would just pay creators fairly for the music they deliver that would be nice.]
The Best Music Streaming Services: Apple Music, Spotify And Amazon Music Compared
By Matthew Field -- We have all become familiar with music streaming apps, creating playlists, sharing music, listening to radio and enjoying tens of millions of songs across Spotify, Apple Music and more. But which music streaming service is best for you?

28 Years After His Death, a Composer Gets a Publishing Deal
By Michael Cooper

Google’s Chrome Ad Blocker Shows Why the Ungoverned Shouldn’t Govern Others
By Scott Cleland

In Record-Tying Week, Soundtracks Are Three of Top Five on Billboard 200 Albums Chart
By Keith Caulfield -- For only the 10th time since 1963, and just the second time in the last 10 years, a record-tying three soundtracks rank among the top five on the Billboard 200 albums chart.

Is The Greatest Hits Album Dying?
The greatest hits album seems to be heading towards the dustbin of music history as Getintothis’ Rick Leach discovers.

Live’s Not Dead: 21 Great Live Albums From The 21st Century
By Sean O'Neal, Matt Gerardi, Kyle Ryan, Kelsey J. Waite, Alex McLevy, Josh Modell, Clayton Purdom, and Gwen Ihnat -- While there haven’t been as many universally regarded live albums in the 2000s—in an age that has also largely devalued the “album” itself—it’s still given us plenty of worthwhile examples. Here are some of them….

11 Things You Should Know About Olympic Figure-Skating Music
By Rozanne Els -- Because we know you still have questions about who gets to play what when and for how long, we’ve broken down everything you need to know about figure-skating music.

Gibson Creditors Want New CEO Before Rescue Deal
By Emma Orr -- Gibson Brands Inc.’s Chief Executive Officer Henry Juszkiewicz and his creditors both see value in the iconic guitar brand -- but that might be the only thing they see eye-to-eye on. A group of bondholders advised by PJT Partners Inc. is pushing for a restructuring that would hand them ownership of the guitar maker and let them install new leadership, according to people with knowledge of the plans.

[Sat with Brenda on the CMA Board.  Love her. The little dynamo that cares.]
Inside the Life of Brenda Lee, the Pop Heroine Next Door
By Jonathan Bernstein -- She awed a young Elton John, influenced Taylor Swift and had the Beatles open for her. So why doesn't Brenda Lee get more respect?

The Numbers Do Lie: How Thieves Can Steal Your Cell Phone Number and Wreak Havoc On Your Life
By Justin L. Root, Sara H. Jodka, Wendy G. Hulton

The 25 Best Movie Supervillains, Ranked
By Abraham Riesman

How Creedence Clearwater Revival Became the Soundtrack to Every Vietnam Movie
By Zach Schonfeld

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