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Tech companies and criminals have made billions supporting the illegal exploitation of our cultural past
while ruthlessly pursuing the dismantling of incentives creators need to fashion our cultural future

What is Parody?
By David Newhoff -- … the word parody itself is frequently used as a catch-all description for a variety of works that are not, in fact, parody.

The “Antifree” Movement Takes on “Free”
By Scott Timberg -- By now, we’re all pretty familiar with the information-wants-to-be-free argument, and if you write for a living, or have had to endure numerous unpaid internships to break into a creative field, you know it all too well.  A wide-ranging, perceptive, and slightly arch essay in the hip Brooklyn journal n+1 sketches out the development not only of the Free Culture crowd — a mix of hackers, utopians, academics, and hypocrites, it argues — as well as, more recently, its opposition.

5 Musings From A Digital Music Exec Who's Been Doing This A Long Time And Isn’t Even That Old
By Robb McDaniels,.-- I have been at the helm of INgrooves Music Group for nearly twelve years now, and have largely chosen to keep my head down and mouth. But once in a while, it is necessary to speak up and make sure you all know what I know.  Here are five things on the top of my mind these days …

Google and Right-to-Be-Forgotten Critics Distort Ruling, EU Says
By Aoife White -- "Search engines such as Google “complain loudly” about the ruling and such critics are using “distorted notions of the right to be forgotten to discredit” a planned reform of EU data-protection rules that includes the right, Martine Reicherts, the EU’s justice commissioner, said today in a speech in Lyon, France. “A sober analysis of the ruling shows that it does in fact not elevate the right to be forgotten to a ‘super right’ trumping other fundamental rights, such as the freedom of expression.” [Thanks to Neil Turkewitz for the link.]

Juniper: Spotify And Pandora Under Threat From Apple And Google In Slow Digital Music Sector
By Jamie Hinks

YouTube Music Key Subscription Service Revealed In Leaked Screenshots
By Jamie Harris

Russian Streaming Music Service Zvooq Closes $20 Million Series A
By Jonathan Shieber -- Russia’s online music businesses march to the beat of their own drum. But they’re about to get one well-financed leader to call the tune as music streaming service Zvooq closes on $20 million in new funding.

Intel Announces Product Deal With Rapper 50 Cent
By Steve Johnson -- Eager to get its chips into a broader array of gadgets – while also generating a bit of nice publicity – Santa Clara chipmaker Intel on Friday announced a fitness-audio product collaboration with rapper Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, pictured here.

Why Digital Music Looks Set to Replace Live Performances
By David Pogue -- A scuffle at a Connecticut opera reveals the bleak future of the orchestra pit

Shark Counterattack: Google Wraps Underwater Cables With Armor
By Salvador Rodriguez -- Just in time for Shark Week comes news that Google has had to protect its underwater cables from biting sharks.

Get Ready For Employers To Know Your Personal Life, Study Says
By Steve Johnson -- Nosy bosses snooping around your social media posts and other personal data? No problem for a growing number of workers, especially younger ones, a new study has found.

[Boy, this is really risky … Interested to see if it works.]
Taylor Swift 'Shake It Off' Music Video Branded "Inherently Offensive"
By Lewis Corner -- [Video included.]

[In another career flip (though not a total surprise) … this should be good for both M’Lady and Mr. Bennett.]
See Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett's Cheek To Cheek Album Artwork
By Amy Davidson -- [Video included.]

How Long Do CDs Last? It Depends, But Definitely Not Forever
By Laura Sydell -- Back in the 1990s, historical societies, museums and symphonies across the country began transferring all kinds of information onto what was thought to be a very durable medium: the compact disc.  Now, preservationists are worried that a lot of key information stored on CDs — from sound recordings to public records — is going to disappear. [Some time ago, in hopes of preserving a music publishing catalog for future generations, I committed 25,000 songs to DAT.  What’s DAT you ask? That’s the problem. In today’s world, all I can say is: chose your cloud services wisely … and try not to forget where the original is today. DK]

The Weird, Totally Charming Hobbies That Unite People
By Doug Bierend

Tom Hanks’ Free iPad Typewriter App Climbs to No. 1 on Apple’s App Store
By Todd Spangler

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