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Tech companies and criminals have made billions supporting the illegal exploitation of our cultural past
while ruthlessly pursuing the dismantling of incentives creators need to fashion our cultural future

Global Management Group Joins Call For More Transparency In Digital Dealing
By Chris Cooke -- Following the indie label community’s recent Fair Digital Deals Declaration, which saw hundreds of independent record companies commit to be fair and transparent with their artists when it comes to the often complex and secretive world of digital music deals, the International Music Managers Forum – which brings together artist manager trade groups around the world – has issued its own call for more clarity in the digital domain.

Sirius XM Posts Solid Earnings And Subscriber Numbers, Talks Long Game For Car Connectivity
By Anna Washenko

Are Investors Losing Patience With Pandora?
By Glenn Peoples

Investors Go Crazy Over Twitter, But Do They Really Understand It? Probably Not
By Robert Hof

Is Napster Making a Comeback?
By Alison Owens -- Best known as the worlds’ first illegal digital music brand, Napster is rising from its grave as one of the top three streaming sites. Napster and its parent company, Rhapsody (both legal), now count more than 2 million paid subscribers.

Twitter Reveals Its Master Plan For Growing As Big As Facebook
By Jeff Bercovici

The Year in Music Stocks: The Good, The Bad, The Overall Decline
By Glenn Peoples

Spotify's Most Streamed & Viral Tracks US, UK & Global
By Bruce Houghton

“Six Strikes” Anti-Piracy Scheme Costs 3 Million Per Year
By Ernesto

Privacy Advocates Want Regulators to Go After Facebook
By Robert Faturechi -- Privacy advocates Tuesday called for government regulators to investigate Facebook’s tracking of users even when they’re on third-party sites, saying the change might violate a previous privacy agreement Facebook made with the government.

Bitcoin Trading Website Accused Of Defrauding Thousands Of Customers
By Riley Snyder

The Fasinatng … Frustrating … Fascinating History of Autocorrect
By Gideon Lewis-Kraus

When Robots Come for Our Jobs, Will We Be Ready to Outsmart Them?
By Edward D. Hess -- How to find work when the robots arrive

Dead Simple Drum Trick That Every House DJ Should Know
By Ean Golden -- For DJs, short loops can be expressive building blocks that, when used properly, can be a fun way to layer additional sounds into the mix. In today’s tutorial, Ean shows off how to take loops with high and low frequency elements and make them into playable kick/ride hits with just a simple filter.

Forget Glass. Here Are Wearables That Protect Your Privacy
Kashmir Hill -- Clothing has historically played an important role in protecting our privacy, namely by covering up our “private parts.” But it can do even more to protect us. … this modern armor promises to thwart surveillance cameras, TSA agents, drone strikes, subway crowding, and cellular connectivity. For the most part, the wearables are more fashionable than wearing a tin foil hat.

The Great War At 100: Music Of Conflict And Remembrance
By Tom Huizenga -- One hundred years ago today, the Austro-Hungarian Empire declared war on Serbia. The conflict drew in country after country and grew to an unprecedented scale. An estimated 9 million combatants lost their lives and more than 21 million were wounded in what came to be known as The Great War and, eventually, World War I.  Among the dead and the survivors were musicians. We've been listening to some of their creations …

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