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Friday, 05/29/2015
Tech companies and criminals have made billions supporting the illegal exploitation of our cultural past
while ruthlessly pursuing the dismantling of incentives creators need to fashion our cultural future

The Turtles Win Class Action Certification In SiriusXM Copyright Lawsuit, Opening Door For Others
By Nomi Prins -- The 1960s band, the Turtles, won another victory in their battle to retrieve royalties for songs they recorded prior to February, 1972. This one could have broad financial implications for other artists, as well as digital and streaming firms.

Digital Media Association (DiMA) Always Against Musicians
The Trichordist -- Who is DiMA? Glad you asked, the Digital Media Association. Why do we care? Well, because they are actively working against artists rights. How do we know? Three words… “Defending Against Songwriters”. Yes, DiMA is dedicated to “Defending Against Songwriters” because, you know songwriters are a force that businesses need to defend themselves against. Wow, really? Seriously? Ok, check the examples in this article.

In  5 Years, 80 Percent Of The Whole Internet Will Be Online Video
By Brian Fung -- That's according to the latest projections from Cisco, which publishes an annual study peering into the near future of the Web.  … When you see the Internet as a huge distribution channel for video, it puts virtually everything that tech and communications companies are doing into perspective.

Netflix Now Accounts For Almost 37 Percent of Our Internet Traffic
By Brian Fung -- Netflix's share of Internet traffic is exploding. The streaming service now accounts for 36.5 percent of all bandwidth consumed by North American Web users during primetime.

5 Great Ways Musicians Can Use Facebook Video
By Jeremy Rosen -- 2015 is the year Facebook video will reach parity with YouTube’s feature set and audience. The introduction of auto-playing video, changes to the platform’s algorithm to favor video, and Facebook’s strong investments in their mobile offerings are all coming together to create a powerful marketing platform.

VIDEO: Why Spotify Is Preparing To Compete Beyond Music: CEO
By Tom DiChristopher -- Spotify founder and CEO Daniel Ek said Wednesday his company is not just competing against music streaming sites such as Pandora and Apple's Beats Music. He also has to take on Instagram.

Shazam Adds Visual Recognition - QR Codes Just Got Cool Again
Audio recognition app Shazam has found a place on every music lover's smartphone. Increasingly labels and publishers are using data from the app to spot trends, find new artists and measure fan engagement.  Today, Shazam added visual recognition to its bag of tricks. [What are QR Codes?]

Gee, I Wonder Why People Aren’t Paying for Streaming Music Services…
By Paul Resnikoff -- Why doesn’t Spotify have more paying subscribers?  The reasons are simple: (1) people are already subscribing to way too many other things, and (2) those other ‘things’ make free music way too easy to access.

What the Heck Happened to Google?
By Steve Tobak -- It was nearly four and half years ago that Google CEO Eric Schmidt announced he would be stepping down and passing the keys to the search kingdom to co-founder Larry Page. I still remember Schmidt’s jubilant proclamation “Day-to-day adult supervision no longer needed!” echoing across the Twitterverse. That assessment may have been a bit premature.

Apple’s ‘Proactive’ to Take on Google Now
By Mark Gurman -- After several years of quiet development, Apple is readying a major new iOS initiative codenamed “Proactive,” which will leverage Siri, Contacts, Calendar, Passbook, and third-party apps to create a viable competitor to Google Now for Android devices. 

Rockers Say Digital Streaming Takes The Money Out Of Music
By Alex Rawls -- Pass the hat

That’s Business, Man: Why Jay Z’s Tidal Is a Complete Disaster Devin Leonard -- So what is Jay Z thinking? He turned 45 in December. The onetime street hustler is now a husband and a father and hobnobs with world leaders such as President Obama and Nicolas Sarkozy, the former president of France. Some say he has grander ambitions in middle age. ,,, He wants to save the music industry from the brutal economics of streaming—and make himself a fortune in the process. So far he’s doing neither.

The DJs of Silicon Valley Who Are Changing Music
By Roberto Baldwin -- Meet Richard Quitevis and Ritche Desuasido - QBert and Yogafrog respectively - Thud Rumble, collectively.

Hi-Res Audio Files Not Worth The Money For Casual Music Fans
"Given the relatively small difference in quality and higher cost, hi-res audio probably isn't for the casual listener who is going to be using average headphones or speakers," Wilcox said.

Old-Time Music at a  Ranch? It's An American Idyll
By Carolina A. Miranda -- At a time when music is available everywhere — in cars, on computers, cellphones and MP3 players, as well as in countless bars, clubs and concert venues across Los Angeles — the idea of driving more than an hour and a half to a house concert in the middle of the Santa Clara River Valley might seem like the sort of thing only the most die-hard devotee would do. But there are other reasons to make the pilgrimage to Bunn's farm. [Thanks to Michelle Kay for the link.]


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