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Friday 02/11/2016

Tech companies and criminals have made billions
supporting the illegal exploitation of our cultural past
while ruthlessly pursuing the dismantling of incentives creators need
to fashion our cultural future

[This is fascinating.]
New Ways Into the Brain’s ‘Music Room’
By Natalie Angier -- Whether to enliven a commute, relax in the evening or drown out the buzz of a neighbor’s recreational drone, Americans listen to music nearly four hours a day. In international surveys, people consistently rank music as one of life’s supreme sources of pleasure and emotional power. We marry to music, graduate to music, mourn to music. Every culture ever studied has been found to make music, and among the oldest artistic objects known are slender flutes carved from mammoth bone some 43,000 years ago — 24,000 years before the cave paintings of Lascaux. [Thanks to Laura and Jimmy Webb for the link.]

What’s Going On With Free Streaming?
By Mark Mulligan -- Earlier this week Soundcloud’s financials revealed that the company was haemorrhaging cash (even before it had to start worrying about content license fees). Now news comes that Pandora is working with Morgan Stanley to meet with potential buyers. Back in Q4 2014 free streaming got a stay of execution when the majors decided to put their weight behind freemium after a period of many executives seriously considering canning the model. In 2015 free streaming was the growth story, with YouTube out performing everyone. Now though free streaming looks to be in seriously troubled waters. So what gives?

Who Would Want to Buy Pandora?
By Mathew Ingram -- The money-losing music service has put itself on the block. Would you like to buy a streaming music service? It has annual revenues of about $1 billion or so, and about 250 million registered users. Unfortunately, this company also happens to be losing about $10 million monthly, and there’s no sign of when the red ink is likely to stop

The Internet Ad Industry Thinks The Term 'Second-Screening' Should Be Replaced With 'Switch-Screening' Because TV Is No Longer Dominant
By Will Heilpern

HBO NOW, The Network’s Streaming Service For Cord Cutters, Has Just 800,000 Subscribers
By Sarah Perez

Questioning Google’s Extraordinary Influence over U.S. Government Decisions
By Scott Cleland

AdBlock Plus, Websites Draft Peace Deal So Ads Can Bypass Blockade
By Shaun Nichols

High Notes: What You Can Do To Reduce Drug Use At Concerts
By Emma Sturgis

This Is How Twitter’s New Timeline Works
By Hayley Tsukayama -- Well, Twitter fans. The apocalypse has come. Twitter's reordered timeline is here. And it's, um, not so bad, actually.

[The 58th Grammys: 8 ET, 7 CT, 5 PT]
58 Artists That Never Won a Grammy…
By Paul Resnikoff - [58th Annual GRAMMY Awards Nominees]

The Tiny Colorado Town That Makes The Grammys
Unlike most awards, the Grammys are still made by hand—in a Colorado town with a single stoplight.

If You Think Record Stores Are Dead, You Haven’t Visited Malibu…
By Paul Resnikoff

Album Art’s Subtle Sidestep
By Michael L. McGlathery -- The album cover has carried cultural weight for a long time. Some of recorded music’s highest triumphs have been largely defined and identified in pop culture by the visuals that accompanied them: … Digital music’s rise to ubiquity at the beginning of the 21st century forced the meaning surrounding an album cover to evolve in subtle ways

Music or Lyrics
By Dennis Myers -- Songs that make us cry

Long Before Peyton Manning Met Budweiser, the Pope Shilled For Cocaine Wine
By Jaya Saxena -- Before we had celebrities in the modern sense, we had royalty, and they are where the earliest versions of celebrity endorsements came from.

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