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Friday 01/20/2017

Tech companies and criminals have made billions
supporting the illegal exploitation of our cultural past
while ruthlessly pursuing the dismantling of incentives creators need
to fashion our cultural future

BMG v. Cox: A Lesson on Accountability
By Terrica Carrington -- We tend to associate technology with freedom, and perhaps for good reason. … thanks to the internet, we can do almost anything from the comfort of our own homes. Put simply, technology gives us the freedom to do more, with a fraction of the effort. But what we sometimes forget is that, like the age-old saying goes, with freedom comes great responsibility—for those empowered with freedom, and more importantly, for those doing the empowering.

An Interview with the Canada’s Head Lobbyist for the Recording Industry
By Alan Cross -- Graham Henderson is the head of Music Canada, the organization that speaks for much of the record industry in this country. He recently gave this interview to Canadian Musician magazine about how the middle class of musicians has disappeared thanks to the tech revolution.

39% of Americans Don’t Care That Piracy Hurts Content Creators…
By Daniel Adrian Sanchez -- Piracy costs artists and content creators millions of dollars in revenue. Yet, a new study shows that although most consumers know content piracy is illegal, some just don’t really care.

[A few moments with a moron.]
Copyright Vultures Are At It Again!
By Mike Konrad -- [I include this outrageous article because it sets out every boneheaded position taken over the years by those hell bent on depriving creators of their right to earn a living. - DK]

Women in Sync Series: The Manners McDade Team
By synchblog -- For the first instalment of our 'Women in Sync' series, in association with global Women in Music network, we chat to the all-female Manners McDade sync team.

Why Netflix Can Turn A Profit But Spotify Cannot (Yet)
By Mark Mulligan – Netflix is able to achieve operational profitability even with a similar content cost burden as music services.

[Managers can charge whatever fee an artist will accept.  Col. Parker got 50% from Elvis … but this fellow seems to have stepped a touch out of bounds.]
Former Alanis Morissette Manager Admits To Stealing Over $6.5 Million
By Daniel Adrian Sanchez

Good News: Big Machine TV
By Chris Castle -- MTP readers know I take a dim view of the music business (and the larger entertainment industry) falling over themselves to drive traffic to YouTube.  Big Machine is taking a major step in the right direction to protect their artists’ brands from being used to hand Google negotiation leverage on a silver platter.  This trend won’t reverse itself overnight, but Big Machine is to be applauded for having the foresight (per usual, frankly) to set the right strategy for the industry. [BigMachineTV]

The 5 Steps to Recover From the Worst Gig of Your Life
By Casey van Wensem

11 Killer Content Ideas for Musicians to Get More Fans on Social Media
By Lisa Occhino

It's a Social Media World, Music Journalists and Publicists Just Live In It
By Phyllis Stark -- While that may take some getting used to for the White House Correspondents Association, the entertainment media has long since come to a truce with chasing social-media-generated stories. In fact, the job of entertainment journalist has changed significantly in recent times.

How to be a Gigging Vocalist: A Practical Guide to Looking After Your Voice
How do you make sure you hit the right note time after time? How do you give yourself the best chance at nailing your set? How do vocalists deal with changes in music style, venue, event type, sound system, gig location and – most importantly – the volume of the band?  Seasoned singer Stephen Steinhaus shares his top tips to help you punch above your weight.

If You’re Going To Talk, Talk Like You Mean It
By Danny Maland -- For some artists, stage banter is just a box they check. “Oh, I’m between songs. I need to say something…” And so they proceed to yak about whatever. Maybe it’s about what the next song means to them, or something. Who knows. You only get about 10% of it, because they do at least one of the following things:

AT&T Officially Disconnects the Original iPhone
By Paul Resnikoff -- AT&T has officially disconnected the original iPhone, released by Apple in 2007.  Those still using the devices, wherever they are, will be forced to upgrade.  And, try out some newer apps (like those released after 2009).

[Technology can never emulate the human spirit.  If you believe it can. Get over it.]
The Improbable Encore
By Elly Fishman -- Fifteen years ago, the CSO’s Alex Klein was one of the world’s best oboists. Now he may be classical music’s greatest comeback story.

Slide Show: The Magnificent Refuges that Store Humanity’ Information

The Inexplicably Fascinating Secret World of Thomasson
By MessyNessy -- Thomasson: noun \ to-ma-son \ a preserved architectural relic which serves no purpose”. We’ve all come across an example at one time or another– probably didn’t give it too much thought and surely had no idea these random urban oddities actually had a name, let alone an entire movement dedicated to observing them as conceptual art.

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