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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Dissonant Intervals & Bittersweet Symphonies: Music’s Past, Present & Future
By Neil Turkewitz (Medium) -- Artists don’t want to return to the past. They are not ruing the intersection of commerce and culture — they are railing against a framework that denies them the right to determine the contours of their careers.

“How Did Google Get So Big?” Lax Bush & Obama FTC Antitrust Enforcement
By Scott Cleland  (Precursor Blog) -- A recently aired CBS 60 minutes segment asked: “How Did Google Get So Big?”  The shortest answer is illegal acquisition of market power.

Best Music Streaming Apps For iPhone in 2018
By Lory Gil (iMore) -- With so many choices, which music streaming service is right for you? … We've got a list of the best music streaming services for the iPhone and why each one matters.

Now There’s Another Free Competitor to CD Baby, Tunecore, and Distrokid
By Paul Resnikoff (Digital Music News) -- Amuse is a reimagined record label that just raised $15.5 million in Series A financing.  And they’re offering every single artist free distribution — plus analytics.

Index: Finland Third-Most Advanced Digital Economy In Europe
Uutiset -- Results from the European Commission's Digital Economy and Society Index (Desi), which summarizes bloc countries' digital performance and competitiveness, were released on Wednesday. At the top of the index were Denmark and Sweden, with Finland coming in third place.   [I’m sorry, I just couldn’t resist posting this: Monty Python – “Finland” – Not that there is anything wrong with Finland.]

How To Diversify Your Music Promotion Efforts
By Patrick McGuire (HypeBot) -- With music consumption habits changing so much in recent years and showing no signs of stopping, the techniques for promoting must also adapt. Here we look at the importance of diversifying how to promote your music

8 Music Crowdfunding Campaigns We’ve Got Our Eyes on and Why
By Jeremy Young (Flypaper)

10,200 People Gave This Kickstarter Start-Up For 3-D Headphones Nearly $3 Million. They Have Nothing To Show For It.
By Rachel Siegel (Washington Post)

Guitars Are Getting More Popular. So Why Do We Think They're Dying?
By Amy X. Wang (Rolling Stone)

Jamstik 12 Is An Exciting New MIDI Instrument For Guitar Heroes
By Mark Myerson (G Blog) -- On most days, carrying around a full-size electric guitar is not practical. But with Jamstik’s new MIDI instrument, you can easily shred on the subway.

This Is Real Jailhouse Rock
Video by Alix Lambert (The Atlantic) -- Call it whatever you want—jailhouse rock, incarcerated funk, prison soul. But any way you slice it, Edge of Daybreak’s Eyes of Love is a singular achievement in music history. Recorded live in prison by incarcerated musicians during a strict five-hour window, this 1979 record is an improbable soul music sensation …

[Get outta my face! You can run but you cannot hide. You are never alone. – Pretty scary stuff.]
VIDEO: See Amazon's Facial Recognition Tools In Action
Law enforcement agencies in Oregon and Orlando are using facial recognition tools provided by Amazon. This is how it works.

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Gets an Earful from the E.U.
By Adam Satariano and Milan Schreuer (NY Times) -- European lawmakers barraged Facebook’s chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, on Tuesday with a litany of questions about his company’s global power, its role in elections and its misuse of user data. One even raised the prospect of breaking up the social media giant.

Photos: L.A.’s Mid-Century Smog Was So Bad, People Thought It Was A Gas Attack
By Rian Dundon (Timeline) -- Pollution earned the city the nickname ‘Smell-A’.  [L.A. is still the #4 most polluted city in the US.]

10 Famous Song Titles That Never Appear Lyrically in the Song
By Dan Reifsnyder (Flypaper) [Thanks to Etan Rosenbloom for the link.]

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