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Friday, March 23, 2018

[Have yourself a merry little weekend … Great news.]
Deadline Passes for DOJ Appeal: Fractional Licensing Decision Stands
(March 19th), the deadline passed for the US Department of Justice (DOJ) to file an appeal with the US Supreme Court regarding fractional licensing under the PRO consent decrees. As no appeal was filed by the DOJ, the final decision of the Second Circuit Court of Appeals stands that the consent decrees allow ASCAP and BMI to continue to engage in the historic practice of fractional licensing. This is an important victory for the songwriting, composing and music publishing communities which allows ASCAP and BMI to focus on our legislative effort to modernize music licensing through passage of the Music Modernization Act.  

(A straight forward assessment of the issues]
Congress Is Making Headway on a Bill to Modernize How Musicians Are Paid
By Marc Hogan (Pitchfork) -- Doug Collins, a conservative Republican from rural Georgia … happens to be a leading architect of what would be the biggest change to music royalties in the last 20 years

[Important read.]
Facebook, Cambridge Analytica, & Our Digital Dysfunction
By David Newhoff (The Illusion of More) – In late November of 2011, one of the hottest-trending, internet-related topics was the campaign to stop the SOPA/PIPA bills. In early/mid 2017, the noisiest issue was “net neutrality,” as FCC Chairman Pai made good on his promise to reverse the 2015 Open Internet Order. In both cases, the public was served volumes of emotional hyperbole, created by vested interests, used to sell variations on the theme that democracy itself was under attack. Meanwhile, our democracy was under attack, just not in a way that anybody seemed to care about very much in contrast to issues that, ironically enough, only exacerbated the underlying problem.

Here’s Why It Might Be Difficult For You To Delete Facebook (Even If You Want To)
By Rob Waugh (Yahoo News) -- In the wake of the scandals, many users have vowed to stop using Facebook, But as ‘#DeleteFacebook’ has trended around the world, it’s become clear that doing so isn’t quite as simple as you’d imagine.

Will Spotify Eat the Music Industry?
By Adam Levy (Motley Fool) -- Is Spotify's growth limited by how much people spend on music?

Music Piracy Grew 14.7 Percent in 2017, But Positive Signs Exist: Study
By Dan Rys (Billboard) -- Visits to stream ripping piracy sites declined 33.86 percent in the last half of the year, compared to the six months prior.

Bankrupt iHeartMedia Owes Artists $16.4 Million. The Company’s Top Execs Are Getting $15.5 Million In Bonuses This Year.
By Daniel Sanchez (Digital Music News)

Logic Lands 10 Songs on Billboard Hot 100 From 'Bobby Tarantino II' Mixtape
By Xander Zellner (Billboard) -- The rapper is the 15th act to chart 10 or more songs on the Hot 100 in a week.

Smart Speakers Will "Kick-Start The Next Stage Of The Music Streaming Revolution", A New Report Suggests
By Rob Copsey (Official Charts) -- A new report indicates the uptake of voice-controlled speakers will revolutionize the way the average household consumes music.

The Future of Cord-Cutting Looks Grim Right Now
By Chris Mills (BGR) -- Whether or not cable companies like it, people are ditching traditional pay TV at speed. 2017 was a dire year for cable companies; it was nothing short of catastrophic for satellite, which dropped 1.7 million subscribers. So if we accept that traditionally-distributed pay TV bundles are going to die, the obvious question is what replaces them.

Artists & Musicians Are Wasting Time With Social Media
By Alex Cowles (Music Think Tank

‘You Don’t Need A Big Budget To Start Breaking Out Of The Box’
By Tobin Jones (Audio Media International) -- The Park Studios owner explains how breaking out of the box can reinvigorate the creative process and take songs in different directions.

To All The Lawsuits I’ve Loved Before
By Gueldner (Slackjaw) -- As a not-dead-yet member of a still-existing-but-slowly-fading one-hit-wonder, I am often asked at cocktail parties and police line-ups “What was it really like?” Sure there’s shows and tour buses and stuff. But this is the story I like to tell. This is what is was really like.

Doris Day @ 95
(MortgageAfterLife) – (Queen of the 50’s) Doris Day rose to fame in the ‘30s as a singer. Soon, she was asked to star in motion pictures, which started a highly successful career as an actress. She has received many awards, including the Cecil B. DeMille Award and Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. Her life in music and film has been celebrated across the globe.

In Tennessee, Music Is Being Made Deep Below Earth's Surface
By Jeff Martin (The Herald) -- By the time Nashville songwriter Travis Meadows took the stage on a recent Sunday afternoon, more than 500 music fans had found their way 333 feet (100 meters) below the ground, some taller guests ducking their heads just a bit.

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