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Friday, September 21, 2018

Laying Down the Law: How the Music Business Came Together to Score Two Policy Wins
By Robert Levine (Billboard) -- The recently passed Music Modernization Act and EU Copyright Directive show how the music business can still wield some influence in Washington and Brussels.

Spotify Will Now Let Artists Directly Upload Their Music To The Platform
By Dani Deahl (The Verge) -- Spotify has announced a new beta feature that will allow independent artists to upload their music directly to the platform instead of through a label or digital aggregator. Normally, artists who aren’t signed to a major label (which can directly upload music to Spotify) have to pay a fee to a third-party service like Tunecore (or CD Baby) to upload their music to Spotify. … the company will offer artists 50 percent of Spotify’s net revenue and 100 percent of royalties for the songs they upload. The beta program is still invite-only

Spotify’s Direct Distribution Deals Are Only A Threat To Those Aggregators Stuck In The Past
By Lee Parsons (Music Business Worldwide)

How To Sign Up For Spotify's Free Music Distribution
By Bruce Houghton (HtpeBot)

eMusic Payment Problems Continue, More Labels Exit
By Bruce Houghton (Hypebot) -- More labels and distributors are pulling and keeping their music off the eMusic download store over late or non-payments.

ASCAP and BMI Respond To Copyright Questions
By Lauren Siebert (Villager Journal) -- In the July 18 edition of the Villager Journal, an article titled “Local Business Threatened for Hosting Karaoke” was published. … The article sparked conversation in the community as to whether area residents and various establishments should cease the events they were holding, due to the liability. As a result, Villager Journal, reached out to both ASCAP and Broadcast Music Inc., (BMI) the two largest non-profit PROs (for comments.)

The USA Memory Champion Shows You How To Memorize Like A Champion
By Nelson Dellis (BoingBoing) – (Due to Alzheimer’s) memory was something that quickly slipped away from my grandmother, but it was also something that grabbed hold of me just as quickly for the better. I had always thought that memory was static: something you either had or you didn't. After all these years of molding my memory into a machine of a recording device, I now know the ins and outs of what makes our working memories tick.

5 Ways to Help Your Music Get Discovered in the New Digital Age
By Jeremy Young (Flypaper) -- Here’s some advice about what you can do as an artist to up your discoverability. [Thanks to Etan Rosenbloom for the link.]

4 Important Things to Keep in Mind Before Prepping Your Song for Mixing
By Martin Fowler (Flypaper) -- Last week I sat down with Grammy-nominated audio engineer Kenta Yonesaka, and producer/songwriter Josh Conway to discuss the most crucial steps to take to properly prepare a track for a mix engineer, and common missteps to avoid along the way. [Thanks to Etan Rosenbloom for the link.]

Bruce W. Talamon Is the 1970s Soul Photographer You Need to Know
By Eric Ducker (Pichfork) -- Talamon shot portraits, live shows, documentary images, and publicity snaps for SOUL, Ebony, Jet, and various record labels. The resulting images are, quite simply, astounding: vibrant, intimate, and somehow not part of the established music photography canon of the era. (Images)  [Thanks to Sarah Finegold for the link.]

The Unlikely Endurance of Christian Rock
By Kelefa Sanneh (The New Yorker) -- The genre has been disdained by the church and mocked by secular culture. That just reassured practitioners that they were rebels on a righteous path.

Digital Version Of Classical Pianist Glenn Gould Set To Tour With Live Orchestra
The Canadian Press -- The late classical pianist Glenn Gould is returning to stages in digital form as part of a new deal struck with his estate. The acclaimed Canadian performer, who died in 1982, will be resurrected as part of an optical illusion that performs alongside a live orchestra. [Video: Glenn Gould – Live]

Captain Marvel and the Long, Strange History of Female Superhero Names
By Adam Rogers (Wired) -- Armor up; let's get to it.

[From the Indomitable Showman]
William Shatner Made A Christmas Album With Henry Rollins and Iggy Pop
By Alex Young (COS)

Is This the Most Magical Meal on Earth?
By Carlye Wisel (Eator) -- These days, Disney fandom knows no economic boundaries. The upper crust loves its Donald Duck and Darth Vader as much as the next guy, and the company has been steadily broadening its brand to embrace its ultra-high-end clientele. … A table at Disneyland’s 21 Royal commands an elite $15,000 price tag for what’s billed as the ultimate in Disney wizardry…

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