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Tuesday 11/22/2017

Tech companies and criminals have made billions
supporting the illegal exploitation of our cultural past
while ruthlessly pursuing the dismantling of incentives creators need
to fashion our cultural future

 Stop Treating Songwriters as Enemies

Turkey Me This, Batman … Back Monday

Will Tech Startups Finally Make Record Labels Obsolete? Not So Fast
By Robert Levine -- Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Record labels are irrelevant because they’ve been disrupted by a venture-funded technology start-up. The major labels exploit artists, who can now distribute their music directly to consumers online, plus get the data they need to make money playing concerts, selling merch or doing sponsorships. Sound familiar?  It’s an old joke -- on creators.

We Can’t Trust Facebook to Regulate Itself
By Sandy Parakilas -- I led Facebook’s efforts to fix privacy problems on its developer platform in advance of its 2012 initial public offering. What I saw from the inside was a company that prioritized data collection from its users over protecting them from abuse. As the world contemplates what to do about Facebook in the wake of its role in Russia’s election meddling, it must consider this history. Lawmakers shouldn’t allow Facebook to regulate itself. Because it won’t. [Thanks to Neil Turkewitz for the link.]

State Attorneys General Can Expose Google’s Pervasive Anti-Consumer Practices
By Scott Cleland -- America’s state attorneys general have Google’s number. Google benefits more people in more ways than any other company, but state attorneys general have learned from experience that the multinational technology company also harms more consumers in more ways than any other company.

Epidemic Sound Gives Its Side Of The Spotify ‘Fake Artists’ Controversy
By Stuart Dredge -- In August 2016, the very first story on this was published by industry site MBW claiming that Spotify was commissioning producers to create tracks “which fit certain genres and themes, including jazz, chill and peaceful piano playing” and then placing them within some of its popular mood playlists. … This is Epidemic Sound’s side of the story. They claim to be generating 20bn streams a month across YouTube and Facebook … with no collusion with Spotify involved.

How Has Music Streaming Evolved In 2017 And What Does 2018 Hold?
The Music Universe.

Taylor Swift’s ‘Reputation’ Album Sales Defy Streaming Trend
By Anna Nicolaou -- US singer-songwriter’s latest release sells more than 2m copies in first week.

[Titanic, in every sense of the word, comes to mind in terms of how these revelations will affect the entertainment industry – And, we’re seeing just the tip of the iceberg.]
Swedish Music Industry Rocked By Sexual Assault Scandal As 1,993 Women Sign Open Letter
By Tim Ingham -- Nearly 2,000 women working in the Swedish music industry have alleged that they have experienced sexual assault, harassment or overt sexism during their career – in an open letter calling for drastic change. The Swedish petition is signed by 1,993 women who work as producers, artists, songwriters, DJs, artist managers, A&Rs, booking agents, publishers and more besides.

University Degrees Combine Computer Science and Ag, Music
The Associated Press -- University of Illinois plans to offer new degrees that combine computer science with music or crop sciences. German Bollero is the head of the Department of Crop Sciences. Bollero says there's an increasing need in agriculture for people who have expertise in data analytics. The computer science and music degree will prepare students for careers in music technology or composition.

The Magazine That Inspired Rolling Stone
By Peter Richardson -- Conceived during the Summer of Love in 1967, Rolling Stone was always a creature of the San Francisco counterculture. … But Rolling Stone’s identity can also be traced to two other sources: Berkeley’s culture of dissent and Ramparts magazine, the legendary San Francisco muckraker founded in 1962 as a Catholic literary quarterly.

How To Craft A Perfect Email Pitch
By Angela Mastrogiacomo -- When it comes to running a PR campaign, perfect email etiquette is essential, and composing an email which is both professional and personable can be difficult. Here we look at some dos and don'ts for making the perfect email pitch.

The Rope: The Forgotten History of Segregated Rock & Roll Concerts
By Steve Knopper -- The Platters, the Flamingos, and other pioneering performers share stories of divided audiences, Jim Crow absurdities and harrowing violence

The Evolution Of The Turntable 1877 - 2017
By Thomas H Green -- Dance music wouldn't exist without it

Della Reese, Singer and Touched By An Angel Star, Dies At 86
[DK Comment: Quick person story about this wonderfully talented human being … When Della’s manager heard that Frank Sinatra was about to record THAT’S LIFE, he booked the Playboy Club in L.A. for a one night stand so Della could do a quickie live recording of the song to beat Sinatra to market … The records were released almost simultaneously and the race was on (at least in the mind of her manager.)  As I recall, Sinatra won.  Here’s Dela’s cut … ]

Video: How To Be Happy By Albert Einstein
By Prince Ea -- Albert Einstein’s theory of happiness was written on a hotel notepad in 1922 and recently sold for 1.5 million dollars.

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