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Oregon & Other Points West

(update 7/14/2002)

You made it to our own "vault." Here you'll find links to photos, news stories and memorabilia scans from Oregon and other Northwest Dead and Dead related items going back as far as the '69 Bullfrog Festival in St. Helen's, OR as well as the 1968 and 1969 shows at the UO.

New additions include scans of the Eugene Register Guard newspaper article about the Veneta - 1982 Field Trip and upgraded scans of the Jerry Garcia at South Eugene High School show. Thanks to Peter Anderson of C'ouer D'Alene, Id for the scans.

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Photos by Tim Silven may not be reproduced without permission from Crystal Image Photography (P.O. Box 272, Baker City, OR 97814).

1999 Shoreline Other Ones

The closest that The Other Ones first tour came to Oregon was Shoreline. 

Here's a link to some pictures of the show for you. If anyone can contribute any photos of the NW shows at the Gorge or any other NW or Hawaiian Dead memorabilia for our archives, please get in touch.

1983 Boise, ID

The only picture I have from this venue that seems to have survived the years is this shot of the banner at the back of the hall.

Luckily, Tim had a nice 8x10 of Jerry with a rather quizzical look on his face. The 8x10 is reduced in size for display.

1982 Veneta, OR

Here are a few photos from the 1982 Veneta, Oregon Field Trip & Picnic. They are slides made into prints and then scanned. Quality might leave a bit to be desired on a few of them, but until I can find better, here's what I have.

Entering the site. You might remember these colored parachutes. They made an appearance around the perimeter of Autzen Stadium at the shows in the 90's.

Left Stage There were three stages set up for this show. The main stage in the middle with a smaller stage on each side. The stage pictured here is where the Flying Karamazov Brothers performed.

The Band I don't recall if this was taken during the first ever West L.A. Fadeway, but it's close to that time.

The stage Not a very good photo of the band, but you get to see a part of the Northwest motif for the stage decorations. The design in the middle of the stage was chosen for the official T-Shirt design. Totem style artwork adorned both sides of the stage.

Unbelievably, the commemorative T-shirt from the event has survived the years.   Here are the designes for the front and the back.

Eugene Register Guard - the local post concert newspaper article.

Local Concert flyer

Advertising Poster which showed up in the Art of Rock. I don't recall ever seeing this up around Eugene at the time of the shows, but I was living in Portland at the time.

Those lucky enough to be invited to the potluck at the show were asked to bring their "most exciting" dish. (the RSVP phone number on the invitation has been intentionally obscured). Cover of invitation.           Invitation text.


1972 Veneta, OR

Betty Nelson - Iver McLeod sent along this picture of Betty Nelson's visit to the '72 Veneta show. You remember Betty - from the Sultan, WA show!

South Eugene High School 1982

I've replaced the shots that I took of this Eugene show with a couple by Tim Silven. The auditorium was a very low light venue making photography fairly difficult.

Jerry & John

Another Jerry & John shot

The night's 4 page program

Autzen Stadium 1990

Most of the boys



The band with backdrop

Bring Back the Dead!

After the Dead returned to Autzen Stadium in the '90s, the Eugene area got a bit freaked out by the Deadheads descending on the area. A couple of influential donors apparently "spoke" to the UO administration and a decree was made that the Dead do not fit the image of the University of Oregon. as a result, the band was banned from playing any future concerts at Autzen Stadium.

The general populace didn't quite agree with that decree and a rally was held at the Free Speech Plaza at the Federal Courthouse. The then Lane County Commissioner, Jerry Rust, also attended lending some mainstream credibility to the Deadhead gathering.

Although a bit weathered from hanging up through the years, here's the poster advertising the rally.

Some things picked up along the way

One of the fun things about Dead shows was the stickers, pictures, cards and other stuff that folks would print up and either hand out or stick on you at the shows.

Thing is that at the time this was all happening, we never thought of these items as "collectibles". Even so, some of the stuff managed to get stuck in the bottom of our drawers. I dug a few of them out last night and here they are for your enjoyment.

Cosmic Charlie Campaign In 1984, a group of folks went to shows handing out these cards and small info pamphlets as part of a drive to petition the Dead to resurrect Cosmic Charlie.

1983 Hult Center This was given out as an 8.5 x 11 sheet.

Autzen Stadium 1987 I always loved finding Dead stuff that mentioned the State of Oregon.

Autzen Stadium 1988 The copyright matters seemed to be getting heavier around this time period and this seemed to be a way to deal with it.

Bullfrog Festivals 2&3, St. Helen's, OR 1969

A rather lengthy, but interesting,compilation of newspaper articles about the Hippies invading this rural hamlet. Some similarities to the latter day Dead scene, some striking differences in attitude. Through it all, some laughs about perceptions of what it was all about from both sides of the fence.

1968 Dead at the EMU Ballroom

Thanks to Jeff Harrison for researching old issues of the University of Oregon student publication, The Daily Emerald, for the following. These are scans of photocopies of microfiche records and therefore are of fairly low quality. However, it's worth checking out for the historical perspective.

Transcripts are provided of actual Emerald news articles.

Advertisement from Daily Emerald 1/25/68 - the show was sponsored by the Students For A Democratic Society

Group Leads Psychedelics - this is the headline of the Emerald article which was published the day of the show 1/30/68. This link takes you to a transcript of the article.

Wall of Sound interviewwith Mickey Hart. This Daily Emerald article was published 1/31/68.

Jerry Abram's Head Lights interview. Also published in the Emerald the day after the show.

Grateful Dead at the UO - 1969

Advertisement from Daily Emerald 5/28/69 - as you can see, the show was originally scheduled to be performed at Hayward Field. However, the show was eventually moved to Mac Court.

Springer's in Portland


Advertisement from [May 24-Jun 5, 1969] issue of the Willamette Bridge. The show was for May 30, 1969. It's obvious the Dead were far from the cultural icon they would eventually become - the writers can't even get the name right!


Poster advertising the 1970 Springer's show. This image appeared in the Art of Rock.

Grateful Dead at Lane Community College - 1971

Chris Roberts forwarded and e-mail message from Thayer Jennings which contained transcripts of a pre-concert publicity article as well as a post-concert review of the Dead show at Lane Community College. The articles come from the school newspaper - The Torch.

Thanks to both of these folks for researching and passing along this information.

Pre-concert Publicity article from the Torch. Published on 1/19/71.

Post-Concert review also from the Torch. Published on 1/26/71. The show actually took place on 1/22/71, and according to Thayer's research, also included a performance by a group called, "Notary Sojak", in addition the NRPS and the Dead.

University of Oregon Yearbook

Whenever the Dead played Eugene after 1971, with the exception of the shows at Veneta, they played somwhere at the UO. The shows were either at Mac Court or Autzen Stadium. Invariably, pictures made it into the UO yearbook, the Oregana.

Although the current availability of past issues is spotty, thanks to the UO Alumni Association for helping me start the process of getting ahold of what is available. I did find a '68 yearbook with a picture of Jerry, but my hand scanner wasn't up to the task of a faithful reproduction. In the meantime, here's a section of the yearbook page with the Dead from the 1978 yearbook.

Portland Paramount - 1977

A picture by Tim Silven of Jerry from the show on 10/2/77.

This reduced 8x10 glossy of Jerry has his autograph on the guitar, but it's hardly visible because of the original photo stock.

Seattle - 1979

Tim Silven captured this photo of Weir with Phil and the drummers in the background from the show 7/1/79.

Jerry's guitar caught in the spotlight. This is one of Tim's 8x10's reduced for display.

Portland International Raceway - 1979

Several Tim Silven Photos from the show and around the venue 6/30/79.

Weir & Jerry hanging out behind the speakers (b&w).

An autographed photo of Bob (b&w).

A rather haunting backstage portrait of Brent (b&w).

A straight on photo of Phil with his beard coming in nicely.

Weir warming up backstage.

Weir conducting an interview somewhere backstage.

Bob, just being Weir.

Brent color portrait.

Jerry staring down.

Another Jerry 8x10 reduced in size for display on this page.

Portland - 1983

An autographed and reduced 8x10 shot of Jerry at the Portland Coliseum.

KINK-FM Studio - 1984

In '84, Bobby made an appearance at the studios of KINK-FM in Portland.

Here, he takes an opportunity to autograph a copy of a Bobby & the Midnights lp. (Remember vinyl albums?)

Jerry Garcia Band - 1976

Tim Silven passes along several solo photos of Jerry from this 1976 show in Portland.

Jerry1, Jerry2, Jerry3

and also, one of Donna.

A reduced 8x10 b&w photo of Jerry with autograph.

Jerry in Hawaii

Although this doesn't fit in with the concept of concert photos and stuff acquired around them, I thought it was special enough to include here.

Back around 1984, I started trading tapes with a guy named Ron Gingerich from Honolulu. If memory serves me correctly, he was working for a TV station over there at the time. At any rate, Jerry visited the islands and got into diving. How it happened I don't quite know, but Ron and Jerry hooked up somehow. Ron was so ecstatic that he was able to get a photo of Jerry showing his eel bite to him, that he had postcards made up and sent 'em out to fellow traders.

From that cup no more


Thank you GD & GDTS