A Eugene, OR Painted Masterpiece

JerryMural_1.JPG (33395 bytes)Shortly after Jerry died, this mural appeared on the wall of the Circle K store on High Street. The picture you see here is from the front page of the Register Guard on August 16,1995.

The mural itself was painted by Creswell artist Jim Evangelista.

Unfortunately, over the course of the next two years, area juveniles repeatedly vandalized the mural in various ways. Graffiti, paint splashes, etc. Each time Jer's visage was desecrated, the artist faithfully repaired the damage.

He even went so far as to meet with several of the vandals to figure out why they were so intent on destroying the painting.

Newspaper accounts of the discussions said that they basically resented what Jerry Garcia represented. At any rate, the damage seemed to abate for awhile. However, by the summer of 1997, Evangelista finally gave up his constant repairwork and redid the painting on the wall.

Anyone passing the Circle K these days will see a mural of a dark, star filled sky. Somewhere near the center of the new painting is one particular star, burning more brightly than the rest.

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