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Stories by Stuhlman
Storytellers and teachers for your school, organization or private parties.

Storytelling is an ancient art that pre-dates writing. The storyteller shares an experience with the audience as a performing art, teaching aid, and a method to share information not supported by data.

  • Stories use verbal pictures to spark interest, add variety, and change the pace of a discussion.
  • Stories make dull days sparkle.
  • Stories can share a "truth" that facts can not.
  • Stories bridge the gap between data and knowledge
  • Stories present dreams and tell about the past

  • Click here for programs ideas and a sample story.

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    Daniel Stuhlman

    Daniel D. Stuhlman honed his technique as a storyteller while a school librarian for over 20 years. His voice ranges from a deep radio announcer style to imitating the voices of children. He holds masters and doctoral degrees in library service and Jewish studies. Currently he teaches graduate students of library science for several universities.

    Beverly F. Stuhlman is a retired reading specialist, with a masters degree in teaching reading. She has been acting in amateur theater productions for over 17 years. One recent role was Yente in Fiddler on the Roof.


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    Jewish Library Network of Metro Chicago
    Stuhlman Management Consultants
    Program ideas and sample story
    Stuhlman Management Consultants

    Daniel D. Stuhlman is president of Stories by Stuhlman and Stuhlman Management Consultants, Chicago, IL, a firm helping organizations turn data and information into knowledge.

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