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Introductory Seminar

Knowledge management is a multi-disciplinary field calling for the organization and cataloging skills of a librarian, the technical knowledge of a computer hardware and software system specialist, and the fiscal knowledge of a business person to enable a company or organization to produce and deliver better products and services. Knowledge management uses the information within or gathered by the company. The introductory seminar introduces your company to the field of knowledge management.  During this seminar we will teach your attendees how to find areas within your company that need attention and offer some general ideas for turning data into knowledge. 

The seminar is offered as an economical opportunity to introduce you to our company and learn how knowledge management can be used as a strategic asset.

The intended audience is the management and professional staff of companies or organizations.

Knowledge Audit

A knowledge audit examines the information your organization produces and charts the flow of this information to the decision makers and those who need the information to perform their jobs.  The audit will examin printed and electronic services and interview staff in the preparation of the report.  This service can focus on the whole organization or on a part of the operation. 

The report will focus on what is currently happening, what staff members would like to improve, and guidance toward improvements.

Cataloging Information

This process organizes and records information in a central depository.  This is similar to a library catalog for all sources of information within the organization. The information will have a central source that will tell the users either the information itself or how to retrieve the information.  Our company can catalog information, books, documents, web pages, or objects. We can help you hire and train staff for the cataloging tasks. Ask about cataloging workshops and cataloging services.

Strategic Planning for Knowledge management

We facilitate your organization's planning process.  We point you in the right direction so that you can write a strategic plan.

Guidance on Policy Creation and Implementation

We will help you manage the project from setting of strategic goals and policies to the implementation. This includes codifying and writing policies, hiring and training people guiding you on the selection or writing software to accomplish your strategic plan.

Story Telling

We can tell stories that entertain (a performance) or teach (a class) how to use stories as a management technique or educational tool.

Web Searching

Learn about how to do more effective searching. Topics include: Critical thinking skills for online searching, working smarter on the web, reference sources on the Web, finding pages the search engines miss, using the Web in the classroom and more.

Marketing and Public Relations

Marketing and public relations concern everything from the signage to how your people meet and greet the public. We can advise you making a better impression.

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