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Quotes from Daniel D. Stuhlman

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Trust is the glue that holds both business and personal relationships together.

When we see change as a positive force, constructive action is the result.

Being stuck in the present reinforces stagnant behavior. Working toward goals reinforces action.
Technology has the power to alter reality.

Success is your enemy if it lulls you into thinking "Why fix it?"

Time is the currency of the new economy.

We are in the Communition Age. To thrive in the 21st Century we much share knowledge and wisdom.

In the Communication Age, we must learn to defferentiate data, information, knowledge, and wisdom. We must learn how to know what we know and know how to find what we need to know.

Don't save inaccuracy; learn from mistakes.

The view of the future shapes your actions today. Actions today shape your future.

Use change to your advantage because you cannot stop change.

View change as opportunity.

The most important computer language is English or the native tongue of your users. If you can't communicate with the users the best algorithm is useless.

My time is valuable. Your time is valuable. Get to the point.

Is being angry getting to the solution any faster?

Not answering is sometimes an answer.

Computer programming is a lot like making a work of art. You take the raw material (an idea) and then refine it until it looks and works like a dream.

Computer people need three things: 1) A good disposition; 2) the wisdom of a Solomon; and 3) help from God.

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