Spring 2000

From the editor's desk

It has been a long time since our last issue. One of the reasons is a lack of material. I depend on members to supply articles for this newsletter.

HTC Library has received many donations of over 4000 books and other materials over the past few months and a potential for a another large gift. Many of the books are duplicates that we are willing to give to other libraries. Please visit during regular hours or give me a call.

The Asher Library of Spertus Institute has signed a contract to implement the Aleph library system. They plan to be on line by October 2000.

Over the summer new JLN officers were elected. This newsletter includes our constitution that dates back to 1987.

If you have news, information, ideas, or articles that you want to share please send them to me : Daniel Stuhlman, editor at 6617 N. Mozart, Chicago, IL 60645. E-mail : DDStuhlman@earthlink.net. or ssmlhtc@nslsilus.org. If you don't e-mail the information then please send it on a disk in ASCII, Word Perfect, or Microsoft Word formats.

Contents of this issue

  • From the editor's desk
  • Minutes of the Summer Meeting
  • Minutes of the November Meeting
  • Minutes of the January Meeting
  • Constitution of JLN
  • Name Authority by Daniel D. Stuhlman
  • Personal Statement by Daniel D. Stuhlman 

  • Minutes of the Summer Meeting Thursday, August 19, 1999

    The meeting was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by President Margaret Burka. Nine members attended. Margaret thanked Judy Weintraub for hosting the meeting.

    The minutes from the Winter meeting were accepted as written.

    Treasurer's Report

    Judith reported that there is a balance of $1,009.04, and membership is at 33.

    No subsidies were given for attendance at the annual meeting.

    Old Business

    Shoshanah suggested that for future meetings we set up a system for phoning all members to remind them of the upcoming meeting, in addition to a mailing. Joy Kingsolver will be asked to do a new directory fo facilitate this. Shoshanah will contact her.

    Meetings for this year

    There was discussion of holding a regional meeting sometime in the late winter, perhaps early March. Spertus was suggested as a possible site. If this isn't feasible, perhaps Spertus would be available for the Fall meeting on October 13 in the evening. A tentative winter meeting on Sunday, January 23 was discussed for Akiba Schechter. Solel in Highland Park was also mentioned - Shoshanah will contact Solel. Robbin will contact Glenn Ferdman at Spertus and Carole Groover at Akiba Schechter.

    Topics suggested included "Best of Videos," funding/money issues, genealogy, and accreditation. Robbin will call Judy Kupchan to do the video presentation, and Eva will contact Cheryl Banks to do accreditation.

    The Spring meeting was tentatively set for either Thursday, May 18 or May 25. The education topic could be money/funding. Elections will be held at this meeting.

    Officers for 1999-2000

    President Robbin Katzin - Hillel Torah
    Vice-President Eva Eisenstein - Temple Sholom
    Treasurer Judy Kupchan - Marshall Learning Center
    Recording Secretary Marcie Eskin - Beth Hillel
    Corresponding Secretary Joy Kingsolver (with Kathy Bloch) -Spertus<>/font>
    Daniel Stuhlman will continue as Newsletter editor.


    In response to a question on officer 'job descriptions' Robbin said that our constitution includes those, and that the constitution will be published in the next newsletter.

    Eva asked the group for recommendations on vendors for Jewish book fairs on behalf of Shirley Fish from Joliet. Unfortunately, no one was able to offer the ideal solution for this area. It was suggested that she look for a cooperative Barnes & Noble, or use Rosenblum's. A company called 'forWords' (in California) was also mentioned.

    The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 am.

    Respectfully submitted: Eva Eisenstein, Secretary

    Librarian, Temple Sholom of Chicago

    Minutes of the Fall Meeting
    November 4, 1999

    The meeting was called to order by President Robbin Katzin. Eight other members were in attendance.

    Robbin thanked Margaret for hosting the meeting. Margaret gave the group a brief introduction to Lakeside Congregation for Reform Judaism's library.

    The minutes from the August meeting were accepted as written.

    Robbin will get the email addresses of the officers in order to update the chapter information on the AJL website.

    Organizing a Midwest conference to be held in March was discussed. Shoshanah contacted Glenn Feldman of Spertus about holding the conference there. Several dates in February and March were possibilities. Shoshanah expected to hear back by the following week. Northwestern's downtown campus was suggested as a possible backup. Cheryl noted that Spertus is really the best location since it is the main local Judaic library, and it also has good facilities. According to Shoshanah and Nancy, there is interest from other chapters. They estimated attendance of 25 to 50 people. Out-of-towners will be housed for Shabbat. Ellen Friedman volunteered to help. Details will be worked out.

    The next topic of discussion was creating a directory of members. Shoshanah stated that she would be able to retrieve chapter information from the national database. It was decided to postpone work on the directory until after sending a membership renewal follow-up letter.

    Robbin is trying to find JLNMC records prior to 1992 and is asking for assistance from anyone who might know of their location.

    An announcement was made that Beth Shalom in Northbrook is looking for a part-time librarian during Hebrew School hours.

    The question of who should be receiving the JLNMC newsletter was raised. The policy is that announcements will be sent to everyone on the mailing list, and newsletters will be sent to members. Myra suggested that the next announcement include asking whether the addressee wanted to remain on the waiting list.

    Old Business: Future Meetings

    A date has been set for the May meeting. Judy Kupchan will be hosting a program on Jewish videos at the Marshall Learning Center. No program or host has been set for the January program, which will be held on a Sunday from 2-4. One idea suggested was genealogy. Eva will contact a congregant who is involved in the Genealogical Society. Other ideas mentioned were a panel on money issues and a demonstration by library automation vendors. It was suggested that the vendor program might be better for the March conference.

    Margaret, as Past President, will chair the nominating committee.

    New Business: Nancy announced that the Association of Jewish Studies' meeting will be in Chicago on Dec. 19-21.

    There was a brief discussion about the mailing of Jewish Book Month materials.
    At the conclusion of the meeting, Cheryl Banks gave a very informative presentation on accreditation.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Marcie Eskin, Secretary

    Minutes of the Winter Meeting
    January 16, 2000

    The meeting was called to order by President Robbin Katzin. Robbin thanked Rena Citrin of the Bernard Zell Anshe Emet Day School for hosting the meeting. Nine other members were in attendance.

    The meeting began with an informative presentation on Jewish genealogy, including using the Internet for genealogical research, given by Belle Holman and Harriet Rudnit of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Illinois.

    The minutes from the November meeting were distributed.

    Midwest Conference: The conference, which we had proposed to host in March, will not be occurring because there was not enough lead-time to organize it. Perhaps we will be able to plan one for next year.

    May Meeting: Judy Kupchan will be hosting a program on Jewish videos at the Marshall Jewish Learning Center in Northfield. The annual elections will also be held at this time. Although this meeting is usually scheduled for a Thursday morning, Robbin wondered if it might be better to schedule it for a Monday or Thursday evening in the hope of having a better turnout for the elections. Robbin will reschedule.

    Convention Subsidies: The June AJL meeting will be held in Washington, D.C., June 18-20. The registration fee is $275 and the hotel is $140 per night. Some of the meetings will be held at the Library of Congress. The question of how to allocate the subsidies was raised (i.e., to anyone who has never attended, or to anyone going). Robbin stated that there is over $1,000 in the treasury, and that perhaps $500-$600 could be divided up. There will be a mailing going out in March. Robbin suggested a deadline sometime in April for receiving applications.

    Old Business

    Nominating Committee: Margaret, as Past President, will chair the committee. In March, the committee will begin the nomination process in anticipation of the elections at the May meeting.

    Membership Directory: After the March 1 deadline for receiving membership forms, Robbin will talk to Shoshanah Seidman about putting together a list of members. Shoshanah will use the national information as a starting point.

    Miscellaneous: Robbin will try to get a link to the Newsletter on the Chapter website. The website has been updated to include the officers' names and e-mail addresses. There was a side discussion about outreach to synagogues.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Marcie Eskin, Secretary
    February 1, 2000

    Constitution of the
    Judaica Library Network of Metropolitan Chicago
    Chicago Chapter of AJL
    Aug. 1989

    1. Name

    The name of this organization shall be the Judaica Library Network of Metropolitan Chicago, hereinafter referred to as the Network. The Network is the Chicago Chapter of the Association of Jewish Libraries.

    2. Goals

    The objectives of the Network are: to encourage the growth and development of Jewish libraries in the Chicago area; to exchange ideas on ways and means of solving specific library problems; and to encourage professional standards in the field of Judaica librarianship.

    3. Membership

    Membership shall be open to any institution or individual interested in the growth and development of Jewish libraries, upon payment of dues. Dues shall be paid annually in an amount to be determined and reviewed by the Network membership each year. The fiscal year shall be the Jewish calendar year.

    4. Meetings

    General membership meetings shall be held at least three times a year, in the fall, winter, and spring, rotating locations at the invitation of participating libraries. Additional meetings may be scheduled.

    5. Voting

    Each institution or individual who is a member in good standing shall be entitled to one vote. In order to be in good standing, the member must have paid dues for the current fiscal year.

    Quorum: Seven members in good standing shall constitute a quorum and no business shall be transacted without a quorum being present. A simple majority of the voting members present can pass on all matters brought up before the meeting, with the exception of an amendment to the constitution.

    6. Amendments

    Amendments to this constitution must be submitted in writing, to be sent to the membership at least thirty days before the next general membership meeting. This amendment will be discussed at that meeting. The vote will be conducted by mail within two weeks of the meeting. A simple majority of the total voting membership is required for amending this constitution.

    7. Administration

    The administrative body of the network shall be the Executive Board, consisting of the officers of the Network and the immediate past president. The Executive Board shall be responsible for the administration of established policies and programs.

    8. Officers and their duties

    A.  Officers

    1. The officers of the Chapter shall be a president, a vice president/president elect, a corresponding secretary, a recording secretary, and a treasurer.

    2. All officers shall be elected for a one year term, commencing immediately upon election at the spring meeting.

        a. The president and vice president/president elect may serve up to two consecutive terms.
        b. One person may serve simultaneously as corresponding secretary and recording secretary.

    B.  Duties

    1. The president shall preside at all meetings. He/she shall see that officers properly discharge their duties.

    2. The vice president/president elect shall preside in the absence of the president, shall assist the president in the performance of his/her duties, and shall be programming chairman.

    3. The recording secretary shall take minutes of meetings, keep a record of attendance, and shall be custodian of documents of the organization.

    4. The corresponding secretary shall conduct all correspondence.

    5. The treasurer shall receive and keep a record of dues, keep records of income and expenditures, and pay all bills upon approval of the president.

    6. Nominations and elections

        A. Prior to the spring meeting, the president shall appoint a nominating committee of three members, plus the immediate past president, who shall serve as chairman. Such committee shall nominate candidates for the positions of vice president/president elect, recording secretary, corresponding secretary, and treasurer. The nominating committee shall report its nominations to the membership by mail no less than fifteen days before the spring meeting.

        B. Elections shall take place at the spring meeting. Nominations may be accepted from the floor at the spring meeting. If there is but one candidate for an elective office, the vote may be by unanimous consent. If there is more than one candidate for any office, the ballot shall be by written vote. The chairperson of the nominating committee shall announce the result of the election.

        C. Elective vacancies shall be filled by presidential appointment until the next regular election. The vice president /president elect shall succeed to the presidency in the event of a vacancy in that office. He/she will automatically succeed him/herself and serve his/her regular term as president.

    Name Authority
    by Daniel D. Stuhlman

    Names fascinate me. As gabbai of my shul, one of my tasks is to be the keeper of the Hebrew names. I keep records of names for the purpose of preparing cards for calling people for an aliyah. It is interesting to see how some families have recurring names in the generations.

    Sometimes the Library receives calls for help with names. When a child is born parents consult name books for ideas. When a rabbi writes a ketubah or get sometimes he needs to check sources to make sure the names are spelled correctly.

    Each author in the library catalog must have a unique name entry. This is called name authority. If two authors have the same names, the cataloger must differentiate them. The usual method is to add a birth year (and death years if no longer alive).

    Recently we received a book written by David Cohen.1 ''David Cohen" is a common name. In order to catalog the book I had to check sources to see how his name had been entered by other libraries. The book had not been cataloged by any other libraries. Since the book was requested for immediate use, I decided to do original cataloging. The blurb about the author of the book said that he was a rabbi of a congregation in Brooklyn and gave the name of the congregation. He had no middle name or date of birth.

    I checked my bibliographic sources and found 32 authors on Jewish subjects with the same name. There were over 30 more authors on topics from sciences and humanities. None of the authors matched the author of the book in hand.

    A call to the publisher told me that the congregation was not just in Brooklyn; it was in Flatbush. I used the internet to search for the congregation and found a lawyer who was a member. I sent him an e-mail and replied within two hours with the author's birth date (Sept. 4, 1932). With this authority, establishing the author's name in the catalog was then easy to complete.


    1. The book is :Templates for the ages : historical perspectives through the Torah's lenses by David Cohen; translated by Sara Cohen. New York, 1999.

    Personal Statement
    by Daniel D. Stuhlman

    For the past five years I have been the librarian of Hebrew Theological College in Skokie, IL. My tenure there has allowed me to learn a great deal and to share this knowledge with students, teachers, staff members and members of the community.

    I was not given the resources to accomplish my mission and the library's mission to support the academic program of the institution.

    Some of my major accomplishments are:

    1) Computerize the library catalog. It currently has over 22,000 entries.

    2) Establishing a presence on the Web. The library has a web page and the catalog is on the web.

    3) Increase awareness of the Library in the public by sending out the weeking Likute Peshatim with divre Torah every week via a list server.

    4) Applying for grants for library equipment and programs.

    5) Encouraging visits from area students.

    6) Preparing library exhibits.

    7) Adding signage and other printed guides to help readers find materials.

    8) Establishing a new library for the Blitstein Teachers Institute.

    9) Integrating the Bet Midrash collection into the library and establishing a collection for the high school bet midrash.

    I will end my tenure on or before Aug. 31, 2000. Anyone who wants consider working for HTC is encouraged to contact me.Return to top

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