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Cataloging is the process that organizes materials for later use.  The goals of cataloging are: 1) Keep a record of all materials owned; 2) Find materials when needed; 3) Facilitate loan and use of materials.

While libraries are the usual places people think of when the word "catalog" is used any organization that owns or sells items could benefit from the services of a professional cataloger.

Primary benefits of hiring us to do your cataloging

1) Cost savings

By hiring our firm you do not need to have a full time person on staff. We can catalog efficiently from our office or your office. For internal staff to catalog books in college libraries cost estimates range from $20-$30 per item. Library of Congress claims it costs $122.60 per item. We help you keep costs down.
2) Expertise
We can supply you with expertise that you do not have in house.  The expertise could be subject knowledge, knowledge of cataloging, or knowledge management skills.  By helping you with this expertise we allow your staff to run your business.  We learn and apply knowledge that you can not afford to have in-house.  We can also take to time to learn new skills to help you in your project.
3) Efficiency
We concentrate on cataloging.  We do not have meetings or special projects that take time from our primary task.
4) Experience
For projects that involve retrospective conversion of backlogs there is a good chance that we have previously cataloged that book or type of book.  This experience saves you time and money.
5) Planning and management
We can help you plan your cataloging projects.  We can manage and train your staff so that they can be more efficient and productive.
6) Specific skills
All the skills needed in an academic library are available including knowledge of Library of Congress subject headings and classification, AACR2, Dewey, MARC, computer skills (office automation, programming, etc.) and subject knowledge.
Projects may be done in our office or at your site(s).  On-site contract work limited to the Chicago area.  Contact us to discuss your project or job.  Rates are based on the job to be done, expertise required, and expenses. Final deals are negotiated.   We can help you do what you do best. We help you control costs.

Daniel D. Stuhlman

Daniel D. Stuhlman
Librarian's Lobby (Articles on libraries and books)
Journal of Knowledge, Education and Libraries Feb. 2002

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