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Daniel D. Stuhlman

Dr. Stuhlman, born and raised in St. Louis, currently lives in Chicago. He did his undergraduate studies in the Joint Program of Columbia University in the City of New York and Jewish Theological Seminary earning a BA in psychology and BHL (Bachelors in Hebrew Literature) in Bible. One school year was spent learning in Jerusalem at Haim Greenberg College, Hebrew University and learning privately. He earned an MS in library and information service from Columbia University School of Library Service and an MHL & DHL in Bible from Jewish University of America with additional graduate work done at Teachers College in New York(administration), University of Cincinnati (German), Loyola University (computer science)and Dominican University (Knowledge management).

He has held positions as a librarian, library director, teacher, school administrator, computer programmer, LAN administrator, knowledge management consultant and college teacher. He has taught students of ages from pre-school to adults including graduate students.

He has a great love of learning and is an avid writer. He prepares a regular column, Librarian's Lobby, and is the editor of the newsletter of a local librarian group. He is very concerned with the philosophy of learning and organization of knowledge and materials. He has been a knowledge management expert since becoming a librarian.

Currently, he is president of Stuhlman Management Consultants, a consulting company dedicated to turning data and information into knowledge. The company is looking for new clients and opportunities. He is also an adjunct faculty member of Rutgers University, School of Communications, Information and Library Studies and a reference librarian at Wright College.

He is available to lecture, teach, or lead workshops on the following topics. Fees are negotiable, based on preparation time, time on your site, and expenses.

His Academic CV has a list of his articles. Any article can be a topic for a lecture. Recent topics include library marketing and copyright.

I. Librarianship

II. Business

  • 1. Organization of information in organizations
  • 2. Managing knowledge to improve the organization and customer service
  • 3. The learning organization and knowledge management
  • 4. Introductory seminar
III. Knowledge Management
  • 1. Knowledge and information audit and report
  • 2. Cataloging and organizing organizational knowledge
  • 3. Strategic planning for knowledge management

IV. Education

  • 1. Theory and philosophy of education
  • 2. History of education
  • 3. Teaching by example
  • 4. Storytelling including the telling, performing, and teaching the methodology of storytelling for teachers, librarians, students, and parents.

V. Judaica
  • 1. What does a Biblical scholar do?
  • 2. A study of a Biblical topic or text from a scholar's point of view
  • 3. Dead Sea Scrolls
  • 4. Judaica books, libraries, and bibliographic sources
  • 5. Hebrew names
  • 6. Other Judaic topics except rabbinics

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