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Knowledge Management Consultants
Helping you turn data into knowledge

Knowledge management is the process that takes an organization's data and information and turns it into knowledge for a strategic advantage.  Knowledge management includes acquiring, cataloging, storing, and distributing of data, information and knowledge.

The knowledge management process calls for the organization and cataloging skills of a librarian, the technical knowledge of a computer system specialist, the analytical and research abilities of an historian, and the leadership of a business manager.

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Last revised August 7, 2016

Picking the right information consulting firm can be challenging. You want a firm that has experience, knowledge, and, of course, will listen to your wants and needs.

Our firm has the background and knowledge help you or your organization succeed. This site provides information about our background and describes the services we offer.

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  1. Introductory seminar
  2. Knowledge audit and report
  3. Cataloging information
  4. Strategic planning for knowledge management
  5. Guidance on policy creation and implementation
  6. Story telling
  7. Seminars and classes for Web searching
  8. Marketing and public relations for libraries

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