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Deborah Dietrich

Listen: Bulgarian snippet

Deborah (center) with Inner Voices 2012

Deborah Dietrich * Alto/Soprano
323.528.6656 (cell) * deborah@valleycatmusic.com
for Music TogetherŪ classes: www.valleycatmusic.com

Vocal Clips - T.V. & Film


Battlestar Gallactica Miniseries, "To Kiss or Not To Kiss," Richard Gibbs
A Sanskrit love song, Richard composed the tune during the session, and I made up harmonies to accompany his lovely melody.


Minority Report, "Visions of Annie Lively," John Williams

Working with Steven Spielberg and John Williams in the same room was a thrill. Mr. Spielberg told me one of my takes got him "right in the giblets." My giblets were pretty much mush after that session, too!

Vocal Clips - Arrangements


"Oj Jak Priletaly," Ukrainian folk song
I arranged this piece for Kitka from a recording by Nina Matvienko, a popular Ukrainian singer. The full song can be found on Kitka's "Wintersongs" album.


"You Are My Sunshine," Jimmie Davis

I arranged this lullaby in kind of a jazzy setting for my wedding, to dance with my father to the song he'd sung me as a child.

As you will see if you go to my Credits page, I've done a lot of "ethnic" singing. I was a member of Kitka for thirteen years, singing Eastern European folk music -- Bulgarian, Russian, Georgian, Hungarian, etc. -- with a small group of women from the S.F. Bay Area. Why? It's fun. And hard. And esoteric. And fun. So I feel comfortable being asked to make something up to fit an angsty scene with, say, a Russian girl being sold into prostitution or a bereaved dead mother of a psychic or a preternatural superhero or any kind of emotional indeterminate need.

But I do read music and love to sing in English. And I've recently discovered a gift for gospel and jazz (and ukulele, but that's another story). I also enjoy arranging and writing songs and making up improvisational household songs with my daughter. I'm hoping she will learn to use notation software better than I do and save me the struggle of endless clicking. It could happen. Then she could notate my arrangements for me and engineer my next recording and become my singing partner and best friend forever... and then she'll gently remind me we're not the Judds and you can't hear anyone singing on Mars, anyway, which is where she'll undoubtedly live once she realizes her mother's a serious wacko... I mean, artist.

Vocal Clips - A Cappella Harmony Stuff


"B w/ U," Deborah Dietrich
I wrote this for my vocal demo a few years back -- just something for fun that I'd had in my head.


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"Farewell, My Own Sweet Heart," David Simmons

This is a madrigal written by a friend of mine from college with whom I sang in a -- hey! -- madrigals group. I'm on all four parts.

Vocal Clips - Ballads


"Lengua," Deborah Dietrich
Lengua is a ballad I wrote celebrating the luscious and sexy speaking style of the English actor Alan Rickman.


"The Lord's Prayer," John Dickson

John Dickson is a brilliant composer and musician with whom I have had the deep pleasure of working... and playing. He and I recorded this vocal demo for our church choir to sing.

At Valley Cat Music, I teach Music TogetherŪ, a research-based music-and-movement program for children birth through four with their parents and big kids 5 to 7. I love working with children to help them learn to sing in tune and keep a steady beat in a family-style environment of play and nurturing.

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