DC Media Contest #2

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Welcome to the 2nd Dungeon Craft media contest!


1) All entries need to be original. This means media that has not been ripped/scanned from games/magazines/books, converted from UA, etc. If you have already created media prior to the start of the contest, you can enter it as long as it meets these originality guidelines.

2) Each artist can submit a maximum of 1 entry PER CATEGORY. For instance, you can submit an entry for a Wall, a character icon, a backdrop, etc., but you cannot submit more than 1 piece of media to that given category (i.e. 2 walls, 4 icons, etc.). Any additional submissions to a category beyond the first from a given artist will be discarded.

3) The contest will run until a meaninful amount of entries have been submitted (enough to make it a decent contest). Keep checking this page for updates regarding a finalized end date.

4) All art should be designed towards the 640x480 Dungeon Craft art guidelines and be in .png format. (Specific details can be found in the help text) However, submissions for .gif, .pcx, and .jpg formats are acceptable.

5) All Music/sound entries should be in either .wav, .mp3, or .mid format

6) All art should be tested and known to display correctly in Dungeon Craft.

Submission Guidelines

1) Each submission should be in the form of an e-mail, sent to tarlanon@earthlink.net (link below)

2) Please include in your e-mail :
* The name/pseudonym you would prefer to have added to the DC credits as.
* # of entries in the submission (i.e. # of files attached to the e-mail )
* Which files are to be entered into which category (i.e. File1.png --> Wall Entry)

3) The winning entries in each category are included as part of the default art that ships with DC, and the winning artists get their names included in the DC Development credits!

Good luck to everyone in the contest!

Post your submissions or questions to the address below :