Greater Pittsburgh Area Alumni Interest Group
Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity of America, Inc.

A group open to all Sinfonians interested in keeping the flame of fraternity alive in the Greater Pittsburgh area.


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This group is a tool for area alumni to keep in contact with each other, with an eye on a formal association at some point in the future. With no active collegiate chapter, there is a need for a Sinfonian presence of some sort in the Pittsburgh area. Membership is open to all Sinfonians.

This forum allows members to use option of reading messages via the web or daily email digests instead of individual emails, and allows us the use of their many tools, including online polls, databases, links and files. It is a private list by invitation or owner subscription to allow an open forum about our fraternal ideas, but it is not intended to be exlusionary, and it is listed in the Yahoo directory under music-other.

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A brief history of Sinfonia in Pittsburgh

The first taste of Sinfonia in Pittsburgh came at the Carnegie Institute of Technology, where the Alpha Omega Chapter was chartered on March 25, 1928.

The Iota Lambda Chapter was chartered at Duquesne University on May 5, 1960.

The Duquesne Chapter was placed on inactive status on August 6, 1991. Their last initiates were in February, 1990. A subsequent attempt to recharter the Iota Lambda chapter failed to get past colony status in 1994-5, and again in 1999-2000.  All told, IL initiated 263 brothers in its 31 years.

The Carnegie-Mellon Chapter was placed on Inactive Status at the COS Meeting on January 12, 2002. Their most recent initiates were brought into our clan in December, 2001. All told, AO initiated 656 into the fraternity over its 73+ year history.

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Using this simple tool can save the fraternity (both national and locally) the expense of undeliverable mail and the return postage, and makes it easier for chapters, associations, and others doing fraternal mailings to keep Joe Sinfonian informed.

Information on Province 21

All of Western PA is within the portion that belongs to Province 21. Robb Whitmoyer,, is 21's Province Governor. Unfortunately, the closest active collegiate chapters are Youngstown State (Delta Eta) and IUP (Zeta Tau). In Pittsburgh itself, Carnegie Mellon (Alpha Omega) went inactive in 2002, and Duquesne (Iota Lambda) in 1991. Pitt has never had a chapter.

The other chapters in Province 21 are Alpha Zeta at Penn State, Lambda Beta at Susquehanna, Lambda Gamma at Edinboro, and Omicron Mu at Clarion. is province 21 listserv.



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