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The Road from Letichev

The history and culture of a forgotten Jewish community in Eastern Europe.

by David A. Chapin and Ben Weinstock

The Road from Letichev is a new 2 volume set that celebrates 500 years of Jewish history and culture in a forgotten corner of Eastern Europe. A culmination of 9 years of careful research, it is a sweeping saga about a unique Russian Jewish community, destroyed and almost forgotten-- now faithfully brought to life in vibrant words and images.

Towns in Ukraine within the Letichev District:

Derazhnia, Letichev, Medzhibozh, Mikhalpol (Mikhampol, Mikhalovka), Staro Zakrevsky Meidan, Volkovintsy, Zinkov, Butsnevtsy (Butsni), Snitkov (Snitovka)

Additional towns in Ukraine discussed in the book:

Proskurov (Khmelnitsky), Kamenets-Podolsky, Bar, Ushitsa, Dunaevtsy, Yarmolinitsy, Zhmerinka, Vinnitsa, Kiev, Staro Konstantinov, Okupy, Felshtin (Gvardeyskoye), Litin, Gaysin, Shargorod, Satanov


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