ABOVE: Boxers greet new visitors to the Howe Dog Park in Sacramento, California
July 5, 1997. Humans left to right: Skip Manville, Pat Manville, Beth Amen. Boxer on
far right is Beth's Freshwater Lily, who was the oldest boxer in attendance at age 12.

Dena and Greg Uding are amazed at the whirl of boxer activity. At far right Brutus (Peterburs)
flirts with a Golden Retriever.

Debbie Cauble tries to make nice with a sweet boxer. Is this Lucy Lou, Darlene?

Group shot. I need help identifying everyone, sorry folks! From left: Patti Peterburs and Brutus,
Dena and Greg Uding with Roxie and Uno, Pat Manville with what looks like Waldo and Gizmo,
Kay McAleese with Maddie, next four humans and their dogs are drawing a blank, sitting down
in front with red hair is Cathi Miller with Rutabaga and puppies Abby and Shane (Shane has the
taped ears), kneeling next to Cathi is Beth Amen with Freshwater Lily, behind Cathi is Darlene
Plummer, next to Darlene is ? and then Michael Plummer, and then ?

Cathi Miller's puppy (well, actually it's Rutabaga's!) Abby tries to figure out
the swimming pool. Rutabaga (on the right) supervises.

The boxer pack with assorted non-boxers hangs out at the dog park entrance to greet new
visitors. The adorable girls on the right are, I believe, Darlene Plummer's girls.

Brutus was the only white boxer at the Bash but
more importantly had more energy than any boxer
or human. Here is in a rare state of rest. Most of
the time he was running around with any dog who
would join him!



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