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January 1, 2006

Busterbarks at the Monterey pier.
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Buster Jumps for Joy!


July 15. 1992 - February 26, 2002

    Stella was rescued in May of 1998. We were lucky enough to provide a foster home for her, fell in love,
    and adopted her. Stella loved squeaky mookies, sleeping on the sofa, and going for walks with anyone but especially her good friends Tracy and Kira. In July, 2001 Stella got to go on a week's vacation in Carmel Valley, and got to see the ocean and the woods, chronicled in the award-winning short film,
    Stella's Big Adventure (15 minutes, VHS and VCD).

See some classic moments from her Big Adventure:

Me Talk Pretty
Quicktime 544K

Stella goes to the beach
Quicktime 884K

Stella's cousins Hot Rod and Deuce Coupe
in their very own HBO movie -- really!
Quicktime 492K

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Alas, my first boxer went over the Rainbow Bridge September, 1997:
Farewell to Otisse the Boxer

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