Transpositions and Orchestrations for Kindergarten

Kindergarten is very adaptable; it is possible for a wide variety of singers to perform the songs. We've discovered that it's often necessary to transpose the songs, to show off the singers to their best advantage. We have the complete score saved on a disk, and are happy to send you any transposition you need, for a nominal fee.

There is a five-piece orchestration (piano, synthesizer, percussion, guitar and reeds [flute/clarinet/alto sax]) available for Kindergarten.

To order transpositions or orchestrations, e-mail us:

Recordings for Kindergarten

The following recordings are available from Flat Five Press and Recording:

Contact Flat Five Press and Recording, 18 East Main Street, Salem VA 24153. Phone: 540-389-9427; E-mail: Check this web-site for news of the release of the Kindergarten/Uh-Oh cast album.

Kindergarten updates

"Larry Walters": the line "He grinned from ear to ear, and said..." is cut; then, the actor playing Larry delivers his first three "Yes"s deadpan, followed by a giddy, off-the-charts "Oh, yes!" which dissolves into delirious laughter as he exits.

"Charles Boyer": the slide of Boyer stays lit until the end; after Ed's final line, he turns to the slide and gives Boyer an affectionate little salute.

"The Stuff In The Sink": the music director repeats m. 27, to leave a little extra room for audience reaction to the "Dinner dandruff" line. At m. 89, Branislav reveals an oversized flash-card which says "ORDURE" on one side and "DISGUSTING MESS" on the other (this really helps the audience get the joke, which otherwise flies by too quickly).

"The Bench" and "Reflect The Light": these two pieces have been very effective when performed by the same actress.

"Uh-oh": the rhythm choruses in this song have proven to be daunting for inexperienced singers. It is possible to perform the four-person version, or even a three-person version of your own arranging, having less-experienced singers double more-experienced ones. If you have fewer than three solid singers, it is probably best to omit the song.

If your music director conducts the rhythm choruses, and if the piano is off in the wings, here is a way to cover transitions to and from the piano: after the word "Yuck!" (m. 11), the conductor rushes off to the piano; the singers repeat m. 12 several times, panicked because they've lost their leader. When the accompaniment starts, their attitude changes to relief. In mm. 85-92, the accompaniment fades out in four measures instead of eight, and the singers become uneasy again. The conductor rushes out to his/her position by the "Ha!" in m. 93, to the relief of the singers.

"Yes": this song can also work as a trio, eliminating Kathleen. In the sections of the song where the performers sing about their childhoods, one production made extensive use of real slides of the actors as children; it truly brought the song alive.

"A Tomb With A View": this song can also work well for the character of Branislav, if he is mature. The line "What an odd shopping experience" can be replaced with "They were running a special," particularly if the actor does seem a little young to be buying a cemetery plot. At the line which starts "Recently I noticed two gravestones present near my own, marked...," it is effective to speak "Jacob Grimm and Edith Pleasant," instead of singing "Grimm and Pleasant."

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