This site is for information dispersal and retrieval.  DragonCon’s ConSuite is different from most consuites.  Some consuites shut down; at night or only open for a few hours at a time.  Some only serve snacks and some only hand out sodas.  The consuite, like DragonCon, is a different type of animal. 


For the past years we have been tweaking our selection of food stuffs.   We’re trying to be both more health conscious and to be more flavorful.  Also we try to be entertaining.
We are located @ the Hyatt  in rooms 223 & 226 
Friday afternoon, five minutes after registration opens.  When do we close?  Five minutes after registration closes on Monday .
Pretty much a cornucopia (yes, I used that word) of foodstuffs from your basic sugar needs to your basic protein.  A wide variety of foodstuff but if you have any ideas, suggestions or recipes please submit them.  We are providing over a thousand gallons of soda product and bug juice and water and milk and other liquids (non-alcoholic) for your hydration needs.
If you have any recipes, please send it to us and we’ll try to make it.  Think about this though; everything we prepare, we make on a large scale. 
Let us know what you think, what you want.  Understand that we cannot provide everything to everyone so if you show up and there’s no food out,
wait There will be. We’re feeding a small army and unfortunately we cannot post when we are putting the food out due to the lines that will form.
Patience, courtesy for us and your fellow conventioneers and understanding that we are doing the best we can.  Remember we areproviding
 a service like your Moogie did way back when so treat us as you would her.
 (Yeah, we know; not everybody’s Moogie did good.)




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