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 the ancient Greek god of healing.

This detail from his temple in Epidaurus reminds us that the Hippocratic tradition,
and thus western scientific medicine, evolved from a spiritual/ psychological concept of healing.





The partially restored Tholos at the Epidaurus site may have been the site of a sacred well.
It is a featured site in the author’s
Waiting at Epidauros, a mystery novella about healing,
 in verse
(Poetic Works volume two), set in Greece and the United States.

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The idea of the internet as an "academic grove" or "temple site" seems very far-fetched
to our ordinary frame of mind. But that is exactly the point of this site !!


Here is a site for walking together toward the creation of a new frame of mind.


Like Hippocrates in these paired images, here we hope to look backward towards our roots

even as we look forward toward an even greater era of healing discovery.



About the terminology, "unitive healing"



Pages for the Community

The way of personal health and healing for patients and their families,
to help empower patients in doing their own part in the healing process.

Healing Intentions -- a short outline

Healing Intentions: A Traveler's Guide for Your Healing Journey

Cancer & Spirituality -- a short article

Nutrition and Breast Cancer -- a brief summary




Pages for the Profession

Exploring how the newly emerging worldview integrates physics and psychology, 

relates to the whole-person healing process, and
relates to healing our professional

relationships with self, science, and society.



The Profession Today


A Medical Reality Check


AAKH !!  A Practical Medical Philosophy


Essays on Ethics & Healing


Foundations of Noetic Medicine


Healing Thought


Medical Spirituality





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